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Construction Marketplace 4 1 Tuesday, January 21, 2020 Zoeller Pump Company's Z Control ® Cloud technology connects you to your pump equipment, allowing you to remotely monitor, test and configure bat- tery backup sump pump systems, high water alarms and controls, and more. Z Control connectivity provides Real Time Peace of Mind™ that your property is ready to fight the storm. This isn't simply a product born of convenience, like changing the temperature of your home. Z Control allows for timely transfer of crucial information with arguably the most important equipment in the build- ing. When you purchase a Z Control enabled Zoeller product, you enjoy a free Z Control Cloud account, iOS and Android Z Control Cloud apps, and noti- fications via email, mobile app push and text. You can even share connectivity to your product with friends or service providers for enhanced flood prevention and property protection. Zoeller (Cont'd. from p. 1) The number of Z Control enabled products will continue to grow and these devices will enjoy varying degrees of intraconnectivity, all with the goal of pro- tecting customers' property. Some Z Control products can be connected via cellular, some can monitor other products equipped with dry contacts, and soon, Z Control product owners will be able to integrate with other monitoring plat- forms. Zoeller Company was founded in 1939, and is one of the oldest independ- ently-owned professional pump manu- facturers in North America. Since that time, Zoeller has established itself as a leader in pump equipment and technolo- gy, producing durable, long-lasting prod- ucts that customers can rely on. Over the years, the company has expanded to new locations, continually offering new and diverse products to meet the needs of the industry today. Visit Zoeller at booth #C8745. For more information, go to www.zoellerpumps.com. system will not crack or dry out; compat- ible with common building materials; readily available and competitively priced; rugged, reliable performance; and Made in the USA. MFM Low Slope Roofing Membrane Peel & Seal ® is a 45 mil aluminum sur- face membrane used as a whole roof cov- ering for low slope/low pitch roofing applications. This single-ply, one-step membrane is applied direct to the roof deck without the use of coatings, adhe- sives or other fasteners. Peel & Seal pro- vides a long lasting, durable, mainte- nance-free roofing surface. MFM Steep Slope Underlayment Solutions MFM offers the builder nine underlayment product lines for use under shingles, shakes, metal roofing systems or tile. MFM's newest underlayment, Premium HT Tile & Metal™, is a 60 mil self-adher- ing underlayment designed for tile and metal roofing systems, in addition to the company's Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal™ other high-temperature underlayment. MFM Above/Below Grade Waterproofing SubSeal™ is an advanced 40 or 60 mil MFM Building Products (Cont'd. from p. 1) waterproofing membrane that is engineered to be a multi-purpose sheet suitable for above and below grade, as well as vertical or horizontal applications. These mem- branes are designed for extreme moisture protection and can be used as through-wall flashings, on foundation walls, plaza and parking garages, and on features such as windows, sills, pot shelves and parapets. SubSeal complies with AAMA 711 when used as a window flashing material. MFM Window Flashing Tapes MFM offers both self-adhered and mechanically-attached window flashing tapes. WindowWrap ® is a patented fami- ly of self-adhered window and door flashing tapes that can accommodate any window and door configuration. WindowWrap tapes are available in alu- minized polymer films, flex polyethylene crepe for curved shapes and patented PowerBond™ adhesive system for low temperature applications. WindowWrap PSX-20, WindowWrap PowerBond and WindowWrap White comply with AAMA 711. Visit MFM Building Products at booth #C6848 or go online at www.mfmbp.com to request a free sample for any standard MFM product. For more information, call 740.622.2645 or email info@mfmbp.com. program that incorporates digital data capture and job site analysis along with automated reporting. CaptureQA ® , developed by LJP Construction Services, can change the way builders and construction managers survey, assess and respond to construc- tion project needs and potential problem areas in the field. The innovative and pro- prietary quality assurance app is designed to identify trending problems before they become systemic and con- nects the field to the office with same- day reporting. With CaptureQA, key metrics can be tracked with deep dive analytics including open items by trade and assembly, root causes of the open items, aging of open items, average close out times by assembly and trade, critical ver- sus non-critical assemblies, field sched- uling problems and project variations within a division and between divisions. This can also include three-way analyses – metrics of a single project, metrics from a portfolio of projects and metrics from the competitive market of compar- ison projects. The ability to characterize and track trade contractor workmanship for key assemblies on current and past LJP Construction Services (Cont'd. from p. 1) projects can help improve decision-mak- ing processes for future projects across the company from purchasing to cus- tomer service. Common causes of construction issues include deficiencies in field work- manship, misinterpretation of plan details and deviations from manufacturers' rec- ommendations. LJP's experienced and trained field team members, armed with the power of CaptureQA, can identify and differentiate the root cause and assist builders in identifying high risk items. If there are deficiencies documented throughout the construction process, the associated reporting and metrics can highlight them and help ensure the failure is not repeated. In challenging markets with trades spread thin, job sites frequently have dif- ferent trade personnel from day to day. CaptureQA reports and data analysis received in real time that identifies what is being performed, and more important- ly, how well it is being performed, will provide a higher-level overview and cou- pled with detailed performance metrics will drive up quality and accountability. Visit LJP Construction Services at booth #SU1534. For more information, go to www.ljpltd.com. Our unique heritage and foundation in building science provides a legacy of technology, leadership and innovation, that allow us to continuously evolve to meet industry needs. With cutting-edge materials that protect walls, floors and rooftops of homes and commercial build- ings, DuPont PBS knows how materials work together – providing the true value needed for building excellence and design freedom. Integrated product and system solutions address air sealing and tightness, weatherization and thermal comfort, exceeding industry code and regulatory requirements. As the world's leading building and construction materials solution provider for all six sides of the building envelope, it's our duty to understand and fulfill our customers' needs. In 2019, DuPont PBS announced a 10-year product and labor warranty for the combined use of DuPont Tyvek Water-Resistive and Air Barriers (WRB), DuPont Flashing Products and DuPont Styrofoam Brand Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Foam Insulation for residential new construction or substan- tial additions. Effective for products purchased after June 1, 2019, the warranty allows builders, contractors and professional installers in the United States and Canada to harness the air, water and thermal pro- tection of the integrated DuPont PBS portfolio while enjoying a simplified warranty process. DuPont (Cont'd. from p. 4) Eligible products in the DuPont PBS portfolio included in the system warranty include: DuPont Tyvek WRB such as Tyvek HomeWrap ® , Tyvek DrainWrap™ and Tyvek CommercialWrap ® ; DuPont Flashing Products, including DuPont FlexWrap™, FlexWrap EZ and Flashing Tape; DuPont Styrofoam Brand rigid insulation products, including Styrofoam Brand Scoreboard XPS Foam Insulation, Styrofoam Brand Square Edge Foam Insulation, Styrofoam Brand Residential Sheathing and Styrofoam Brand Cladmate™ CM20 XPS Foam Insulation. Customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of this comprehensive warranty that covers a greater number of products and simplifies the process for greater efficiency, enabling builders to rest assured that they have available support as they take on new projects. For com- plete details, visit our warranty informa- tion page. DuPont Performance Building Solutions provides the innovative prod- ucts and materials needed to improve the performance of residential and commer- cial structures worldwide. We will con- tinue to develop and deliver sustainable, high-performance products and stay focused on providing solutions that meet market and industry needs now and in the future. For more information, visit booth #C5837, go to building.dupont.com or call 800.44.TYVEK. NESCO Smart Canner and Cooker an Everyday Appliance The new NESCO 9.5 Quart Smart Canner and Cooker is the safe way to can and cook at home. Engineered to maintain a higher temperature and pres- sure than a standard pressure cooker, the Smart Canner and Cooker accom- plishes all of the things stovetop can- ners do with the added protection of 10 safety features and ease of pre-set set- tings. Preserve your entire harvest effi- ciently – this can handle up to four wide-mouth quart jars, five pint jars or 16 jelly jars all at once. Multiple functions make this pres- sure cooker the perfect every day appliance – it can slow cook, brown meat and pressure cook on low and high. The digital display and pre- set programs take the guesswork out of both cooking and canning. A removable aluminum inner pot makes cleanup easy, and the steam rack, canning rack and conden- sation catcher provide the home cook with everything needed to get started. The NESCO Smart Canner and Cooker is perfect for both beginners and pros alike. For more information, call 920.794.3125, email sales@mwcorp.com or go to www.nesco.com.

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