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Consumer Electronics Daily News 4 9 Wednesday, January 9, 2019 The high-definition indoor touch- screen display offers a quick snapshot of the day's high and low records and graphs for each measurement to track trends. The display features an SD card slot for long-term storage of weather data. Atlas can provide remote monitoring from any device – mobile or desktop, including via the My AcuRite smart- phone app. This feature lets users view data from anywhere, even at work or on vacation, allowing them to stay connect- ed. Customizable alerts and notifications inform of changing weather conditions that might need attention. Atlas has the capability to integrate with Amazon Echo for convenient, personalized weather reports from Alexa. AcuRite Atlas retails starting at AcuRite (Cont'd. from p. 4) $249.99 and is available at www.acu- rite.com. About AcuRite The AcuRite brand is owned by Chaney Instrument Co., a subsidiary of the Primex Family of Companies (PFOC) and a family-owned business headquar- tered in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Founded in 1943, Chaney Instrument Co. and its AcuRite brand are leaders in weather and home monitoring solutions. In addition to weather stations, AcuRite offers a broad line of home and environ- mental monitoring devices. The company is known for developing products with intuitive designs that fit seamlessly into day-to-day life, keeping people connect- ed to the things that matter most. For more information, visit www .acurite.com. Manufacturers often seek a validated IP rating from a certified Ingress Protection Testing Lab to ensure proper functionality in the field, safety and for marketing purposes. IP testing labs per- form a variety of tests including product safety, vibration testing and electromag- netic compatibility. Before an electronic device goes to an IP certification lab for testing, it needs to be thoroughly tested during production to give it a better chance of meeting the IP Lab's standards. One of the most important forms of quality testing during the prototyping and production phases is leak testing. Differential pressure decay leak testing technology can be used to test openings on components or completely sealed components. A leak tester, like ATEQ's Primus F620, would use compressed air IP Rating (Cont'd. from p. 4) to pressurize a port on an electronic device and measure how much the pres- sure drops/leaks. Many sealed electron- ics, such as an outdoor security camera, require sealed component testing which involves putting the device into an air- tight chamber and pressurizing the cham- ber with compressed air and reading the amount of pressure that sinks into the camera. If the leak amount is below the manufacturer-specified leak rate, the camera can be considered airtight enough to be classified as being "waterproof." Knowing more about what IP ratings mean and the process of obtaining and testing them can help consumers gain a greater appreciation for their waterproof electronics. For more information, visit booth #41370, go to www.atequsa.com, call 734.838.3100 or email leaktestsales@atequsa.com. in a vent mount. Vent mounts are popular because they're quick and easy to install, remove and transfer from vehicle to vehi- cle. But up until now they've had one major drawback – they block the airflow from your vehicle's vent. On a particular- ly hot or cold day, that's a big problem. You need to see and access your phone, but you need that vent to be doing its job of warming or cooling you! The Scosche designers took the chal- lenge onboard and created an elegant and adaptable solution – the MagicMount Charge 3 Vent. With a unique open, bal- anced, ringed design and a swing-arm that allows unimpeded air-flow from a vehicle's vent, this Qi-charging mount also provides maximum device visibility and maneuverability. The charging head independently rotates 360 degrees, free of cables and other impediments, so the device can be viewed from any angle. Certified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the charger delivers up to 10 watts of charge, supporting Apple and Samsung Fast Charge. It pro- vides the extra safety protection of Foreign Object Detection, which pre- vents charging if something other than a Qi-enabled device is placed on the charg- ing head. An LED light ring surrounding the charging head turns red if a foreign object is detected. Under normal power/charging conditions, the ambient Scosche (Cont'd. from p. 1) light sensing LED ring glows a soft blue. When held in place by the MagicMount's floating 100 percent device- safe neodymium magnets, a thermal man- agement gap is created between the phone and the Qi-charging head. This gap allows heated air to escape and be replaced by cooler air so that the device stays cooler during charging. Cooler charging is safer for the life of the battery as well as the device itself. Using the articulation of the swing arm, you can easily position the charger (and your device) in front of the AC vent airflow if you want additional cooling of the phone. Or, during the winter months, you can swing the charging head away from the heated airflow from your vents. With the quality you've come to expect from Scosche, the charger is built from premium materials, including high- impact polycarbonate, resulting in a mount that enhances any vehicle's interi- or. Advanced design techniques, includ- ing a 360-degree articulating rotating swing-arm and the 360-degree rotating charging head, allow for a wider range of customizable viewing positions, as well as a smoother tactile experience for the user as they move them. The Scosche MagicMount Charge 3 Vent truly represents the next evolution of wireless charging. For more information, stop by South Upper Hall booth #31106 or visit www.scosche.com. mobile fingerprint reader or placed solidly at a workstation as a traditional desktop reader. The Unity 20 Bluetooth can be used right out of the box by calling SecuGen's Fingerprint Management System (FMS) software's simple API. Alternatively, it can be custom programmed to suit the needs of the targeted user base. It sports a complete Linux development environ- ment, SecuGen's fingerprint capture and NIST MINEX-compliant template extraction and matching algorithms, the OpenSSL cryptography library and a 1 GHz CPU. The Unity 20 Bluetooth can also store encrypted fingerprint templates and process them in a closed environ- ment without ever leaving the device. "Most of the existing Bluetooth products on the market are about as attractive as a deck of cards," stated Jeff Brown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SecuGen. "The Unity 20 Bluetooth reader, on the other hand, breaks the mold and is a stunning device with a slim, sleek white case, a single button and three small LEDs. Our team has been able to do this while keeping the price of the product very low. We are very, very proud of this product. Our team has done a wonderful job." Dan Riley, Vice President of Engineering, added, "Once again our engineering team has heard the voices of our partners and has designed world class products to meet their needs. The Unity 20 Bluetooth is a breakthrough product that maintains our dedication to quality. Not only is it well engineered and versa- tile, the affordable Unity 20 Bluetooth SecuGen (Cont'd. from p. 1) fingerprint reader is also a beautiful prod- uct." The Unity 20 Bluetooth fingerprint reader, like all SecuGen products, is priced for large scale deployments. "We continue to focus on the requirements of our partners around the world," stated Won Lee, Chief Executive Officer of SecuGen. "The Unity 20 Bluetooth is a response to a clear need that we have seen in the marketplace. This is precisely what our partners have been asking for, and we are excited to support and help them succeed with new products that are attractive, powerful and economical." About SecuGen SecuGen is a leading provider of opti- cal fingerprint recognition technology for physical and information security. For over 20 years, SecuGen has been a driving force committed to developing innovative, high quality, rugged and price-performing products, including FBI-certified fingerprint readers, sen- sors, biometric software and developer kits. SecuGen products are used by finan- cial, medical, government, educational and corporate institutions and are sold through an extensive network of reseller partners, including original equipment manufacturers, independent software vendors and system integrators in North America, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia. For more information, go to www .secugen.com, call 760.659.6644, email sales@secugen.com or stop by booth #35232. public safety and more. These high per- forming, lower cost flexible antenna solu- tions cover ISM, LTE, GPS, WiFi and NFC frequency bands, including multi- bands and MiMo options. Highlights include: used by top cellular companies; high performing, lower cost; most avail- able with adhesive backing; standard U.fl connectors, but cable lengths and connec- tors are customizable; and Flex Family Kit also available. The PulseLARSEN GPS Multibands offer a wide array of products to cover 700 MHz Public Safety, LTE, Smart Grid, GNSS, WLAN, ITS and DSRC applications. Antennas are available in magnetic, adhesive and tamper-proof direct mount products, on and off ground, while supporting multiple cable and con- nector options. Need RF support or products? PulseLARSEN has a solution. From catalog embedded, internal, external and outdoor antennas, to customized for your device, PulseLARSEN can provide excellent RF support and serv- ices. Embedded antennas easily fit onto existing circuit boards. FPC PulseLARSEN (Cont'd. from p. 1) antennas mount to the inside of device housing. External antennas provide excellent gain and efficiency. Vehicle mount antennas provide excellent durability without sacrificing connec- tivity or efficiency. Need a customized solution? PulseLARSEN can do that too! PulseLARSEN is a leading global antenna and wireless solution supplier founded as Larsen Electronics in 1965, then acquired by Pulse Electronics in 2006. PulseLARSEN provides solutions that reflect its far-reaching understanding of antenna and RF technology. PulseLARSEN offers antennas covering 2G/3G/4G LTE, WLAN (WiFi), Zigbee, Bluetooth, GPS/Glonass/Compass, ISM, VHF/UHF, NFC and custom applica- tions. PulseLARSEN is a trusted antenna partner. Shipped over two billion anten- nas, over 50 years in business, PulseLARSEN supplies consistent, high- quality products by owning and fully controlling its own factories in both China and the United States, and R&D centers around the world. For more information, visit www.pulse larsenantennas.com.

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