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Chain Drugstore Daily 1 7 Sunday, April 26, 2020 each other's ideas and seeing the Pink brand evolve into what it is now was truly amazing! CDD: What makes Pink's products so unique? KV: At Pink, we put women's health at the forefront by not only delivering high qual- ity nutritional products, but also providing her with the simple solutions she is looking for. Specific products for her! So, she can keep up with the demands of her busy life. We developed targeted wellness solutions with a purpose: great tasting gummies to give a sweet moment of self-care, on-the- go single serve stick packs for her fast- paced life and delicious, naturally flavored fast dissolves that drive results. We have focused on the trending ingredients she is asking for such as melatonin, collagen and B12 to address her key needs, such as sleep, beauty and energy. What woman do you know that isn't concerned with at least one of those areas? We also wanted to address the stress of everyday life, so we developed a unique formula to provide her with support when she needs it most, our instant favorite: Calm Caps! This tranquil blend of L-theanine, chamomile, ashwa- gandha and passionflower is designed to provide calm in the chaos. (These state- ments have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or pre- vent any disease.) Pink (Cont'd. from p. 1) I mentioned quality earlier. I want to go back to that. All of our Pink products are non-GMO, gluten free and free of common allergens and chemical additives, guaranteeing a clean wellness experience so she can conquer her health goals. From ingredient formulation to pro- ducing the final product, every aspect of Pink has been carefully crafted by women, including our beautiful and unique pink colored packaging with its eye-catching design. With a sleek, cus- tom-made pink bottle and satiny pink label, our Pink products are sure to be the center of attention on shelf and a favorite in her wellness cabinet. CDD: Supporting women's causes is a pillar of Pink's identity. Can you expand on that? KV: Empowering the daily lives of women goes beyond just vitamins and supplements. Our hope is that we can help share our passion for wellness with others by supporting the women who purchase Pink, their families and their communities. When consumers purchase Pink, a portion of sales is given to charities that support women's causes. The world can use a little more TLC in it, and if Pink can help influ- ence positive change in someone's life then we should all feel proud. At Pink, we believe that when women support each other, incredible things will happen! For more information, go to www.pinkproducts.com. CG: I have an amazing team who are experts in customer service, analytics, marketing and claims. We are a close- knit group that works hard and is very tenacious and passionate as well. Also, I am a huge communicator with our inter- nal teams as well as our customers. I am very organized and reliable. That helps immensely when meetings pile up. You have to have a strong work ethic, and likewise those around you. CDD: What interested you in stepping into this role with Aurobindo Pharma, USA? CG: I have always led sales teams in my almost 20 years in this industry, and felt it was time to challenge myself by doing something completely different and com- Aurobindo Pharma (Cont'd. from p. 1) ing full circle with my experience. I was recruited by Aurobindo Pharma, USA to be the Senior Director of Commercial Operations. I appreciate that I am able to contribute my many years of sales and marketing experience and bring it to the inside in commercial operations. CDD: Do you have any information you can share about the acquisition of a selec- tion of Sandoz's portfolio? CG: I am extremely excited to expand Aurobindo's portfolio with an impressive portion of Sandoz's products (the acqui- sition is contingent on regulatory approval by the FTC). We are gearing up for the close and integration with all hands on deck in commercial account services and marketing. For more information, visit www.aurobindo usa.com or call 732.839.9400. strong efficacy and safety profile, fast results, excellent retailer support as well as its "surround-sound" integrated con- sumer campaign which is focused on driving trial and awareness of this amaz- ing product. The campaign spans mass media, social media, event collabora- tions, and influencer and retailer promo- tions. Celebrities, models and makeup artists have also been declaring their love for LUMIFY through their social chan- nels and articles. In addition, LUMIFY has gained new fandom and exposure from beauty boxes including Allure, PopSugar and New Beauty, and sample events where consumers are encouraged to share a photo on Instagram showing their radiant eyes after using LUMIFY (the LUMIFY challenge). "We're extremely proud of the posi- tive response we've received on LUMI- FY, which continues to be a hit in stores, at home and in the media," said Chris Marschall, Vice President and General Manager, U.S. Consumer Health Care, Bausch + Lomb. "Since day one, we have taken a fresh approach with our national LUMIFY (Cont'd. from p. 1) marketing campaign, which in part, has helped bring new interest to the segment – more than two thirds of LUMIFY users are new to redness relievers, with nearly half new to eye drops" (IRI UNIFY: Total U.S. Panel – All outlets: 52 Weeks Ending 01-26-2020). LUMIFY continues to be popular among eye care professionals. Within two months of launching, LUMIFY became the No. 1 eye doctor recom- mended redness reliever brand and today has approximately 84 percent of doctor recommendations. "Before LUMIFY, there were only products that constricted both arteries and veins in the eye, causing many patients to develop a tolerance or loss of effectiveness with the products over time as well as rebound redness," Marschall continued. "With its strong efficacy, safety profile and unique for- mulation, LUMIFY is filling an unmet need in the marketplace and represents our commitment to meet the evolving eye health needs of consumers and physicians." For more information on LUMIFY, visit www.lumifydrops.com. physical therapy and daycare (adult and child)? Could after care gaming centers or coding centers thrive inside communi- ty primary care centers (aka community pharmacies)? How do you diversify, commercialize, take care of the commu- nity? Can you extend your brand; the trust patients place in your pharmacists to assist with other life management issues? As health is redefined, pharmacies, clinics, primary care and hospitals need to rethink with whom they partner. Cash and retail are merging but not through paper money. Markets are shifting. XIL Consulting (Cont'd. from p. 4) Don't be left behind because you are stuck. Re-imagine your future, your success and strive toward having the time of your life. The alternative guar- antees a slow, painful death. The value in fighting for your future is that you get to design parts of it yourself. For me, that is worth getting up every day and using all my energy and creativity to help our clients win. We're uniquely positioned to make you, your team and your company more successful. Let us help you win! For more information, go to www .xilconsulting.com. ESPRO believes that by trailblazing new coffee gear designs that solve real-world problems, it can push the coffee industry – both the professional and consumer ends – to a more delicious, accessible place. Its latest product, the Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer, does just that. Created with the help of experts, includ- ing the 2019 U.S. Brewers Cup Champion, the Bloom Pour Over Brewer's unique design makes cafe-qual- ity coffee in under two minutes, without requiring a hard-to-learn technique. The company's President, Bruce Constantine, says the Bloom Pour Over ESPRO (Cont'd. from p. 1) Brewer is already slated to be used in cafes across North America upon its release (live on Kickstarter this Spring), will be used to compete by up-and-com- ers in the 2020 U.S. Brewers Cup, and that consumer feedback has been over- whelmingly positive. ESPRO's industry-beloved products range from the world's lightest travel French press to flavor-amplifying tasting cups made using modern sensory sci- ence. Each product bridges the gap between the professional's need for excellence and the consumer's need for flexibility, speed and ease. For more information, go to www.espro.com. Perfect Sleeve Ironing Helper An immaculately ironed shirt, especially with perfect symmetrical, laser-straight creases, is a thing of beauty. For formal wear, business meetings or special occa- sions, you want your shirt to look like it was pressed by a professional. Nothing stands out more than badly creased sleeves with blurred, wavy lines that break in the middle, or the ultimate fail- ure – 'tram lines' that can be seen from across a room. You can get perfect sleeves in seconds, every time, with the all-new award-winning Perfect Sleeve. Sleeves are the hardest to iron and they never come out like the drycleaner shirts. Until now. Perfect Sleeve is a stainless steel fork that lets you create laser straight and symmetrical creases effortlessly, and it allows you to iron both sides at once. Just slide it into the cuff end of the sleeve, then let go. The spring- loaded form pushes the sleeve flat and taut, eliminating the wrinkles that cause so much frustration. It's perfect for shirts, blouses and sweaters from XS to 3XL as well as children's pants. It includes a magnet for on-board storage. It is about 23 inches by 5.5 inches. Perfect Sleeve is a 2018 gia Global Innovations Awards finalist in product design excellence. Regardless of whether you prefer a smooth sleeve or one with a crease, the important thing is that you are ironing your shirt to begin with. As tempting as it may be to have shirts professionally laun- dered, it is important to note that dry cleaners use industrial washers and dry- ers as well as large pressing machines. This manufacturer's take on laundering clothing does not take into account fabric or color, let alone buttons that may be affected by high-heat, high-pressure industrial irons. The best thing you can do for the lifespan of your dress shirts, as well as your appearance, is to launder your shirts on your own and press them using good old-fashioned elbow grease. For more information, go to www .tubshroom.com.

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