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Oser Communications Group San Antonio Thursday, February 7, 2019 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH TCEA By Bodil Josefsson, Head of IoT Security at Ericsson As an IoT network grows in size and complexity, so grows the attack surface and its vulnerability to advanced and persistent threats (APT). The number of connected devices is forecasted to reach 20 billion by 2023 (www.ericsson.com/en/mobility-report/reports/november- 2017). This is a growing nightmare for both service providers trying to keep their networks secure, as well as for the enterprises collecting data from all the devices. Security must be a top priority for all stakeholders whose technology is a part of an IoT network. It must be taken into consideration from the start and cannot be an afterthought. This includes the service providers who need to maintain secure uptime to meet service level agreements as well as the device manufacturers who'd like to avoid having their products mentioned in the next round of botnet headlines. Responsibility also lies with all parties in between, such as the organizations managing Security Concerns for Growing IoT Ecosystem Focus School Software understands districts need a software platform that allows them to effortlessly manage students who qualify for specially designed services and instruction. Focus' Special Student Services (SSS) module provides districts with necessary tools to support students through many facets of the special education process. The SSS module offers a customizable platform in which districts can design and maintain desired program workflow in a wide variety of areas, including: early identi- fication, response to intervention and early warning tracking, section 504 eligibility, formal and informal evaluations, individualized education plans, progress monitoring, event management, student caseload, customizable form builder technology and more. Educators and school-based professionals have the ability to create and customize events under three main programs: Response to Intervention (RtI), Section 504 and Special Education (IEP, evaluations). The Focus SSS Student Event Management system allows districts to set requirements on each individual program event to help guide the end Singsation Karaoke, a brand by Voxx Accessories Corporation, made a huge splash in the category in 2017 with its 5-in-1 Solo Deluxe microphone, and had national big box sell-through last year with karaoke systems ranging from $30 to $300. For 2019, it has announced even more innovation with five new systems, filling voids from $50 to $130 while keeping the massive pro model at $300. Singsation leads the category in professional voice tuning, the most integrated sound effects and the largest room-filling light shows on board. Identifying the pain points of either buying karaoke music or subscribing to a service, Singsation took a different approach, making the smartphone or tablet the music source through free YouTube karaoke videos. Literally millions of lyrical tracks are available, and it keeps Singsation customers from having to buy any CDs or download and transfer videos into the machine. Recently, Voxx announced a strategic partnership with Speak Music and the Melody app, which allows your voice to simply ask for the track or artist as it procures Hands-on learning is at the core of STEM-based curriculum because students are actively immersed throughout the entire process. By adding a document camera into the mix, you can ele- vate your STEM classroom experience to the next level. Everything from manipulatives under the camera to group dis- cussions are even more engaging when the whole classroom can follow along and pay attention to every detail. Here are three of ELMO's latest and greatest document cameras and why they are perfect for STEM. For Ultimate Portability and Flexibility The MX-P Visual Presenter is the latest in the MX series of portable document cam- eras, but don't let its compact size and lightweight body fool you – this camera pow- erful as it is petite. The MX-P captures in stunning 4K image quality at up to 30fps (in 1080p up to 60fps) and is capable of 16x digital zoom, the closest digital zoom Continued on Page 17 Continued on Page 17 Focus School Software: Focusing on Special Student Services Singsation Karaoke and Party Systems Dominate the Category Choosing the Perfect STEM Camera for Your Classroom Continued on Page 17 Continued on Page 17 BOOTH #1273

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