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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily 2 3 Monday, March 4, 2019 Discover the Healthy Sweetness in The Organic Candy Factory's Gummy Bears The Organic Candy Factory, located in Los Angeles, California, was founded in 2010 by Ginger Taurek, who was five years old at the time. Her mother, Piper Cochrane, took her daughter's fantasy and made it real – and organic! The com- pany sells an alternative to "bad" candy from their "Organic Gummy Club." The company was launched at a party at Ron Robinson-Fred Segal's, one of the more popular shops in Los Angeles and fea- tured in People Magazine on the "Great Ideas" page. All of The Organic Candy Factory's products are made with fruit pectin. They are gluten free, gelatin free, pesticide free and non-GMO. There are no preservatives, corn syrup or nuts. The candies are vegan and kosher. In 2019, the company will unveil four new flavors, more sizes and some holiday-specific items. The company takes pride in offering informational facts regarding the invisi- ble difference between refined white sugar and organic sugar. Refined white sugar is mostly pure sucrose, a "chemical marvel of cleanliness." In contrast, organic sugar has not been stripped of important nutritional ingredients. In fact, the "impurities" that are discarded in refined sugar are minerals – minerals the public then goes out to pur- chase as supplements because they are no longer available in many of the foods pur- chased. Although organic sugar is not a "health" food, The Organic Candy Factory strongly believes it is a better option than refined white sugar. The organic process is also significantly more eco-friendly, with healthy agricultural processes and thus a cleaner refining process. Ginger, now 13, says proudly, "Organic candy tastes better, why settle for second best? Our organic Gummy Bears are one-of-a-kind!" Through her company, Ginger wants to change the way candy is viewed. She wants to reach folks who want healthy sweets, whether they are three years old, or 103. The Organic Candy Factory's Gummy Bears are not only nat- urally sweet to eat because of the organic sugar used to make them, they actually contain healthy nutrients (minerals) that candy made with non-organic sugar lack. Don't miss the delight; discover the healthy sweetness in Organic Gummy Bears. For more information, go to www.organic candyfactory.com or call 310.309.7461. Custom Decorative Tins from TinScape TinScape has been producing custom decorative tins for the past 18 years. The company was founded by Thomas Doyle, who previously ran sales for a tin manu- facturer in the United States. Thomas left his job to chase the dream of producing highly enhanced tin structures. Today, TinScape produces out of four facilities in China and ships direct to client warehouses. The company manu- factures for mom-and-pop companies to Fortune 500 companies. With sales locat- ed in the U.S. and production in China, it allows TinScape to effectively communi- cate with clients and meet all commit- ments and expectations. TinScape can produce custom tools in 30 days or less. You can also take advantage of hundreds of ready to go tools in all shapes and sizes. TinScape has the ability to 3 dimensional emboss anywhere on the tin, produce windows, hinges, latches and vac tray inserts. You are only limited by your imagination. Should you have a concept, TinScape will take it from CAD drawing to prototype to finished structure in a blink of an eye. Tins are a great way to help build your brand. They are 100 percent recyclable, sturdy, and enhance the per- ceived value of what's pack- aged inside. TinScape will partner with you and help bring your vision to market in a reliable, professional and fun atmosphere. For more information, email sales @tinscape.com. TravelJohn Disposable Urinal for Men, Women and Children Reach Global Industries, Inc (RGi) top consumer brand TravelJohn products offers the safest, cleanest way to solve the problem of what to do when tradition- al restroom facilities are inaccessible, unsanitary or unavailable – perfect for emergency situations, traveling, health- care, sporting goods, juvenile and con- venience needs. TravelJohn's top-selling product – the disposable urinal – is widely loved by con- sumers for the ease and convenience pro- vided in "tough" situations. The disposable urinal standard volume capacity is 28 ounces (800cc) and 20 ounces (600cc) for TravelJohn Jr., the children sized version. The key ingredient in TravelJohn dis- posable urinal bags is the LIQSORB pouch that absorbs liquid waste and turns it into an odorless, non-toxic gel, which is clean, spill-proof and waste disposal safe. The unisex adapter makes TravelJohn easy for anyone to use while sitting (pro- viding there is the use of gravity with an unobstructed, free-flowing opening) or standing, and a spill guard to prevent backflow during use. The TravelJohn dispos- able urinal line is available in three, six and 18 packs in multiple model options: TJ1A TravelJohn original bag, TJ1R TravelJane for women, TJ1H TravelJohn Jr. for chil- dren, TJ1C duo-bag with a resealable zipper, TJ1N single bag with a resealable zipper, TJ1P 2-1 paper bag for sickness and urination and TJ1Q paper uri- nal bag with a unisex paper adapter. At the end of 2018, TravelJohn prod- ucts released a new paper (TJ1Q) version of the disposable urinal with a flexible paper adapter to the international market. The bag is 99 percent paper-based and features its new dissolving pouch. Similar to the sickness bag, the paper version features a peel and seal closure to ensure simple and safe waste disposal. The unisex adapter features a hanging hook to allow anyone to expand the bag or adapter with ease. Every day during the show, the com- pany is demonstrating the disposable uri- nal bags at booth #N8154 in the Clean and Contain hall. For more information, go to www .traveljohn.com, call 888.518.8389, email info@traveljohn.com or stop by booth #N8154.

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