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AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH ISTE Wednesday, June 26, 2013 EDUCATING WITH PERSONALIZED MATH An interview with Peter Walters, CEO, 3P Learning ESD: What is this Live Mathletics that everyone is raving about? PW: Live Mathletics is a real-time, multi-player game environment where students' personalized avatars compete in math fluency challenges with students from around the world, their school and class. It truly gets kids switched onto math and engaged! Mathletics also is a fully aligned K-12 online math instrucContinued on Page 45 A TEACHER'S TAKE ON AVER'S TABCAM FOR THE CLASSROOM An interview with Brooke Shamhart, 6th grade teacher, on behalf of AVer Information, Inc. Oser Communications Group TEACHERS' EXPERIENCE REFLECTED IN EDTECH PRODUCTS Educators Lisa Parisi (Herricks UFSD, NY) and Robert Miller (Volusia County Schools, FL) talk about their experiences as "testdrivers" of the new suite of features known as "My BrainPOP." SCHOOLOGY SOLUTIONS ALLOW COLLABORATION AND CREATIVITY An interview with Jeremy Friedman, Founder & CEO, Schoology ESD: What is Schoology? RM: At bustling events like ISTE, it's not always easy to spend quality time at any one booth or pick up the kind of JF: Schoology is a usercentric learning management solution (LMS) that increases student engagement and collaboration in any academic setting. We connect educators and students in a dynamic and integrated environment where collaboration and creativity happen naturally and educators work together to improve education. Continued on Page 45 Continued on Page 45 ESD: Tell us a little bit about what you're talking about with the folks here at ISTE? U.K. BEST IN SHOW TABLET NOW IN THE U.S. BS: My name is Brooke Shamhart, and I am in my 6th year of teaching in Laveen, Arizona. At Rogers Ranch, we are a 1-to-1 iPad school, where all my students use iPads on a daily basis. This tool alone has become an integral The LearnPad by E d u c a t i o n a l Resources was recently awarded not only the Best in Show for Digital Devices at the BETT conference in London, it also recently won the ERA award for the LearnPad Dashboard/ClassView functionality on it's device management portal. What is the LearnPad solution, and why is it the best choice for your upcoming Tablet purchases? The judging committee at BETT summed it up best with the following Continued on Page 39 Continued on Page 39 ESD: Tell our readers about yourself, and how you became involved with AVer's TabCam Program? San Antonio HITACHI'S TOUCH TECHNOLOGY PERFECT FOR CLASSROOMS PATHWAY INNOVATIONS: OUR DOCUMENT CAMERA AND YOUR IPAD An interview with John Miewald, Marketing Manager of Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. ESD: Hello, Mr. Miewald. There has been a lot of talk about using an iPad as a document camera. Why would someone purchase a document camera from you if they could just use their iPad as a document camera? JM: I am very glad you asked that question. Today, an educator has Continued on Page 39 BRITANNICA CHANGING THE FACE OF MODERN EDUCATION Kacee Roberts, Marketing Manager of Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd., shares how evolving technology has caused Hitachi StarBoard to reassess interactive collaboration. An interview with Michael Ross, Senior Vice President, Education General Manager, Britannica Digital Learning KR: We have seen a huge increase in the production of touch technologies over the past number of months. From tablets to HD touch panels, people are MR: Britannica Digital Learning serves the PreK through university market with online knowledge resources and interactive instructional solutions. Most people ESD: What do you expect will attract a lot of attention at ISTE this year? ESD: Tell our readers about your company. What's your main line of business? Continued on Page 34 Continued on Page 39

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