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Food Equipment News 5 1 Saturday, February 9, 2019 TW: ComplianceMate is a comprehen- sive food safety system for the back of house. The system has multiple compo- nents that all work together to improve the way that food safety is managed. Those components include digital check- lists, configurable alerts and LoRa sen- sors. The system works together to reduce the total labor commitment tradi- tionally committed to food safety and compliance, while improving the overall food safety profile for the restaurant. FEN: What is LoRa, and how does this new technology benefit the foodservice industry? TW: LoRa is the new Bluetooth. It's a communications protocol that's perfect for smart devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) because it maximizes signal range, the ability to transmit signals in difficult environments and battery life even with off-the-shelf batteries. So, when you want to transmit wireless tem- perature readings from inside a heavily insulated deep freezer without drilling holes or installing a bunch of repeaters, LoRa is the way to go. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth still have their place, of course. It's like having a screwdriver, wrench and hammer in your toolbox. LoRa is just the perfect tool for smart devices and IoT. FEN: What do you regard as the most impactful use of IoT in food safety? TW: An IoT system populated by smart devices is unparalleled at combating fraud. Pen-and-paper logging and check- CM Systems (Cont'd. from p. 1) lists are perennially vulnerable to falsi- fied entries. We've run into cases where a store manager stops by unexpectedly on a Friday night to find temperature logs have already been filled out for the whole weekend! Smart sensors and digital checklists virtually eliminate this issue. But what's really interesting is that the technology actually appears to make peo- ple more honest. Washington University conducted a study of U.S. restaurants and found that tech-based monitoring was associated with a 22 percent reduction in employee theft, for example. FEN: How does the cost of food safety technology benefit a business at the end of the day? TW: For one thing, it prevents food loss. We had one customer who was a day or two away from a grand opening, when their cold-holding unit failed overnight due to an electrical problem. With our automated temperature sensors, the problem was caught right away, and they were able to save $10,000 worth of inventory and stay open for their grand opening. That also minimizes liability, litigation and reputa- tional risk. But the real icing on the cake is labor reduction. We had one customer, a nationwide chain, double the number of items on their checklist and still complete it in half the time it took previously. That's what modern smart technology does at the end of the day for food safety: it lets users run their businesses in a smarter way. Visit CM Systems at booth #1092. For more information, go to www .compliancemate.com, call 678.526.4628 or email info@compliancemate.com. offerings bring unparalleled benefits for its customers. Bally's standard panel con- struction, such as a steel reinforced door/frame and diaphragmatic joining system, create an internal and fully inter- connected steel cage, within all panels, that provide for a lifetime of structural integrity/durability that is unmatched. Bally is not only your source for insu- lated panels. It is also a leading supplier of refrigeration equipment for the foodservice and refrigerated building industries. Bally evaporators range from low profile models to medium and high profile refrigerated building coils. Its low-profile evaporators are furnished standard with award-winning Smart Speed™ technology. This energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology works by utilizing two-speed fan motors to reduce the energy consump- tion by 80 percent per fan. Condensing units are available with scroll, hermetic or semi-hermetic compressors, all utilizing environmentally friendly refrigerants. Combined with Bally's award-winning, innovative and energy saving refrigeration solutions (SmartVap™, SmartVap+™, SmartSpeed™ and BQ- "Quiet" technolo- gies) it offers unsurpassed dependability, quality and value for all customers. Bally has enhanced its popular adap- tive defrost SmartVap/SmartVap+ con- trols. Operators can seamlessly toggle between adaptive defrost and timed defrost capabilities to select the option that best fits their specific needs. Additionally, Bally (Cont'd. from p. 1) this intuitive technology operates seam- lessly with manual or newer electronic expansion valves as well as provides the operator a vast array of reporting. Newly launched for the designers and consultant communities are cutting- edge, easy-to-use tools. Bally is proud to announce the launching of a fully func- tional and easy-to-use Revit family for walk-in panel and refrigeration designs. Additionally, its AutoCAD design tools have gone through a complete redesign/update in order to enhance the creative capabilities and simplify the user interface. Finally, Bally will be launching Napkin Sketch technology. Easily design a basic walk-in cooler/freezer in front of your customers on your mobile device (phone/tablet). The initial designs can then be printed, emailed and/or incorpo- rated directly into AutoCAD or Revit. All these tools are accessible via KCL. For additional information on Bally's product offerings, visit www .ballyrefboxes.com. There you will be able to find a vast amount of information to help you with your cold storage selec- tions. Keep in mind, Bally's experienced inside sales staff and its nationwide net- work of factory representatives are also available to assist you in the design of your application regardless of the size. Bally is the proven dependable choice specified around the world. Remember, nothing beats a Bally! Visit Bally at booth #1880. For more infor- mation, go to www.ballyrefboxes.com. JK: I discharged my first fire extinguish- er onto a live fire when I was 14 years old, and have been involved in the fire industry ever since. My diverse 30-year career in fire protection has given me unique experiences with many kinds of fire hazards and allows me to approach restaurant fire suppression from an edu- cated and innovative perspective. Now as an Amerex team member, I work with a group of highly skilled professionals dedicated to meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers in the food serv- ice industry. FEN: Tell our readers about your compa- ny and your products. JK: Founded in 1971, Amerex is an Alabama-based manufacturer that pro- duces a comprehensive line of fire extin- guishers and pre-engineered fire suppres- sion systems. These products meet build- ing and life safety requirements in a vari- ety of commercial and industrial markets. Since creation, Amerex has continuously pursued the highest quality products and services. Investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and processes while building and maintaining benefi- cial relationships with suppliers allows us to meet and exceed industry standards. FEN: How can Amerex benefit our read- ers? JK: Amerex makes Class K fire extin- guishers and restaurant fire suppression systems for commercial cooking opera- tions. These products are tested and listed with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for the protection of hoods, ducts and cook- ing appliances. Amerex can meet your needs with professional solutions and specifications for a large variety of fire hazards. In addition to our product offer- ings, Amerex is dedicated to serving you with real relationships. Amerex (Cont'd. from p. 1) FEN: What drives your market? JK: According to a 2017 NFPA study, there are over 8,000 fires annually in eat- ing and drinking establishments, with the most common cause being related to cooking flames and flammable kitchen materials. Because of this, restaurant fire suppression systems are required by fire code to protect 'grease producing appli- ances' in commercial cooking operations. Amerex restaurant systems integrate seamlessly into kitchen designs, building fire alarms and building control systems without hindering cooking operations or detracting from the aesthetics of the kitchen. FEN: What is on the horizon for technol- ogy and product evolution? JK: As commercial cooking equipment evolves from high efficiency appliances to cutting edge filtration systems, we must constantly re-evaluate our products to provide the best fire protection for this ever-changing market. In addition to ever-evolving fire hazards, electronics will play a key role in developing prod- ucts to meet the needs of our clients. Having a fire system that is supervised and able to be integrated into the building control and fire alarm systems is of para- mount importance in today's market. FEN: What distinguishes your company from the competition? JK: Quality. Service. Innovation. All fire equipment manufacturers that sell prod- ucts tested to ANSI/UL 300 standards have proven designs and capabilities. What sets us apart is Amerex's willing- ness to look at new innovative solutions that meet customer demands, commit- ment to superior manufacturing and ded- ication to provide the best customer serv- ice that we can. Visit Amerex at booth #1957. challenge of making their creative ideas a reality. They are designed to be easy to use and to guarantee top performance in all working conditions. The ovens use the latest smart technologies to give real sup- port in your work and to adapt to any kitchen, guaranteeing high performance and repeatable results regardless of the load. Achieving identical results for each load requires control, intelligence and expertise. Every detail counts: what happens before and during cooking, the various load quantities, food whose properties vary with the seasons and the unique manual techniques of each member of your team. For example? Cooking multi- ple trays requires more time than for just one or two: the door remains open for longer and the consequent drop in tem- perature is greater. The oven must begin cooking at a lower temperature and cook a higher quantity of food, for which more time is required to achieve the correct working conditions. In addition, the humidity emitted by the fully-loaded Unox (Cont'd. from p. 1) oven is greater than a partial load, and if the door is opened unexpectedly, it sig- nificantly alters all the parameters of the cooking process. Achieving repeatable results requires continual supervision, monitoring of every detail and immediate intervention. In a few words: control, intelligence and expertise. That's exactly what CHEFTOP MIND.Maps PLUS oven with ADAP- TIVE.Cooking™ provides. Thanks to the ADAPTIVE.Cooking technology, your oven is transformed into an intelligent tool capable of interpreting your settings and understanding your desired result. Through its sensors and intelligence, your CHEFTOP MIND.Maps PLUS registers changes in humidity and temperature. It effectively understands the quantity of food inserted into the oven to then automatically regulate the cooking process by acting on all the parameters and modulating the combined action of the INTENSIVE.Cooking™ technologies, guaranteeing you an identical and perfect result every time. Exactly as you imagined. Visit Unox at booth #4167.

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