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Summer Fancy Food Show 2017 Special Issue

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JUNE 2017 n SPECIAL SHOW ISSUE Anastasia's Co- conut Cashew Crunch with Dark Chocolate Drizzle, the latest creation from Las Olas Confections & Snacks, has won two of the industry's top awards. This deliciously crunchy treat won the Gold sofi™ Award in the Sweet Snacks Category Coconut Cashew Crunch Wins Awards G OURMET N EWS T H E B U S I N E S S N E W S P A P E R F O R T H E G O U R M E T I N D U S T R Y ® Continued on Page 142 McKenzie, out of Burlington, Ver- mont, continues to grow its Natural Ar- tisan Deli line. Focusing on only the highest quality meats and cheeses, McKenzie has grown the line to over 18 items. All of the items are all natural and sourced from inde- pendent farmers who believe as McKenzie McKenzie Grows Natural Artisan Deli Line Continued on Page 140 Just a few decades ago, if someone wanted a high-pro- tein meat alternative, they had one choice: tofu. And they were lucky if they could even find it anywhere, let alone at their local gro- cery store. But with all the nutritional information and natural alternatives available today, Meat Alternatives from Atlantic Natural Foods Continued on Page 144 An interview with Re- becca Williamson, Owner, Holmsted Fines. GN: Tell our readers about Holmsted Fines. RW: I started Holmsted Fines in Birming- ham, Alabama in 2013. While I was training Holmsted Fines Chutneys Win Devoted Fans Continued on Page 136 Vivra is the new fashion in chocolate. It appeals to all the senses with flavors that make people think – even travel in their minds – and experience possibilities in chocolate that they never have before. Chocolate, like life, shouldn't be plain or bland. People Vivra – the New Fashion in Chocolate Continued on Page 136 Continued on Page 138 An interview with Jess Hilbert, co-Founder, Red Duck. GN: Red Duck has al- ready brought excite- ment back to condiments with ketchups and barbecue sauces – why taco sauce? Red Duck Launches Organic Taco Sauces Continued on Page 140 In step with its motto "All Good, No Garbage," Sucker- Punch Gourmet has announced the addi- tion of two flavors of Green Tomato Salsa to its product line, which adds a third cate- gory of grocery offerings. With the popularity of its Spicy Garlic SuckerPunch Introduces New Salsa Continued on Page 140 In 2016, Specialty Food In- dustry reported on the rise of Mediterranean and Mid- dle Eastern segments of the food industry and referred to them as "Up and Coming Cuisines." Wild Garden ® is meeting demands and is ahead of the curve with its "Taste of the Mediterranean" line, Wild Garden Leading the Way Continued on Page 140 By Darcy Kochis, Marketing Director, Oregon Raspberry & Blackberry Com- mission Oregon raspberries and blackberries are known for their great taste and premium quality. Our clean Northwest air, fresh water Oregon's Best Berries for Your Best Life Continued on Page 144 An interview with Jim Pachence, President, Se- rious Foodie, LLC. GN: Tell our readers about Serious Foodie. JP: We're located in Bradenton, Florida. The company was founded in 2015 to Serious Foodie Introduces Vinegar, Sauces, Rubs Continued on Page 138 Bavaria is well known for its beer and wurst, but many may be sur- prised to know that cheese is also one of its culinary delights. Bavaria, a southern state of Germany, has a long history and tradi- tion of cheesemaking and is home to Käserei Champignon, a family-owned Specialty Cheeses from Käserei Champignon Continued on Page 140 Snak King is pleased to in- troduce El Sabroso Cantina Tortilla Chips. El Sabroso Brand products have been a Los Angeles favorite for nearly 40 years. Did you know that the original tortilla chip was first popularized as a snack in Los Angeles in the 1940s? El El Sabroso Cantina Tortilla Chips from Snak King

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