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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily Monday, March 4, 2019 4 2 DORVAL Introduces GNAW CHOCOLATE GNAW CHOCOLATE LTD. is the newest line to join the DORVAL port- folio. The GNAW CHOCOLATE bars are handcrafted in England in small batches and feature quirky, eye catch- ing packaging, high quality ingredients sourced locally and from around the world and contain no artificial colors or flavors. "We were approached by GNAW, who were looking for U.S. distribution of their unique handcrafted chocolate bars. From the moment we saw and tasted their line, and learned about their passion for creating fun, playful chocolates, we felt that their premium bars belonged on the shelves. We've seen demand continue to grow for arti- sanal chocolate with socially responsi- ble, sustainable sourcing," says Roberta Cappel, Dorval's President. GNAW prides itself on being an ethical company, sourcing cocoa only from farms in Brazil and West Africa, and its factory is powered by 100 percent renewable energy. GNAW is an innovative premium chocolate brand with exciting and imaginative flavors such as Bananas Foster, Rocky Road, Peanut Butter, Snowberry Crunch, Mint Choc Chip and Crystallized Ginger. They are also GMO free. All bars are 3.5 ounces and are packed in 10-count or 12-count shelf-ready dis- plays depending on the flavor. Each carton is packed 6x12ct. The new GNAW line is available now. About Dorval Trading Co., Ltd. Dorval Trading Co., Ltd., is an importer of an extensive range of high- quality confectionery products from major manufacturers around the world. Dorval has grown into a significant presence in the confectionery and spe- cialty distribution arena. Dorval cele- brated its 50th anniversary in business in 2016. For more information, call 800.367.8252, email info@dorvaltrading.com or go to www.dorvaltrading.com. Innovative Products from the Desert Since its establishment in 1985, Cheri's Desert Harvest has been creating inno- vative products made with fresh fruit and vegetables that are grown and hand harvested in the Sonoran Desert. Using fresh ingredients and processing them in the firm's facility creates a finished product with exceptional flavor and nutrient values. Fresh ingredients include prickly pear cactus fruit, citrus, peppers of many varieties and several local honeys that are all used to make preserves, syrups, candies and quick mix combos including a baking mix coupled with a preserve. The firm recently won the Best Food & Beverage Entrepreneur – Arizona award and Best Souvenir in Arizona. Consumers are more likely to pur- chase products that contain organic and natural ingredients especially from companies that are environmentally conscious. Every Cheri's Desert Harvest product is produced from local- ly grown, sustainable produce or fresh fruit concentrates that are grown and processed in the USA. Each product contains no preservatives, additives, artificial flavors or coloring, only the pure essence of nature's fresh flavors captured in a bottle. The flavor profile of each product is exceptional and unique, but each share the same attrib- utes: certified organic cactus fruit by USDA and ASCO, gluten free, kosher certified, made in the USA, and ingredi- ents are pure, unadulterated and simple, which ensures a clean, delicious and nutritious end product. In addition to Cheri's food manufacturing business and striving to be stewards of our environment, the company decided to find ways of using all parts of the certified organic prickly pear cactus fruit, the largest fruit crop that she uses for her preserves. Utilizing leftover juice to dye clothing spawned a new apparel business. The seeds from the waste of the cactus fruit, once separated, cleaned and processed creates a rich, anti-aging oil for the cosmetic industry. Waste from the processes are donated to two non-profit organizations for compost, then sold to the public. As such, new, distinctive products have been created from nature, reducing waste and sup- porting the local economy. Cheri's Desert Harvest and subsidiary businesses are living proof that respon- sible manufacturing compa- nies can use nature's bounty to multiple ends that not only build successful, sustainable busi- nesses, but also contribute to our lives as well as protect the environment. Being fiscally and environmentally responsible sets these companies apart as examples for all food manufacturers. Enjoy a taste of the Southwest from the fruits of the desert, where flavor comes naturally! For more information, go to www.cheris desertharvest.com, call 800.743.1141 or email shipping.cheris@gmail.com. Pure Indian Foods: Handmade Ghees, Oils and Spices An interview with Sandeep Agarwal, co- Owner, Pure Indian Foods. KNSD: Tell our readers about Pure Indian Foods. SA: We've been a family business since 1889, for five generations. We started in India, but now we are based in New Jersey. Our products are still handmade in small batches using traditional methods, and we don't see that changing, even as we expand. KNSD: What makes Pure Indian Foods unique? SA: We are grounded in almost 130 years of tradition, but we use that knowledge and expertise to bring relevant products to today's market. Our philosophy has always been 'purity first.' So before the mainstream market even understood the importance of grass-fed animal products, organic and non-GMO, we were already producing these kinds of high quality products at these standards. KNSD: What new products are you excited about this year? SA: We are super excited about our new line of simmer sauces: Curry in a Hurry. We created these to make it easier for people to enjoy curry without the hassle of having 10-plus spices on-hand. So far, the reception has been phenomenal, and we expect it to be carried in grocery stores around the country. We also released a new line of Supplemental Herbal Ghees, which took over seven years of research to meet our standards for quality in order to bring them to the market. KNSD: What goals do you have for the company in the upcoming year? SA: We are firmly established in the Northeast, but we want to partner with additional distributors in the United States, specifically in the Southeast. KNSD: Your logo was recently updated. What can you tell our readers about that? SA: Yes! We are really excited about that, actually. We felt it was time to refresh the look and feel of the brand. A lot has changed in marketing in the last 10 years, and we didn't want our prod- ucts to get left behind if they didn't look relevant. We revamped the logo, modern- izing our 'pure heart,' and we are transi- tioning our labels, too. KNSD: Where do you source your ingre- dients for your products? SA: All of our pastured dairy is sourced locally here in the United States. For our oils, spices and other grocery products, I travel several times a year to both Europe and Asia to find sustainable, organic, family farms with whom to partner. I'm very proud of our network. Some of these farmers have been growing these spices and herbs for hundreds of years. Their expertise means that we can consistently get high quality organic products. For example, our turmeric has a higher cur- cumin content than the average turmeric powder on the market. Even our Tellicherry black peppercorns are some of the rarest in the world, making up just 10 percent of the world's pepper crop annually. Whether it's black pepper or saffron, we want only the highest quality ingredients, because honestly, they have the best flavor. Working with small fami- ly farms ensures that quality and pride go into the production of our products from seed to shelf. For more information, go to www.pure indianfoods.com, call 877.588.4433 or email info@pureindianfoods.com. 2019 Best of Show

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