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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily Monday, March 4, 2019 1 6 Brother Loves Fashion – Do You? Brother loves fashion, and to show it the company has partnered and collaborated with runway designers over the years to create fabulous looks and support the industry. You may know of Brother as the official sewing machine of the hit series, Project Runway, but do you also know that Brother has teamed up with several influential designers from New York's famed Fashion Week and also created chic Fashion pop-up shops? Brother is committed to empowering aspiring designers. With Brother products, you can sew your dreams and bring the run- way to your wardrobe. Even if you are new to sewing or embroidery, Brother machines are easy to use and learn on. Have you ever wanted to re-create a look from a magazine? Or take an old item from your closet and make it new? Brother makes upcycling, recycling and DIY-ing fun and easy. Don't spend a for- tune on a new garment; create a one-of-a- kind piece and make it your own! Embroidery has become a hot trend in fashion and a common way to start your own business. The line of Brother embroidery products allows you to add your embellishments to your favorite garments or create something beautiful for someone else. Adding other enhance- ments like ornate stitching, decorative buttons and fun zippers, Brother machines have the technology to make this a breeze. They also come with every- thing right in the box to get you started. If you are looking for some help, you can visit the blog, Stitching Sewcial, at blog.brothersews.com. Here you can find helpful videos, informative tips and tricks, festive holiday projects, fun unboxing events, cool summertime tuto- rials, stylish embroidery designs and step-by-step details for sewing, quilting and embroidering. For more information, go to www.brother sews.com and www.scanncut.com, call 877.BROTHER or stop by booth #L11513. ESPRO Delivers Barista Quality Cold Brew to the Table The hottest trend in coffee these days is brewed cold. Cold brew, that is. Aficionados rave about the more fla- vorful, more nuanced and less bitter results from grounds that are not exposed to hot water. And until now, there has been no easy way to make and serve cold brew exactly like at your favorite coffee shop. ESPRO continues its legacy of improved coffee products, elevating the coffee experience at home with the intro- duction of a cold brew system that allows coffee drinkers to create consistent, deli- cious results from every brew. In the system, coffee is brewed by batch and automatically decanted into a UV-protected bottle that locks flavor for up to two weeks. The patented spill- free valve, grit-free double filter (one mesh, one paper) and high-quality stain- less steel compo- nents ensure a per- fect brew. And the UV-protected glass growler is the choice of nearly every spe- cialty coffee shop in the world. It delivers smooth cold brew at home and looks great doing it. The product is available in two colors with black and brushed stainless steel finishes. The cold brewer expands on ESPRO's coffee industry-leading French press line, their travel press line that includes the world's lightest travel brew- er, and espresso accessories. It also complements ESPRO's new patented tast- ing cup innovations being introduced this year. Visit ESPRO at booth #N8130 in DIS- COVER DESIGN to learn more about these new product lines and taste how the award-winning products elevate the cof- fee experience. The Spyderco Sharpeners Like brushes to an artist, sharp knives are the most important tools of any good cook. Despite that inarguable fact, very few cooks actually have the ability to sharpen their own cutting tools prop- erly. Most resign themselves to working with knives that are less than optimally sharp. Those that do insist on working with the keenest edges possible typical- ly have to tolerate the expense, incon- venience and uncertainty of sending their prized kitchen knives to a com- mercial sharpening service. Fortunately, there are better solutions that put pro- fessional-quality sharpening easily within the reach of any cook: Spyderco ® 's Gauntlet™, Galley V™ and Tri-Angle Sharpmaker ® . Spyderco's sharpeners are based on the centuries-old method of using the edge of a ceramic crock – which is hard- er than steel – as an abrasive to hone a knife's edge. Unlike a crock or a tradi- tional whetstone, however, Spyderco sharpeners take all the guesswork out of the most challenging aspect of sharpen- ing – achieving and maintaining the proper sharpening angle. They do this by using two specially designed abra- sive rods in a "V" configuration. By keeping the plane of the knife's blade vertical and alternately drawing it down the length of each rod, the sharpener automatically ensures the perfect angle on both sides. Because the abrasive rods include narrowly radiused edges, this same method even works to quickly and efficiently sharpen serrated edges. By using a slightly looser grip, the edges of the rods easily flow in and out of each serration scallop to sharpen the entire length of the cutting edge while main- taining the shape and integrity of the serrations. Depending upon the specific model, the abrasive rods used in Spyderco sharp- eners include high-alumi- na ceramics and steel rods coated with Cubic Boron Nitride (CBC – a diamond-hard synthetic abrasive). Unlike tradi- tional whetstones, they do not require oil or water and are designed to be used dry. Their shapes offer multiple sharpening surfaces for maximum effi- ciency and once they are clogged with steel, are easily cleaned with ordinary household cleanser. Spyderco sharpeners set up in sec- onds on any flat surface and do not require any complicated clamps or fix- tures. Unlike powered sharpeners, which remove steel very quickly and can short- en your knife's working life, Spyderco sharpeners also do not require electricity and offer precise control over the sharp- ening process. The Spyderco Gauntlet sharpener includes a high-impact plastic base, two coarse-grit CBN rods, and two fine-grit ceramic rods. It creates a 40-degree included edge angle and is ideal for all basic sharpening needs. The Galley V includes two fine-grit ceramic stones at a 30-degree included angle and is ideal for thinner blades. Its injection-molded base can be clamped or permanently mounted to a countertop or other surface. Spyderco's versatile Tri-Angle Sharpmaker ® includes both fine and medium-grit ceramic stones and offers both 30- and 40-degree sharpening angles. Its high-impact plastic base also features a 12.5-degree angle for sharpen- ing kitchen shears and scissors. Simple, quick and easy to use, Spyderco's sharpening systems demysti- fy the sharpening process and empower all cooks to hone their own knives. For more information, stop by booth #S4351 or go to www.spyderco.com. ZOS: Easy to Use Wine Saver Living among wineries in northern California, ZOS Founder Greg Luzaich had a passion for wine and the accessory side of the business for the past 20 years, and was particularly fascinated by the ability to create a product to preserve opened wine in such a way that really offers total security for the wine con- sumer. Through his previous company, Luzaich introduced an argon gas wine preservation system, which based on the scientific capabilities at that time, was the only real method to preserve open bottles. Realizing that argon had significant limitations from a price, ease-of-use and performance perspec- tive, he set forth on developing the next generation of wine preservers. After many years of research and develop- ment with ZOS, he soon found out that unless you removed 100 percent of the oxygen, wine would never truly be pre- served. Many of the wineries, wine experts and consumer groups that had reviewed the product confessed that before ZOS, they were losing thou- sands of dollars annually through wastage, or their buying decisions for future bottles of wine were shaped due to the fear factor of the wine becoming oxidised and spoiling. The ZOS tech- nology changes everything and will keep open wine fresh for up to two months, which is a worldwide first. For any wine consumer, it's about having total confidence that you can open any bottle at any time and be able to con- sume that opened bottle for days or weeks without the fear that it will spoil. Luzaich was determined to produce a first-class qual- ity product that would be unrivalled in terms of per- formance, price and ease-of- use. Judging by ZOS' recent success in Europe, and ini- tial sales in the United States, it looks like ZOS is onto a real winner. ZOS was only recently introduced to the U.S. market, and the company is see- ing some fantastic results with 5-star rat- ings and some superb press coverage, helping to generate brand awareness and greater sell through success for its customers. Luzaich believes its innovation, performance, price point and ease-of-use are key factors, with many retailers commenting on how ZOS is helping to increase basket spend across several depart- ments. At the show, ZOS is show- ing some new packaging, point of sale and demonstration pro- grams for the U.S. market. It will be providing complimenta- ry samples to the first 20 customers visit- ing the stand on each show day, and wel- comes any feedback. For more information, go to www.zoswine.com, email gregl@zoswine .com or stop by booth #N8443.

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