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Food Equipment News 2 7 Saturday, February 9, 2019 Royal Industries Promotes New Services for Partners At this year's NAFEM, Royal Industries, an innovative leader in the foodservice industry, has multiple goals. The main goal, as always, is to be available to cus- tomers in order to share issues, problems and success stories, while highlighting new products and services as well as explaining its industry-differentiating Partner Program. The company, which was founded over 75 years ago and is located in Chicago, Illinois, serves a nationwide market as furniture manufacturers and also as direct importers of commercial foodservice smallware, s/s worktables and hand sinks, janitorial, baking and pizza products for the restaurant, hospi- tality, janitorial, mass feeding and institu- tional industries. Unlike many other companies in the industry, Royal Industries does not offer products to the end users but rather works with authorized dealers and resellers. This partnership modality makes the company unique and very successful. Stavros Moraitis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, notes that the company's consistency in being seen as a staple in the E&S industry is an accomplishment that brings tremendous pride. Its innovative partnership pro- gram is unique to the industry. The com- pany continues to redefine the role of vendor in order to better support author- ized dealer/partners within their unique programs and their various marketing service opportunities. Royal Industries believes that being a true value-added partner to customers is its greatest accomplish- ment. Moraitis empha- sizes that companies need to be able to resolve daily problems quickly. Being partners rather than mere- ly dealers allows this to be more effec- tively accomplished. This year the company is focusing on providing new services for its cus- tomers rather than showcasing new products. These services include, but are not limited to, marketing support, new drop ship programs, and bid and quote support. All of these services allow deal- er/partners to be more time-effective and concentrate on growing their own sales. Royal Industries offers flyer and promotional materials – anything their partners need to sell or market their company or individual brands. The com- pany is focused on quality, not only in its furniture but also in its ability to pro- vide sales collateral materials to part- ners to help them brand their companies while selling Royal Industries products. The foodservice industry consists of three categories: Good, Better, Best. Royal Industries competes as a Better (or second category) company. This means it offers better quality prod- ucts at a good level – that is, its price is very competitive for a slightly better product. If the needed product isn't from the Royal Industries product line, the com- pany will search and provide what is needed – even to the extent that if/when a competitor has what a Royal Industries' dealer needs, the company will still source it for them because as Moraitis emphasizes, "we are partners, not vendors." Visit Royal Industries at booth #612. For more information, go to www.royal industriesinc.com or call 773.478.6300 x2840. Benefits of the SKECHERS Direct Corporate Shoe Program Are you tired of costly slip-and-falls? Are you frustrated with your current shoe program? The SKECHERS Direct Corporate Shoe Program is the answer. This program is cost-free with no mini- mum purchasing requirements or setup fees – your employees buy direct from SKECHERS and save! SKECHERS will put together a cus- tom ecommerce site and will customize the selection based on your company's uniform needs. Your employees can pur- chase shoes online with free shipping and free returns or by shopping at any of over 500-plus SKECHERS retail stores in the United States and Canada. "This cost-free program has some incredible benefits and will provide your employees with a substantial discount on safe, comfortable and durable trend-right footwear resulting in improved worker safety, morale and overall efficiency," says National Sales Manager Harold Surabian. The SKECHERS Direct program is available to companies with 200 or more employees and who are based in the United States or Canada. The pro- gram offers employees a year-round 30 percent discount on SKECHERS slip- resistant work shoes and corporate casual styles. Included in the program is the $5,000 Slip and Fall warranty on all of the SKECHERS slip resistant shoes that help protect your company from costly slip-and-fall claims. In addition, employ- ees will benefit from SKECHERS Quarterly Friends and Family Days events on shoes for the entire family, including kid's shoes, walking shoes, running shoes and even golf shoes (save 30 percent off on over 3,000 great styles as well as apparel and accessories). Should you choose to participate, you may also offer your employees a pay- roll deduction program for their shoe pur- chases, which would enable them to spread the cost of their shoes over multi- ple paychecks. This is part of the program and entirely optional for the employer, and you need not offer a payroll deduction plan to enable your employees to enjoy all the other benefits of the SKECHERS Direct Corporate Shoe Program. For more information, contact Harold Surabian at 310.318.3100 x1860 or email haroldsu@skechers.com. The Right Tools to Ensure Food Quality and Safety An interview with Jeff Yeager, Vice President – Foodservice, Cooper-Atkins, Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions. FEN: Cooper-Atkins was recently acquired by Emerson as part of its Commercial and Residential Solutions business. As a leader in providing food- service products to major QSR chains, why was Cooper-Atkins attractive to Emerson? JY: The added expertise from Cooper- Atkins complements – and significantly extends – Emerson's global capabilities in monitoring foodservice facilities throughout the entire supply chain. In today's rapidly changing world, we con- tinue to expand our technological capa- bilities to support and help protect brand integrity by providing the right tools that help ensure consistent food quality and safety. FEN: What are the main QSR/restaurant risks and concerns surrounding food? JY: Main concerns primarily include receiving, prepping, cooking and storing food items and maintaining them at the appropriate temperatures. If food safety protocols are not followed, end users can become sick and possibly die, resulting in damage to brand equity and huge financial losses due to expensive recalls. Brand protection is paramount; consis- tent food safety protocols lead to consis- tent quality of products, which directly affects same-store growth and system expansion for the franchisee and/or shareholders. FEN: How has technology affected the foodservice industry? JY: FSMA rules are sprinkled with ref- erences to maintaining electronic records (though not specifically required). Unfortunately, traditional paper and pencil temperature data col- lection introduces an additional source of potential pathogen contamination and is time-consuming and possibly inaccurate. One of the best alternative methods to manual data recording is using an automated or wireless temper- ature measurement solution (e.g., Cooper-Atkins' NotifEye Wireless Monitoring Solution). Such an auto- mated technology, purpose-built for use in foodservice/processing, com- plies with the most demanding design requirements. As a result, it operates reliably over long peri- ods in harsh environ- ments. FEN: How is technology helping brands with accountability into their distribution chains? JY: As a leader in the temperature moni- toring industry, we fill an important step in providing end-to-end service across the cold chain. We are committed to understanding our customers' needs and supplying the right tools for the right jobs – even before they realize they need them. Consistently helping ensure quality with our state-of-the art instruments helps build trust between us as the manu- facturer and end users where food safety is concerned; it's the top priority of any business owner. Technology has increased transparency in the distribution process because it allows for checkpoints determining acceptance or rejection. Cooper-Atkins' HACCP manager enterprise device and software allow electronic data acquisition and historical recording, and its menu feature with user-programmable checklists identify and track tasks. A corrective action linked to these tasks prevents them from being completed until the corrective action is implemented. Wi-Fi capability enables remote access to data and also increases the integrity of the data, which can be easily saved into the historical record for analysis during audits. Labor can be diverted to more customer-facing responsibilities, which is a valuable over- all benefit. For more information, visit booth # 4100, go to www.cooper-atkins.com or call 860.347.2256.

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