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GOURMET NEWS APRIL 2017 www.gourmetnews.com FROM THE EDITOR 4 As we go to press with this month's issue, I have just returned from Natu- ral Products Expo West. I'd been looking forward to Expo West as a reliable barometer for how the food industry plans to re- spond to the changes arriving with Presi- dent Trump's administration, now that we've all had a couple of months to see those coming. I was not disappointed. The response I heard at Expo West was pretty simple: the President has indicated that he doesn't plan to exercise a lot of lead- ership around the issue of climate change, so food producers will step up. American consumers want better nutrition, so food producers are stepping up. American con- sumers want to know that the animals they're eating were treated humanely, so food producers are stepping up. This is not just a bunch of rah-rah boos- terism I'm doing here: there's a real move- ment going on around conscious capitalism, the idea that business is an en- gine for doing some good in the world, and the natural and organic food industry – long espousing the creed that our food should be good for the planet as well as people – is eager to take on some of these challenges. They expect rewards beyond the feel-good knowledge that they're doing what's right – the market research on the Millennial generation all says that this gen- eration demands transparency, demands environmental responsibility, demands so- cial justice, demands food safety, demands nutrition and demands delicious. This gen- eration is beginning to have the economic clout to make their demands felt, and they buy products made by companies that share their values. It is also true that food producers share these concerns. They're seeing effects of cli- mate change in their farmers' fields. They understand the obvious link between food and health. They don't want to make anyone sick by neglecting food safety issues, and they don't want their names attached in any way to the next undercover video that shows animals being abused. They want to help make the kind of world they want to live in, and they're prepared to lead the way. GN — Lorrie Baumann Editorial Director FROM THE EDITOR WWW.GOURMETNEWS.COM PUBLISHER Kimberly Oser SENIOR ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Jules Denton jules_d@oser.com ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Carlos Velasquez carlos_v@oser.com EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Lorrie Baumann lorrie_b@oser.com ASSOCIATE EDITORS Jeanie Catron jeanie_c@oser.com Micah Cheek micah_c@oser.com Greg Gonzales greg_g@oser.com GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Yasmine Brown Jonathan Schieffer CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGERS Sarah Glenn sarah_g@oser.com Caitlyn McGrath caitlyn_m@oser.com CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Tara Neal tara_n@oser.com CIRCULATION MANAGER Jamie Green jamie_g@oser.com PUBLISHING OFFICE 1877 N. Kolb Road P.O. Box 1056 Tucson, AZ 85715 520.721.1300 Fax 520.721.6300 SUBSCRIBER SERVICES Gourmet News P.O. Box 30520 Tucson, AZ 85751 520.721.1300 G OURMET N EWS ® OSER COMMUNICATIONS GROUP FOUNDER Lee M. Oser MEMBER OF: Periodicals postage paid at Tucson, AZ, and additional mailing office. Gourmet News (ISSN 1052-4630) is published monthly by Oser Communications Group, 1877 North Kolb Road, Tucson, AZ 85715; 520.721.1300. Publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material or prices quoted in newspaper. Contributors are responsible for proper release of pro- prietary classified information. ©2017 by Oser Communications Group. All rights re- served. Reproduction, in whole or in part, without writ- ten permission of the publisher, is expressly prohibited. Back issues, when available, cost $7 each within the past 12 months, $12 each prior to the past 12 months. Back orders must be paid in advance either by check or charged to American Express, Visa, or Master Card. Gourmet News is distributed without charge in North America to qualified professionals in the retail and dis- tribution channels of the specialty foods and hardgoods trade; paid subscriptions cost $65 annually to the U.S. and Canada. All foreign subscriptions cost $150 annu- ally to cover air delivery. All payments must be made in U.S. funds and drawn on a U.S. bank. For subscriber services, including subscription information, call 520.721.1300. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Gourmet News, 1877 North Kolb Road, Tucson, AZ 85715.

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