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Food Equipment News Saturday, February 9, 2019 2 2 TELLIER, Makers of the Original Food Mill For 65 years, TELLIER has been using innovation to unleash creativity and improve efficiency in the kitchen. It all started in 1947 when Louis Tellier revolutionized the gastronomic world by creating the world's first pro- fessional food mill. This groundbreak- ing innovation – the first of a long series, established the company's repu- tation as a manufacturer of robust and efficient small kitchen appli- ances. In 65 years of experience, TELLIER has consistently been launching innovative and useful products to provide its worldwide customers with tools designed to meet their Panasonic NE-3280 Commercial Microwave Sonic Steamer Oven As the nutritional benefits of steaming are becoming more widely known, the Sonic Steamer has become a popular choice in an ever-growing list of chan- nels, from educational institutions, to full-service restaurants and stadiums. Designed for high-efficiency steam- ing in foodservice businesses big and small, the Panasonic NE-3280 Commercial Microwave Sonic Steamer Oven combines high-volume cooking capability with every kitchen's need for speed. High-Power Cooking Reliably quick, efficient and economical to operate, Panasonic's 3200 Watt Sonic Steamer Oven uses the power of microwave energy to heat the water con- tent in vegetables, fish and seafood, meats, breads and other foods to the boil- ing point to produce steam, and preserve the natural flavors and nutrients cus- tomers want and expect in their meals. Fast and Faster Panasonic's innovative top and bottom energy feed design uses four separate magnetron heating elements to fuel the Sonic Steamer's incredible cooking speed and its even-heating abilities. The Panasonic Sonic Steamer Oven is one of few in its category that can com- fortably handle two full-size, 4-inch deep steam table pans with covers, four half- pans or four 12-inch plates, at the same time. The Result? Hot, fresh lasagna in under 20 minutes; a 1-1/4 pound lobster in under 2 minutes (55 in an hour); a pound of shrimp in a minute (60 pounds in an hour) and faster steamed vegetables like a pound of asparagus in 40 seconds (100 pounds per hour); a pound of potatoes in just two minutes (30 pounds per hour); a pound of meatballs in 90 seconds (30 pounds per hour); and a dozen hot dogs in 30 seconds (104 dozen in an hour). No Hassle Setup and Energy Efficient Unlike traditional steamers, the microwave Panasonic NE-3280 doesn't require extra filters, a vent hood or the plumbing hassle and expense of a dedi- cated water line (eliminating both de- liming and having to replace gaskets). There's no recovery time and less load is placed on air conditioning and refrigera- tion systems so they help an operation's overall energy efficiency. A Touch of Simplicity The NE-3280 Commercial Microwave Sonic Steamer Oven keeps things mov- ing with features like eight programma- ble heating touch pads, five power lev- els and three cooking stages for time- saving, two-touch operation. Just select a program, then start. The eight touchpads can be customized for 16-memo- ry capability, simple and ideal for preparing repetitive key items, as well as two-and three-stage cooking to Defrost for one stage, cook at High power for the second stage, then Low power for the last stage with the single touch of a pad. Manual single-stage heating sets the oven to desired times and power levels for menus that require variation in heating requirements. Low Maintenance Ease With the Panasonic NE-3280 Sonic Steamer Oven, low, everyday mainte- nance consists of cleaning two remov- able air filters, and wiping down the oven's removable center shelf and the stainless cabinet and cavity surfaces. For more information, visit booth #944 or go to www.panasonic.com/cmo. Solving America's Pizzaiolo Shortage In America, pizza is one of the highest- grossing segments within the fast-casual market. The demand for healthier, made- your-way-in-less-than-a-minute-pizza is steadily increasing. In recent years, many college campuses, hospitals, stadiums and grocery chains now offer artisan per- sonal pizzas. In Italy, where pizza-making has earned UNESCO heritage status, there are literally hundreds of pizza schools. However, despite America's high demand for amazing pizza, there is a lack of instruction available for those who aspire to make it professionally. Looking at the numbers, a career as a chef is a viable occupational option for the many passionate cooks. The Pizza University & Culinary Arts Center is here to help fill the shortage of skilled and committed pizza makers in the American pizza industry. The Pizza University & Culinary Arts Center was started on the East Coast, but is quickly spreading to include facili- ties in LA, Mexico and Dubai. Thus far, the school has welcomed special guest instructors such as the Pizza Champion of the World, Tony Gemignani – a man many call "the best pizza maker in the world," Neapolitan Master Pizzaiolo Antonio Starita, and the President of VPN America, Peppe Miele. The school is quickly gaining notori- ety in the pizza and culinary industries and also features recreational courses such as Sweet and Savory Baking with award- winning author/chef/Pizza University Ambassador, Amy Riolo. PUCAC is also proud to partner with industry lead- ers, such as Les Dames d'Escoffier to host a Global Gourmet Pizza Workshop event. In 2019, it is revealing additional courses. For more information, visit booth #4530 or go to www.pizzauniversity.org. needs and requirements. The company is now a major play- er in the professional kitchen and catering equipment mar- ket. For more information, visit booth #2739. Flameless Food Warming System Revolutionizes Catering Industry An interview with Laura Calder, Senior Product Manager, Sterno Products. FEN: Tell our readers about SpeedHeat™. LC: Sterno Products recently launched SpeedHeat, a flameless, water-activated system that produces high-heat steam with zero ramp-up time. It is considered by many in the catering industry to be the most innovative portable heat system since the introduction of Sterno chafing fuel more than a century ago. FEN: Why use SpeedHeat instead of tra- ditional Sterno chafing fuel and catering equipment? LC: SpeedHeat provides a safer, simpler and faster warming solution for quick-serve catering events that last under an hour. SpeedHeat is flameless, which means added safety and the ability to keep food warm at venues with open flame restrictions. It has only a few pieces and can be set-up in min- utes by even non-foodservice professionals. Finally, unlike traditional chafing equip- ment that can take up to 20 minutes to ramp-up to the necessary temperature, SpeedHeat provides instant flameless heat. FEN: How long does SpeedHeat keep food warm? LC: Once the SpeedHeat system is acti- vated, it will keep food warm for up to 45 minutes, the ideal time for most quick- serve drop-off catering events. FEN: How are the SpeedHeat packets activated? LC: The SpeedHeat system has been carefully designed so that its parts work in concert to produce the maximum amount of heat in a safe, efficient and attractive housing. For instant, flameless heat, place one SpeedHeat packet in each reservoir and fill each reservoir to the top with room temperature water. Each reservoir will hold about 10 ounces of water. FEN: Is SpeedHeat a 'single-use' product? LC: There are two versions of SpeedHeat. Our Recyclable line is designed for use with disposable alu- minum half pans, and can be used up to three times. There are eight complete units to a case. Refill SpeedHeat packets are sold separately. The SpeedHeat base and tray are fully recyclable; the spent heat packets go into everyday trash. The Reusable line, SpeedHeat HD features a durable, universal base and accepts 1/3, 1/2 and full food pan sizes (disposable or durable), and will provide the same dura- bility you'd expect from a traditional chafer. Refill SpeedHeat packets are sold separately. FEN: Can the SpeedHeat heat packets be used independently from the SpeedHeat system, with a traditional chafer, for example? LC: No, the SpeedHeat packets must only be used with the SpeedHeat system. Using the SpeedHeat packets counter to instruc- tions will not provide satisfactory results. FEN: What about sustainability? Is SpeedHeat recyclable? LC: Clean-up is environmentally-friend- ly and hassle-free. The SpeedHeat tray and base are made of polypropylene #5, a recyclable plastic. After use, the SpeedHeat tray and base can be recycled. The spent (and cooled) SpeedHeat pack- ets can be disposed of in everyday trash. Visit Sterno Products at booth #418. For more information, go to www.sterno pro.com or call 951.682.9600.

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