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News ..............................................3 Ad Index .......................................22 GENERAL NEWS Kohler 3 THE PANTRY Coffee & Tea 18 FOODIES FOCUS NuTriTioN 15 THE KNIFE RACK KyoCera 20 BUYER'S GUIDE STorage CoNTaiNerS 17 TRADESHOW CALENDAR 22 VOLUME 24, NUMBER 1 JANUARY 2018 n $7.00 Continued on PAGE 8 BY GREG GONZALES Zora Neale Hurston wrote that she doesn't weep at the world; she's too busy sharpening her oyster knife. A spectacular oyster dinner is sure to drive worries away for the night, but shucking those oysters requires the right tools for the job. I've heard of people using screwdrivers to pry open those tight little shells, but a good oyster knife speeds things up and requires less force than MacGyver-style tools. Paired with the right accessories, the right oyster knife will show those who are new to shucking that it's safe, easy and a bit of an art. With a renewed interest in oysters among Millennial home cooks, retailers carr ying high-quality oyster knives and accessories have the opportunity to tap into a growing market. When it comes to oyster knives, an informed consumer looks for a blade style that fits their needs and tastes. There's an oyster knife for every kind of technique, and for every kind of oyster. In fact, oyster knife styles get their names f rom the locations where they're The World Is Your Oyster Knife Continued on PAGE 10 BY MICAH CHEEK English cuisine has historically gotten a bad rap for dense and bland dishes reminiscent of wartime shortages. But more recently, the likes of April Bloomfield and Jamie Oliver are shining a whole new light on English food. Now, the no fuss, f resh style dovetails nicely with Americans' current culinar y interests and can shape how consumers buy kitchen tools. Carolyn Robb, former chef to the D uke and D uchess of Gloucester and Prince and Princess of Wales and author of the cookbook, The Royal Touch, details the way the cuisine has shifted. "As you probably know, food in the UK was absolutely shocking. It 's amazing the evolution the food has undergone in that time," says Robb. "I would say the trend has gone to the really traditional dishes f rom years ago that have been modernized with a focus on sustainability and a focus on what's locally grown." Cooking And Serving in the English Style www.kitchenwarenews.com KITCHENWARE NEWS & Housewares Review Microwave Tools Making Waves Pryde's Offers Kitchenware Shoppers… Continued on PAGE 11 Continued on PAGE 5

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