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Construction Marketplace 2 7 Tuesday, January 21, 2020 TravelJohn Disposable Urinal for Men, Women and Children By Tina Caswell, Media Director, Reach Global Industries, Inc. TravelJohn™ products by Reach Global Industries, Inc (RGi) offer the safest, cleanest way to solve the problem of what to do when traditional restroom facilities are inaccessible, unsanitary or unavailable. Perfect for emergency situa- tions, home renovations, traveling, healthcare, sporting goods, juvenile and convenience needs. TravelJohn's top-selling disposable urinal in the construction market is model TJ1C due to the double bag protection with a resealable zipper which allows the bag to be dropped from up to 10 feet (3.05 meters) without risk of rupturing. Each urinal holds ups to 28 fluid ounces (800 ml) and instantly turns liquid into a solid gel using our patented LIQSORB ® technology. The LIQSORB pouch securely absorbs all liquid waste and turns it into a leak-proof, odorless, non- toxic gel that is spill-proof and waste dis- posal safe. All of TravelJohn's products are uni- sex and may be used by all genders. A majority of TravelJohn's urinals feature a unisex adapter, making urination easier for anyone to use while sitting (providing there is the use of gravity with an unob- structed, free-flowing opening) or stand- ing, and a spill guard to prevent backflow during use. The only urinal without an adapter is our Economical 2-1 paper bag (model TJ1P) designed for both sickness and urination. The bag is 99 percent paper-based and features a peel and seal closure to ensure simple and safe waste disposal. At the end of 2018, TravelJohn products released a new paper (TJ1Q) version of the disposable urinal with a flexible paper adapter to the international market. The unisex paper adapter features a hanging hook to allow anyone to expand the bag or adapter with ease. The bag is 99 per- cent paper-based and features our new dissolving pouch. Due to our improved LIQSORB technology, the pouch instant- ly begins to dissolve when liquid contact is made, and the polymer instantly begins to solidify the liquid, turning it into an odorless and non-toxic solid gel. Similar to our sickness bag, the paper version features a peel and seal closure to ensure simple and safe waste disposal. TravelJohn disposable urinal line is available in three, six and 18 packs, in multiple model options: TJ1C duo-bag with a resealable zipper, TJ1N single bag with a resealable zipper, TJ1A TravelJohn original bag, TJ1R TravelJane™ for women and TJ1H TravelJohn Jr. for chil- dren. Model TJ1P 2-1 paper bag for sickness and urination is available in a five pack, and TJ1Q paper urinal bag with a unisex paper adapter in a four pack. The disposable urinal standard vol- ume capacity is 28 ounces (800cc) and 20 ounces (600ml) for TravelJohn Jr. the children sized version. Our products are widely loved by consumers for the ease and convenience provided in tough situations. For more information, go to www.travel john.com, call 888.518.8389 or email sales@traveljohn.com. MingFeng Offers High-End Packaging Solutions In over 20 years, MingFeng has become one of the top 100 national high-tech enterprises in China. MingFeng's mis- sion is to turn incredible concepts into practical realities. MingFeng provides services for brands from more than 30 industries including jewelry, spirit and beverage, commemorative coin, watch, cigar, cosmetic, electronics and health- related products. MingFeng's industrial park covers an area of 230,000 square meters with thousands of skilled staff that can handle an annual output of up to 80 million pieces. The new facility consolidates its operations and maximizes efficiency to produce three times more than its current production capacity. MingFeng continues to modernize and utilize the latest equip- ment and technology that applies to the manufacturing process. MingFeng's dedi- cated work force assures that its customers will receive products at the highest quali- ty, on schedule and at competitive pricing. MingFeng believes in the great envi- ronmental importance of the planet and sustainable human development. In 2013, MingFeng formed the Biomass Technology Company. This division spe- cializes in the research and development of biomass composites and its applica- tions. The biomass composites it devel- ops aim at taking full advantage of the abundant forestry residues from the agri- culture industry such as straw, rice husks and wood pulps. MingFeng then uses a modified formula design combined with upgraded professional equipment to pro- duce different types of biomass compos- ites, which are then extruded and molded into useful, everyday commodities. MingFeng Brand Solutions is eager to bring clients the latest trends in pack- aging products and materials, helping with creating innovative designs, and offering support with its dedicated and trusted teams. For more information, go to www.mingfengus.com. Smart Parents for the Connected Home By Kari Strenfel, AcuRite Meteorologist As a homeowner and a mother of two young kids, I need to stay informed of the changing conditions in and around our home. Multitasking parents have the laundry going while the baby sleeps in the nursery and the preschooler plays out back ... am I right? With the help of AcuRite sensors, it's easy to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for the whole family. I can monitor the baby's room to ensure ideal temperature and humidity for a safe sleeping environ- ment, keep an eye on the UV index to know when to get those rascals out back to reapply the sunscreen, all from the convenience of my smartphone. With all AcuRite sensors communicating to AcuRite Access™, which is plugged into my router, all the data is pushed in real time to the My AcuRite app. This allows for remote monitoring, so I can simply check the My AcuRite app even when we are traveling or away from home to keep updat- ed on the conditions at home. For those with smart speakers, My AcuRite is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, making it even easier to access indoor or outdoor conditions. I often find myself asking – "Hey Alexa, ask my AcuRite for the indoor temperature." I've also set up alerts through My AcuRite to notify me if water is detected under the kitchen sink – let me tell you how much that helped when we had a clogged disposal which led to a leak from the dishwasher! Simplify your life and improve your multitasking skills with AcuRite sensors and the My AcuRite app. Shop indoor and outdoor home sensors and create your custom system: www.acurite.com/personal-weather- stations.html. For more information, go to www .acurite.com. Murata: Spotlight On Batteries An interview with Jin Park, Business Development Manager – Murata's Battery Group. CM: Batteries are relatively new to the Murata line-up. How did that come about? JP: Three years ago, we announced our intent to enter into a binding agreement with Sony to transfer its battery business, which first entered the market in 1990. That deal closed in 2017. Since then, we have been focused on integrating that unit into Murata and defining the strate- gic direction, competitive differentiators and value propositions. The goal is to pursue the opportunities that will cement our global leadership position in the rechargeable battery market. CM: What are you seeing in the battery market? JP: Similar to other parts of the elec- tronics industry, the number of items that use batteries has skyrocketed. Twenty years ago, they were relegated almost exclusively to laptops and phones. Today, batteries are ubiquitous – from insulin pumps to drones, smart meters to tire pressure monitoring sys- tems, vacuums to power tools – the list is massive. The proliferation of health- care, IoT, vehicle electrification and energy storage system applications are driving the unprecedented demand. Given Murata's comprehensive range of components already within these sec- tors, our battery solutions are a natural extension of the value that we deliver to design engineers. CM: What are Murata's battery offerings? JP: Our battery line-up consists of three key products: lithium-ion bat- teries, energy storage systems and micro batteries. In the past, we were focused primarily on consumer devices. That has since shifted to delivering our battery offering to the industrial market and the myriad of applications within that area. CM: What's the value proposition? JP: Two words: safety and reliability. What customers receive in a Murata bat- tery – quality, technological superiority, training and engineering support – is unsurpassed. The stakes for using a lesser product are far too high. The market col- lectively knows this and trusts in our technological expertise. CM: What else do readers need to know? JP: An entrepreneurial mindset is embedded within Murata's bat- tery group. We focus on collaborating with customers – emerging start-ups and large companies alike – from develop- ment through commercialization. We are nimble yet have an extensive product portfolio that we leverage and deep glob- al resources at our fingertips. That means we can focus on the innovation side of the equation and take on applications that are outside of the traditional focus – something that other value-added manu- facturers are not able to do. For more information, go to www .murata.com.

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