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Construction Marketplace 3 7 Tuesday, January 21, 2020 water consumption by about 50 percent. However, models that flush at those rates are vastly outdated and inefficient compared to current toilets. The Energy Policy Act of 1992 mandated that toilets manufactured in the U.S. must flush at 1.6 GPF, and since then the 1.6 GPF toi- let has become the industry standard. Today, new and innovative technology allows toilets to flush at under 1.0 GPF, while some ultra-high-efficiency mod- els, like the Original with Stealth Technology™ from Niagara, flush at even 0.8 GPF. A common misconception is that all low flow toilets just don't get the job done when it comes to performance. With increased testing, technology and regulations, water-conserving toilets not only perform better than leading products on the market, they save households thousands over the lifespan of the toilet. Regulations suggest a level of per- formance testing called MaP ® . These tests, adopted by the plumbing industry, allow engineers, builders and architects to better understand flush performance when specifying a project. In 2003, MaP Niagara (Cont'd. from p. 1) Testing was implemented as a voluntary measurement to help determine toilet flush capability. When determining scores, MaP testing measures a toilet on how many grams of solid waste can be pushed down the trapway with a single flush. For those looking for efficiency and performance in their toilet, MaP Premium rated products must undergo more strenuous testing, toilet flush rate must be under 1.06 GPF and must move at least 600 grams of waste through the trapway. Although the program is not manda- tory, over 4,000 products nationwide have been MaP tested and labeled. MaP testing has challenged manufacturers to increase flush performance, bringing about the innovative and powerful prod- ucts that exist today. Whether your project is new con- struction or a repair and remodel, consid- er performance when selecting the right toilet for the job and let the MaP score help guide you. Visit Niagara at KBIS booth #N2975. For more information, go to www.niagara corp.com, call 800.831.8383 or email info@niagaracorp.com. product you need, when you need, Pro delivery coordination and priority, Pro parking and expanding product cate- gories to include more trusted Pro brands, Lowe's is a true business partner to professional customers across the country. Plus, you can expect to see even more convenience initiatives being rolled out to stores in the coming months as Lowe's continues to create an exception- al shopping experience for Pros. Lowe's listened to its customers and introduced new products and services to address the opportunities and challenges facing their businesses. Pros can find all of the brands they trust most, like DeWalt, Sharkbite, Spyder, A.O. Smith, Metabo, Fluke HPT, Estwing, Trex, Marshalltown, GAF, Owens Corning, Werner and Johns Manville. Lowe's also offers volume savings on products Pro customers frequently Lowe's (Cont'd. from p. 1) buy, a dedicated Pro phone line in every store for quicker access to dedicated Pro customer support and additional opportu- nities for savings, including an everyday five percent discount for business credit holders. Additionally, Pro customers can now take advantage of its military recog- nition program. Plus, Lowe's carries job lot quanti- ties of the supplies and materials you buy most to ensure you get the product you need, when you need it. NAHB members with a Lowe's Accounts Receivable (LAR) or Lowe's Business Account (LBA) are also eligible for additional benefits to include: no annual fee, 5 percent off every day, $20 Pro delivery fee, online account manage- ment, statements to include itemized list of transactions and product-level details for each invoice and purchasing control. For more information, visit IBS booth #C4107 or go to www.lowesforpros.com. virgin and PCR content to achieve the exact properties needed for an applica- tion. This includes ultra-bright white and transparent options – both difficult to achieve with material other than virgin content. According to Trinseo, since its start with PCR materials nearly a decade ago, the company has overcome numerous challenges such as considerations of PCR feedstock availability, reliable sourcing and ways to balance material perform- ance properties to ensure the integrity of the end-use application. There are also end-use applications that are acceptable for recycled content and some are not. For example, industries that are highly regulated or have strict requirements have limitations due to the variability in recycled resin content and the potential impact on material perform- ance properties. In medical, for example, where biocompatibility is a strict require- ment for patient-tissue contact applica- tions, recycled material is not acceptable; in automotive applications that provide structural support, recycled material may not be possible if there is an impact on mechanical properties that would affect safety. A common misperception regard- ing recycled resins, says Trinseo, is that material with recycled content will be less costly since its content is partially Trinseo (Cont'd. from p. 1) used material. In reality, there are a number of additional and more com- plex steps involved in PCR material creation, ranging from additional development time to ensure mechanical performance, to additional cleaning and processing steps, to added quality control. Despite the effort involved, it is encouraging, says Trinseo, to see the impact PCR materials make. Recently Trinseo engaged thinkstep, a sustainabil- ity consulting, software and data organi- zation, to perform lifecycle analysis on its EMERGE ECO Advanced Resins compared with virgin materials. Parameters evaluated were EMERGE ECO grades versus virgin resins relative to the difference in carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions and the difference in water and energy consumption. In all cases, Trinseo PCR-containing resins had a reduced environmental impact. Trinseo's EMERGE ECO Advanced Resins are available as opaque, transparent, without bromine and chorine additives and with glass filler. This enables the material to be used in a wide range of consumer elec- tronics applications such as enclosures of products and accessories, powered parts, packaging and dividers, and even semi-structural parts. For more information, go to www .trinseo.com. Fast Meals are on the Menu with Lékué's Microwave Grill Bring grilling indoors with the new Lékué Microwave Grill. This 10-inch long grill transforms a regular microwave oven into a microwave grill. The grill is designed for cooking paninis, burgers, vegetables, chicken breasts, que- sadillas and more. The Lékué Microwave Grill features a top and a bottom microwave-safe metal plate. The microwaves from the oven cook food through the plates achieving seared, evenly cooked foods in minutes. The result is perfectly cooked foods with grill marks and caramelized flavors. Meals are ready in a fraction of the time required to grill foods on an outdoor grill or on the stove- top. A chicken breast, for instance, takes 15 minutes to cook in a hot pan on the stovetop. The same chicken breast takes just five minutes using this microwave grill. The Lékué Microwave Grill features handles for carrying and silicone bands that hold the plates pressed against the chicken, hamburg- ers, steaks, sandwiches, fish or veggies. The grill fits in nearly all microwave ovens and can be stored in the microwave oven or on a shelf or in a cabinet. The microwave grill retails for $40. It is dishwasher safe. For more information, recipes and to purchase, visit Lékué at www.lekueusa.com. Melitta Launches New Line of Pour-Over Specific Coffee Filters Melitta has announced the release of Melitta Pour-Over Coffee Filters. The new line of paper coffee filters is specifi- cally designed to optimize coffee extrac- tion when brewing coffee through pour- over coffee makers. Melitta Pour-Over Coffee Filters are designed with the optimal absorbency, tex- ture, strength and filtering properties for pour-over brewing. The filter's micro-fine perforations allow the full coffee flavor to filter through at the perfect rate, while pre- venting unwanted sediments. The result is a rich, flavorful cup that brings out the best characteristics of the coffee. "This company was founded on the pursuit of better coffee and our new pour- over filters are the latest breakthrough in our constant search for a better cup," said Chris Hillman, Vice President of Marketing, Melitta North America. "With the continued rise in popularity of pour-over brewing in the home, it's an important addition to our best-selling line of filters and we're excited for consumers to taste the difference." Since its invention in 1908 by Melitta Bentz, pour-over brewing has been synonymous with hand-crafted coffee. The method combines optimal water tempera- ture with the agitation resulting from its cone- shaped design. Pour- over brewing enables coffee lovers to quickly and easily hand-craft delicious coffee in the home. "Pour-over brewing has long been seen as a superior method of extracting the full characteristics of coffee," said Dan Pabst, Product Development Manager, Melitta North America. "These filters take that another step forward, improving on the saturation and extrac- tion to further enhance the flavor profile of the final product." The new filters feature a double crimp design to pro- tect against bursting, helping consumers avoid sediment in their coffee and messy kitchen mishaps. They are also 100 percent compostable and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organiza- tion, which aims to contribute to the improvement of forestry worldwide. Melitta Pour-Over Coffee Filters will be available at retailers nationwide and online. To view Melitta's full line of Pour-Over™ coffeemakers, coffee and paper filters, and small-batch roasted cof- fees, visit www.melitta.com.

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