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V O L U M E 8 1 , N U M B E R 9 S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 6 w w w . g o u r m e t n e w s . c o m Continued on Page 22 Continued on Page 21 Known for a divine hint of artichoke, extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany has long been among the most prized and valued culinary oils in the world. Fraudulent olive oils are consequently often erroneously labeled as Tus- can. The Protected Geographical Indication seal of Bel- lucci's Toscano PGI Organic offers consumers official assurance that this special extra virgin olive oil was produced and bottled in Tuscany. Toscano PGI Organic delivers the distinctive re- gional aroma in spectacular form. This year's harvest is unabashedly rich in artichoke and has a remarkable balance of fruit and spice along with a hint of almond. Pressed from the first Wild Forest Products Introduces New Gourmet Label: La Truffe Royale By Mario Fortunato, President and Founder, Wild Forest Products "The Royal Truffle" is what the name means in French. We wanted to bring to the market a quality gourmet organic extra virgin truffle olive oil, just one step over our Wild Forest product. We wanted to present to the fine dining restaurants as well as gourmet cooks a product that was the next level in taste, quality and enjoyment. First, we worked on the olive oil. Our Extra Virgin Truffle Olive Bellucci Toscano PGI Organic — The Authentic Taste of Tuscany Continued on Page 22 The French Farm Brings the Delights of the Andalusia Region In the summer of 2015, Gisele Oriot, Founder of The French Farm, went to the Andalusia region of Spain in search of new Spanish delights. An- dalusia, a region known for its delec- table olive oils, made it easy for Gisele to select four olive oils, each bringing something special to your customer's dinner table. The first olive oil is La Venta Baron Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Mueloliva. Mueloliva has been producing high quality olive oil for over 70 years. The Venta Baron olive oil features complex herbal notes accented by almond, banana, apple, and peppermint. Continued on Page 22 Ariston Specialties has offered its Fusti Refill and Save Program and its Fusti Freshly Poured Program since 1997. It has over 18 extra virgin olive oils and infused olive oils to choose from, including its new items, Butter Infused Olive Oil, Orange Infused Olive Oil, Tuscan Herb Infused Olive Oil, Saffron Infused Olive Oil, Curry Infused Olive Oil, Pesto Infused Olive Oil and Truffle Infused Olive Oil. Ariston's select extra virgin olive oil and infused olive oils are its own production from Greece. Each is tested three times before it reaches your shelf to assure it is extra virgin olive oil. This year's harvest has resulted in an acidity of 0.136, Ariston Specialties: Quality Products at a Reasonable Price Continued on Page 21 Olive Oil Industry Fights Label Fraud BY LORRIE BAUMANN Olive oil industry experts are en- listing retailers to improve the quality of the olive oil assortment on their shelves and to educate consumers that the low-price olive oil they can buy on some retailers' shelves isn't a quality extra-virgin olive oil, regardless of what it says on the label. While it's not necessarily easy for the average consumer to know if the olive oil they're buying is truly a high- quality oil, it is very easy to identify a very cheap oil as a fraud, says David Neuman, CEO of Gaea North America, a subsidiary Continued on Page 22 Colavita Prosecco White Wine Vinegar is the newest addition to a line of Colavita's authentic Italian wine vinegars. With a tart taste profile, Prosecco White Wine Vinegar pairs perfectly with salads, fish0 and fruit dishes. This is the only Prosecco vinegar currently on the market. This unique wine vinegar is created from grapes cultivated in the Valdobbiadene area of Italy, which is dedicated to the production of Prosecco white wine. Using the traditional method of fermentation, wooden barrels are utilized to age the white Prosecco wine. This allows proper time for a natural aging process to produce this Colavita Adds to Line of Authentic Italian Wine Vinegars G OURMET N EWS A G U I D E T O O I L S & V I N E G A R S A ceti O li

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