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Consumer Electronics Daily News 4 7 Wednesday, January 9, 2019 with Affordable Allergy Testing that takes food decision-making to a new level in the pet industry. The custom test, called the 5Strands ® Affordable Petrics Test, uses non-invasive bio-resonance hair analysis testing that measures food substances causing non-IgE mediated reactions known as "intolerances." These intolerances represent 98 percent of the adverse symptoms seen in dogs and cats, commonly including breathing difficul- ties, scratching, licking, digestive issues, hair loss, joint pain, paw biting, restless- ness and more. The test scans 1,500-plus food items to identify intolerances that may impact your pet's well-being. It's the most comprehensive test of its kind in the United States. Now you can not only order the testing, but receive results directly through the app, automatically excluding high-risk ingredients when identifying food options. We spent two-plus years procuring and validating our database of ingredi- ents with leading pet health profession- als, so we can offer the most robust food recommendation engine (patent pending) available. It has taken tremendous effort and now we can finally share our hard work with pet owners and start making a difference in our fight to help extend the lives of pets. CEDN: How does it impact the pet industry? KJ: Petrics is setting new standards for helping pet parents identify the best food and treat options. Each dog and cat has dif- ferent nutritional needs based on their Petrics (Cont'd. from p. 1) unique characteristics like breed, age, activity, weight, pre-existing medical con- ditions, food intolerances and other critical factors. We need to educate pet parents, so they realize that a food choice for one pet may be detrimental to other pets. Our part- nership with Affordable Allergy Testing is an example of how we are looking for ways to improve these tools for both pet owners and pet health professionals, help- ing optimize the decision-making process when determining the healthiest foods. CEDN: What's coming next from Petrics? KJ: Our efforts with our Health & Nutrition App will always be focused on adding new, exciting features to incorpo- rate into future version updates. Later in 2019, we will release our highly antici- pated Smart Pet Bed and Activity Tracker System. We were delayed while redesigning some of our key product fea- tures, making them more robust while improving overall performance. Our Smart Pet Bed has a built-in scale and heating/cooling capabilities, making the development and testing process extremely time consuming. The control panel for these products will be built into our app for convenient access and adjust- ment. All weight and activity data will accrue right in each pet's profile to fur- ther analyze and optimize their health and nutrition. We are excited about our product offering in 2019 and greatly appreciate the continued support from our friends and valued pet parents. For more information, visit www.petrics .com or email info@petrics.com. According to Hasty Granbery, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Currant, "Idle energy usage resulting from always-on devices is a larger prob- lem than most people realize, costing Americans 19 billion dollars per year." Currant addresses this problem by leveraging AI to help people discover their home energy offenders, so they can cut excess electricity usage without sacri- ficing comfort or convenience. Consumers can also monitor and control their devices remotely and can connect with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to enable voice activated control. Trinseo has been supplying its EMERGE™ Advanced Resins for the Currant product during the prototyping and now in production. Trinseo materials can be seen throughout the Currant Smart Outlet – the outer housing, the substrate for the reflective front face and several inner components. Trinseo's EMERGE Advanced Resins, which are specialty engineered performance plastics, have been designed to meet the exacting specifications for Currant including cosmetic, reliability and UL-driven safety requirements. Among the reasons Currant selected Trinseo as a partner was because of the company's color matching capability, including its ability to achieve an ultra- bright white. The company has research and development centers globally, includ- ing color labs with expertise in complex Trinseo (Cont'd. from p. 1) colors. Color is such an important factor today for product differentiation, brand- ing and end-user satisfaction and Trinseo is recognized globally for its capability. Trinseo supports various consumer- oriented markets with specialty engi- neered plastics solutions. The company supports the growing consumer technolo- gies sector with advanced material solu- tions including projects that involve bio- compatible plastics for skin contact applications, chemical resistant materi- als, transparent light diffusion grades to allow for translucent LED displays, and plastics with recycled content to support sustainability goals. As consumer technologies evolve, product developers and designers need to consider materials that they may not have considered in the past. Plastics have emerged as an important solution to new- product challenges in that they enable properties such as portability, durability and appealing aesthetics while allowing additional characteristics such as bio- compatibility, ignition and chemical resistance, and/or various degrees of transparency. Trinseo, the global manu- facturer and compounder of performance plastics, has been helping customers find just the right solution. Trinseo is proud to be a partner of Currant. For more information, go to www.trinseo.com or contact AJ Durso at ajdurso@trinseo.com. Learn more about Currant Smart Outlets at www.currant.com. the Hanwha Group in December 2014, we've changed our name to Hanwha Techwin America. Although our parent company has changed, everything else remains the same, including our R&D and manufacturing facilities. CEDN: What's your main line of busi- ness? RS: Under the Wisenet brand, Hanwha Techwin America offers a wide range of consumer video monitoring and home surveillance products such as smart video doorbells, Wi-Fi cameras, NVR and DVR security systems. Our flagship products offer advanced technologies, including face recognition, abnormal sound detection and human detection. We also have the B2B division that offers end-to-end security solutions to a wide range of industry verticals, including retail, transportation, education, banking, healthcare, hospitality and airports. CEDN: What is your outlook for this year? RS: We are currently expanding our business portfolio to include opportuni- ties in OEM for companies looking to get into the Smart Home market and need the experience of a trusted manufacturer. Being one of the pioneers in the smart entry and security monitoring category, in addition to having over 40 years of experience in optoelectronics, Hanwha Techwin has the know-how and innova- Hanwha Techwin (Cont'd. from p. 1) tive technology to propel your business ahead. We are excited about this new venture and the opportunity to expand our home solutions assortment to our customers. CEDN: How do potential new customers know that they can trust you with their business? RS: Whether it's for retail or OEM, we have the core competency in surveil- lance, ample R&D resources and the scale to achieve our customer's needs. We've recently expanded our factory locations to include one in Vietnam to accommodate our global growth in the security business. From the retail perspective, we have the ability to offer effective marketing and dealer-support programs you need to take the security category to the next level. As an OEM partner, we are fully committed to the partnership providing you the speed to market, a deep under- standing about interoperability, high quality standards and pricing that fits your business. Here at Hanwha Techwin, we have a strict QA process that all of our products undergo to ensure utmost satisfaction from our end users. For product information, visit www.wisenetlife.com. Email cs@wisenetlife.com or stop by the meet- ing room at Sands Expo #MR46649 to learn more about the latest product offer- ings or to discuss OEM opportunities. LoveHandle Wins Phone Grip Challenge We've all seen the huge variety of smart- phone grips, knobs and rings parading on the backs of smartphones and cases these days, but which one is the best all-around consumer choice? A recent survey asked users to try each one and rank their favorite based on overall functionality. Here are the results: 1. LoveHandle – The clear winner for function and comfort, LoveHandle passed the pocket-friendly test as the lowest-profile grip in the group. The thin profile also allowed it to operate with wireless charging, unlike some of its thicker and all metal competition. Reviewers liked its use of a softer elastic grip surface instead of hard plastic or metal, but promptly commented on how comfortable it is to securely hold the phone with just a fingertip. 2. Metal Rings – Coming in second place in the survey were the variety of swiveling metal rings that boast grip and stand functionality. While these rigid ver- sions did offer a reliable grip when worn as a ring on the user's finger, they did not score well in the comfort category. Some reviewers commented that the ring was somewhat uncomfortable and was not really a one-size-fits-all product. 3. Expanding Circles – These round expandable knobs are a cur- rent pop culture fad among young teens and middle- school lunchrooms. However, reviewers said they lack the basic utility of offering a reli- able and comfortable grip for the phone. Large and bulky, many survey respondents complained that the knob would get hung on their pock- et or purse when putting their phone away. On the comfort rankings, the popping circles scored low as well due to the way it is held precariously between your fingers and constantly requires an active grip to prevent phone drops. Young reviewers still gave high marks for the addictive fidget-like qual- ities of popping and col- lapsing these expanding grips just for fun, though. It doesn't seem like the smartphone is going anywhere in the near future, so all of these grip accessories will have a piece of a growing mar- ket. However, its quite likely that fads will give way to function as mature consumers have the opportuni- ty to try each of the current available solutions and decide which one works best for their needs. For more information, visit www.lovehandle .com or email sales@lovehandle.com.

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