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Food Equipment News 5 3 Saturday, February 9, 2019 JC: US INC is a manufacturer of com- mercial foodservice, bio-medical and sci- entific equipment. For our foodservice equipment, we sell strictly to distributors in North America. Our foodservice equipment consists of refrigeration, cooking and stainless steel products. Our refrigeration product line includes com- mercial reach-in refrigerators and freez- ers, salad prep tables, chef bases, back bar and under the counter models. Our cooking equipment product line includes ranges, fryers, griddles and grills, and our stainless steel products include compart- ment and bar sinks, dish tables, wall shelves, worktables and hundreds of other commercial kitchen items. A new addition to our product line includes many different models of wire shelving. FEN: Describe your company's market- ing strategy and what makes your compa- ny different from others. JC: Our company believes the best method to become a leader in this indus- try is to provide high quality products at competitive prices and offer the best cus- tomer support. Let's give our customer, the distributor, a price that allows them to compete, up front and not tie them to the myriad of conditions with rebates and pie in the sky quotas. These gimmicks have been around for a while and need to be changed. We at US removed these gim- micks and instead have replaced them with honest pricing up front without hav- ing to wait until next year to receive a rebate check or credit memo. As you know, there have been other brands that went down this path and are now out of business with the distributor left holding the bag. You can be assured that our prices are lower than the competition designed to make the distributor money today. FEN: What products do you see as your hottest items for this year? US INC (Cont'd. from p. 1) JC: I believe all of our product lines have features and benefits to suit the individual; however, in the refrigera- tion product line, the Value series might be the one to capture the largest audience for fiscal 2019. Here's why: imagine two products side by side, that on the surface look very similar and all the components are very much the same; but one is available at nearly 25 percent less. That means that the US distributor would have the ability to compete with anyone in the market- place. Twenty-five percent lower in price without sacrificing quality, so that now they can compete with the web-based businesses too. A new product line we added this year are the glass door LCD refrigerator display reach-ins. The LCD reach-ins are equipped with glass doors with a state-of-the-art translucent LCD video screen with WiFi capability for the cus- tomer to advertise their merchandise or their business. Our stainless steel products continue with larger than expected sales. Again, our philosophy is the same – lower prices and higher quality than the rest. This product line will be another winner for 2019. With this product line, our newly designed z-style sheet pan and pastry racks might steal the show. These racks are z-style designed for easy storage while not in use. FEN: What are your expectations for the NAFEM trade show for this year? JC: To introduce our new line of prod- ucts to North America and continue to show our improvements with new designs, such as our new LCD glass door displays with a translucent integrated video screen. For more information, visit booth #483, go to www.us-refrig.com, call 888.556.2112 or email jchronister@ us-incorporated.com. error and food waste. The UCM-2000 Series can even help guide a service tech- nician through troubleshooting and repair with advanced diagnostic functionality. Easily upgradeable and fully repro- grammable, the UCM-2000 Series allows recipe menus and system configurations to be quickly updated through the media- tion of Renau's USB or Wireless Host Adaptors and smart device or cloud- based programming software, which allows for the creation of custom recipe menus, warning alarms, sound files, instruction manuals, user guides and sys- tem configurations that can be stored on an authorized user's hard drive for future use and reference, or for larger organiza- tions, shared with a remote location using Renau (Cont'd. from p. 4) Renau's powerful Smart Kitchen Manager™ (SKM™) Software Servers. When it comes time to update the system, the desired update file can be down- loaded via a flash drive or over the air update. In order to perform in the most demanding foodservice industry envi- ronments, all Renau products are fully encapsulated for outstanding protection from extreme temperatures, humidity and shock. Designed and manufac- tured in the United States, all Renau products are rigorously tested and come with an industry-leading three- year warranty. Visit Renau Electronic Laboratories at booth #208. For more information, go to www.renau.com or call 818.341.1994. and certification to NSF standards required by health departments; "Bi- Bristle" brushes perform significantly better and far outlast import brands, with a large variety of accessory brushes for cleaning virtually any size of glass; Made in USA and known for reliability for nearly 60 years. Bar Maid customers asked for a super power, quiet operation blender and the BLE-300 3HP Heavy Duty Blender delivers. With simple Hi/Low On/Off controls and a virtually unbreakable BPA-free 64 ounce Eastman Tritan ® Copolyester container, this blender has the power and versatility professionals need behind the bar and in the commer- cial kitchen. Bar Maid's top-selling GP-100 Glass Polisher is fast and efficient, at least five times faster than hand polishing, easily paying for itself with huge labor savings and more sanitary than using a bar rag. But the number one reason customers say they are buying it is safety. With the GP- 100 there's virtually no glass breakage or Bar Maid (Cont'd. from p. 4) associated injuries, reducing glassware expenses and potential workers compen- sation claims. While the GP-100 is key to sparkling glassware, the new CP-7000 Cutlery Polisher quickly turns wet, clean cutlery into dry, spot-free, sparkling cutlery. Water-spotted cutlery can make patrons question its cleanliness. The CP-7000 can polish up to 7,000 pieces per hour, removing water spots and eliminating unsanitary hand polishing. "The glass polisher and cutlery pol- isher are the perfect polishing partners," said Shepherd. "Busy restaurants, hotels and banquet providers are going to love the time-saving efficiency and sparkling results." Have a lower volume of glasses to polish? The hand-held GP-1M Glass Polishing Wand has a soft, lint-free cloth sleeve covering its flexible rubber tip and conforms to the shape of glassware. It is perfectly shaped to polish inside tall champagne glasses. Visit Bar Maid Corporation at booth #712. always at a premium. Despite the fact that space is limited, there are certain pieces of equipment that every bar must have in order to function properly and meet code requirements. Two such prod- ucts are a hand sink and a wet waste sink. A hand sink is required to meet code in a foodservice establishment and a wet waste sink is required to meet functional- ity requirements. A wet waste sink, also known as a dump sink, is the place where the leftover ice, condiments and stir sticks are dumped into a perforated strainer, which allows the ice to melt away while capturing the solid waste. Once the ice has melted, the solid waste is discarded. Glastender has turned difficulty into opportunity with the release of the Fusion sink, which is a combination hand sink and wet waste sink. The unique tiered design of the Fusion sink has the hand sink on top and the wet waste sink offset below. As an added benefit, the hand sink Glastender (Cont'd. from p. 1) drains into the wet waste sink to help melt ice. The all stainless steel and welded construction of the Fusion sink ensures the quality and durability of the unit. The upper hand sink includes a hot and cold water faucet, soap dispenser and side splashes. The side walls also serve as side splashes for the lower wet waste sink, which includes a lift-out perforated plas- tic wet waste strainer. To complete the unit, the front skirt also includes an integrated, flush-front C- fold paper towel dispenser. Overall, the 12-inches wide by 24-inches deep Fusion sink provides the functionality of a hand sink and wet waste sink, which normally would take up twice as much space. "We are excited to release yet anoth- er industry first product and we are sure that the space-saving qualities of our new Fusion sink will make a lot of people happy," stated Todd Hall, President of Glastender. Visit Glastender at booth #1669. commercial jarless design, blending ingredients right in the same disposable cup handed to the customer. It's engi- neered to make blended beverage service faster and more efficient than ever before. The Blendtec Nitro System utilizes every last ounce of product in each and every blend. It is the first commercial blending solution that can eliminate the waste due to mis-measuring and over- filling, delivering nearly zero percent product waste, which translates to increased cost savings for every serving. The Blendtec Nitro System blends each serving in as little as 15 seconds, and eliminates the need for the extra steps of pouring and jar washing. Customers can enjoy their smoothie or other blended beverage right after paying, while employees can immediately turn their focus to serving the next customer. Tom Dickson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blendtec, says the jarless blending solution is what com- mercial customers have been waiting for. "The Nitro System really is the holy grail of commercial blending," said Dickson. "There's zero waste, a super-fast blend time and only minimal cleanup. It's been Blendtec (Cont'd. from p. 1) a long time coming, and there's really nothing else like it." Innovative solutions, such as the Nitro System, have always been a big part of Blendtec's explosive growth among smoothie shops, coffee houses and other eateries. In March of 2016, Blendtec became the exclusive blender of Jamba Juice, the world's largest juice and smoothie chain. The partnership was the result of solution-oriented engineer- ing, producing the Stealth 885 with ergonomic jar and splash free lid. About Blendtec Blendtec manufactures commercial blenders and dispensers for the foodser- vice industry, as well as commercial- grade blenders and appliances for home use. The award-winning "Will It Blend? ® " viral Internet video series (www.willitblend.com) demonstrates the amazing performance of Blendtec's blender technology and has raised aware- ness across the globe of the Blendtec brand. Sold in 90 countries, Blendtec products offer solutions for blending needs in both homes and businesses. Visit Blendtec at booth #448. For more information, go to www.blendtec.com/ commercial or call 801.222.0888.

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