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Food Equipment News 3 5 Saturday, February 9, 2019 Prairie View Industries: A Proven Company By Sonia M. Krupicka, Sales Manager, Prairie View Industries, Inc. PVI is a USA manufacturer of foodser- vice equipment and access ramps. We are centrally located in Nebraska, and ship direct from the heartland of America to make our lead times unmatched. PVI is committed to continuously improving the high quality of standard products offered at a competitive price. PVI is the real deal, manufacturing the highest quality foodservice equipment. With a product line that consists of both stainless and aluminum equipment, PVI can be your "one-stop-shop" for all your kitchen and restaurant needs. For close to 30 years, PVI has been producing a wide variety of foodservice equipment to meet the needs that exist. We are continually striving to go beyond the typical foodservice equipment, look- ing for fresh and new ideas that industri- ous entrepreneurs want and need for thriving catering, bakery or restaurant businesses. As mentioned before, we manufac- ture both access ramps and foodservice equipment. We added the foodservice equip- ment line to our manu- facturing in 1999. Since that time, PVI has become a major player in the foodservice indus- try through innovative design and cre- ativity. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and building equipment that will solve their specific needs. Our design team not only brainstorms with customers, but is also able to provide professional CAD drawings for approval before manufacturing. When considering any major pur- chase, most of us look for something of quality, durability and a proven record of consistency. There are no shortcuts for quality. We are not the typical cookie cutter company. We pride ourselves on every piece of equipment manufactured at our facility. Quality, Durability, Guaranteed. With that motto, it is easy to stand behind our products. Visit Prairie View Industries at booth #235. For more information, go to www.pvifs.com, call 800.554.7267 or email sonia@pvifs.com. Lamber Dishwashers – The Economical Choice How do you choose the right ware wash- ing system for your business? Should it always be about price? What about elec- trical, water and detergent savings – isn't that crucial to your bottom line? Perhaps you should consider functionality, quali- ty, certifications and ease of use. With Lamber's line of commercial ware wash- ing systems, you don't have to choose – Lamber has it all. Lamber, with its head office and manufacturing plant in Lodivecchio, Italy, was first established in 1948 by Mr. Raimondo Affaba, who began production and distribution of dairy washing equip- ment and gradually moved into the com- mercial and industrial side of the busi- ness a decade later. By 1976, after suc- cessfully stablishing Lamber as a leader in technology, innovation and design, Raimondo passed the business on to the five Affaba sons, who currently run all facets of the business to this day. As the industry continued to grow, so too did Lamber. Ensuring that its clients have the most up to date technology, certifi- cations and sophistication, numerous Lamber products are and continue to be listed under the ISO Quality System Certificate standards, the Energy Star certification as well as UL and NSF guide- lines. Most recently, Lamber introduced the ECO WASH system, lowering elec- tricity consumption on some machines by up to 50 percent. Currently, Lamber stocks and dis- tributes more than 15 models of dish machines in North America – ranging from small glass washers to a vast array of under counter models extending to pass through and con- veyor style units. Whatever your needs require, Lamber has the machine for you. Lamber remains a global leader in the ware washing industry and currently sells to over 40 countries worldwide. Lamber's commercial line is imported and distrib- uted in North America exclusively by Eurodib. For more information, visit booth #2741. Norbec: Innovative Products, Tailored Solutions By Jason Giuliani, Vice President of Sales, Norbec Norbec is a North American company that was founded more than 35 years ago in 1982. It is a leader in Canada's cold storage industry. Does Norbec only man- ufacture cold storage products? Not at all. Even though cold storage products are Norbec's cash cow, the company doesn't want to limit itself to walk-in coolers and freezers. Over the past few years, the company has been increasingly developing its expertise in insulated metal panels and building envelopes. Jan Lembregts, President of Norbec, explains, "We thrive on building partner- ships with our customers. We strive to offer a complete solution from concep- tion to delivery, including support once the project is completed. We pride our- selves on manufacturing walk in coolers and freezers as well as architectural pan- els for the building envelope and interior panels and doors." Norbec's mission is to offer high quality and durable products that provide space optimization, work efficiency and security. Foodservice industry workers rely on a safe work environment. Kitchen and cold room floors, when subjected to unsanitary conditions, poor cleaning or frost, can be slippery and potentially dan- gerous. Norbec focuses heavily on secu- rity and reliability in its product develop- ment. Therefore, we are proud to launch the NextGrip, a slip-resistant floor for walk-in coolers, and we are excited to present it to you at NAFEM. Thousands of dollars' worth of food sits in a walk-in cooler and freezer. Guarding it with energy efficient and reliable products is top priority. Food needs to be main- tained at cold temper- atures to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microbes that make food spoil. If there is a problem with the refrigeration system, knowing as quickly as possible can prevent loss of food and money. The IntellirefV2 allows you to control and monitor temperature to make sure food is kept at the right tem- perature. Options offered with the IntellirefV2 are a cost effective and worry-free solution to prevent food loss, save on expensive service calls and meet health requirements. For us, it's important to educate our customers on present and future regula- tions. We attach great importance to product compliance and to the standards of the food industry, as well as to energy standards. Our R&D team is always up- to-date with the latest changes in the industry, in order to always ensure appro- priate products and compliance with standards. Our company has a dedicated history in sup- porting our partners in the foodservice industry by providing innovative prod- ucts and creating tailored solutions. Like Jan Lembregts, President, explains, "I have always thought of measuring the quality of a partner as being able to solve problems. We know how to react quickly and well to solve any kind of complications, and our cus- tomers appreciate it. We are very rigor- ous in delivery times and offer outstand- ing technical support." Norbec is thrilled to be exhibiting at the NAFEM show this year. We have a lot of innovative walk-in cooler solutions to present, so please stop by our booth to see what's new. Visit Norbec at booth #1483. For more information, go to www.norbec .com, call 877.667.2321 or email sales@norbec.com. Online Retailers Continue to Make Inroads in Grocery Almost half (48 percent) of consumers in the U.S. now do some or all of their gro- cery shopping online, while 59 percent are planning to do so in the future, according to KPMG's 2018 Grocery Retail Consumer Perception Survey. "As the online grocery business is exponentially taking off, grocery retailers and consumer packaged goods compa- nies (CPGs) alike need to adapt to factors that are important to online shoppers such as convenience and choice," said Mark Larson, National Leader of KPMG's consumer and retail practice. "Already operating in low margin envi- ronments, winning retailers and CPGs should consider innovative approaches in strategic revenue management, as well as digital and merger and acquisition strate- gies to remain competitive in the online market shift." The survey of more than 2,000 gro- cery shoppers also indicated that product assortment (26 percent) and product quality (25 percent) are of primary importance to heavy online shoppers, outpacing price (18 percent) as a critical factor. However, price still remains rele- vant to online grocery shoppers as price transparency makes less price-sensitive customers more price savvy. "There is increasing pressure to bet- ter understand the evolving buying habits and expectations of the growing number of online grocery shoppers, but also those customers that remain in store," said Katherine Black, U.S. Consumer and Retail Strategy co-Lead, KPMG LLP. "This knowledge will help grocery retail- ers and CPGs to successfully find new options to meet their customers' needs." According to the survey, CPGs are also expected to face pressures on trade terms from grocery retailers. As cus- tomers are turning to online, retailers would need to invest in creating better customer experiences while offering competitive prices – passing such costs on to CPGs. "Online grocery retailers and CPGs need to leverage technologies to simplify and diversify their supply chain and build their digital brands," Black said. "Implementing multiple digital strategies to accommodate the key shopper seg- ments, from online pioneers to the in- store crowd, can improve customer prof- itability and drive margin growth."

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