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The Cheese Guide, spring 2020

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The Cheese Guide 25 PRODUCT NAME DESCRIPTION COMPANY AWARDS RETAIL PRICE CHEESE LISTINGS Cabecou Carozzi Taleggio Naturale DOP Fiorucci imported Italian cheeses Gruyere AOP Classic, Gruyere AOP Reserve, Le Gruyere d'Alpage AOP Jarlsberg Kaltbach Le Cremeux Lagorai Puzzone di Moena DOP Rembrandt Aged Gouda Shaved Goat Cheese Ubriaco D'Alpeggio Remond Freres by Le Pic Dairy www.fromages-de-chevre.fr Savello USA Inc. 570.822.9743 www.savellousa.com Campofrio Food Group America 800.520.7775 www.fioruccifoods.com Le Gruyere AOP Switzerland +41(0)26 921 84 10 www.gruyere.com Norseland 203.515.6588 www.jarlsberg.com Emmi Roth USA 608.285.9800 www.emmiroth.com Monti Trentini USA LLC 203.340.5415 www.montitrentini.com Savello USA Inc. 570.822.9743 www.savellousa.com Friesland Campina Consumer Dairy U.S. 201.665.7730 www.adutchmasterpiece.com FrieslandCampina 551.497.7300 www.frieslandcampina.com www.frico.com Savello USA Inc. 570.822.9743 www.savellousa.com — — — Many international awards, including four times as a world champion at the World Cheese Awards. — — — — Overall World Champion – World Championship Cheese Contest, Madison, Wisconsin, 2004 Gold – World Cheese Awards, Birmingham, UK 2016 — — — $10.15/pound $4.50 — $5.99-6.99 — $9.99 for a 7-ounce piece $12.55/pound — $6.99 $12.48/pound Small in size at 2.5 ounces, this lactic goat milk cheese devel- ops a flavor that refines until its crust blooms. Newly available in the U.S. from World's Best Cheese after the company achieved its U.S. Food and Drug Administration license late last year. Taleggio Naturale DOP is a typical table cheese made of high quality raw cow's milk from Lombardia, and is a well-known ingredient of many Italian dishes. Its sweet and delicate taste becomes tangier towards the middle; and its soft, spreadable center is ideal with fresh bread, or as a pizza topping. Fiorucci's new line of authentic, premium, Italian cheeses includes Aged Parmesan and Mild Provolone. Sweet, savory, 10 month aged Parmesan adds a punch of flavor to nearly anything it's added to, and the Mild Provolone is aged for more than 60 days for full, rich flavor and is gluten free, rBST free. Gruyère AOP, a PDO product (Protected Designation of Origin), can be produced only in the Gruyères region of western Switzer- land. It has been produced from raw cow milk, with the same recipe, since 1115 AD. Gruyère AOP is 100 percent natural, 100 percent additive free, and naturally free of lactose and gluten. A mild semi-soft cow milk cheese, Jarlsberg is known for its sweet and nutty flavor and its large round holes. Kaltbach Le Cremeux is a smear-ripened semi-firm cheese with a unique, complex flavor and texture that's reminiscent of a soft-cooked egg yolk. Flavor has a strong, caramelized butter flavor on the front and a hearty finish that's reminiscent of chicken stock. Lagorai has a creamy texture that suggests a fresh cheese but a savoriness that reflects its 90 days of aging. A traditional regional cheese from the Trentino region of Italy, it has scattered holes and a flavor that's intense but not too strong. Puzzone di Moena DOP is a hard cow milk cheese made in the northern Italian valleys of Fiemme, Fassa and Primiero. The cheese owes its name to its strong aroma and has a creamy, semi- cooked paste and moist rind. It's produced using raw cow milk, salt and rennet, with no additives or preservatives. Naturally matured for one year, Rembrandt has a firm texture and rich flavor. Rembrandt is made from the best milk of the Fries- landCampina dairy farms and has its own unique recipe and ripen- ing process. Available in wheels and wedges. Available in wheels and wedges. Imported from Holland. Naturally matured for 20 weeks, this fla- vorful, distinctive goat's cheese has a slightly crumbly texture. It's freshly shaved to enhance salads, soups, pastas and flatbreads. Packaged in a 5-ounce cup. Ubriaco D'Alpeggio is a semi-hard cheese made with raw cow milk, salt and rennet and soaked in Enantio red wine. The cheese is immersed for a period of 15 to 20 days and rotated daily to ensure that the wine is absorbed evenly. The result is an opaque, purplish rind and a paste that is soft with a fruity and aromatic scent. IMPORTED CHEESES

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