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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JUNE 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 6 6 Introducing Cono Snack and Galler Chocolatier Gourmet International is proud to wel- come Cono Snack by Messori and Galler Chocolatier to its portfolio of specialty foods from around the world. Messori's Cono Snack, made in Italy, is a delicious, real Belgium waffle lined with rich dark chocolate all the way to the tip and then filled with creamy premium chocolate. Cono Snack filled cones are available in three great flavors: Choco Parties, Caramel Milk and Hazelnut. Cono is made from real chocolate (no compound or artificial chocolate), is alco- hol-free, non-GMO and contains no hy- drogenated fat or protein. They are a strong seller all year long, the perfect im- pulse item, quick grab for a personal snack, party favor or addition to any cre- ative gift wrapping. Cono Snack: taste the Italian difference. It is premium imported chocolate at an affordable everyday low price with an SRP of $0.99. Galler Chocolatier, founded in 1976, has become an indisputable benchmark when it comes to Belgian chocolate. Since the begin- ning, this chocolatier has em- ployed extreme care sourcing raw supplies and the origins of premium ingredients. Jean Galler loves to combine fla- vors and set the scene with colors. The collection of tablets and filled bars are wrapped in eye-catching paper of varying shades with sophisticated flavor profiles. Lower case packs of 10 to 12 as- sures quick turns for the retailers and happy consumers who will quickly become loyal followers. SRP is $2.49 to $3.99. Order today (800.875.5557) to be- come a part of the newest wave in Cono fun and so- phisticated Galler flavor! See and taste these and many more premium brands with Gourmet International at booth #2340. For more information, call 800.875.5557 or stop by booth #2340. Quinoa Pops from Highland Farm Foods Introducing Highland Farm Foods Quinoa Pops – a new and delicious way to snack healthy! Presenting Vanilla, Chocolate and Cinnamon flavors. Quinoa Pops are the perfect 1.1-ounce grab and go snack that combines the crunchiness of corn with the nutritional content of quinoa and delicious natural ingredients. With 2 to 3g of protein, zero trans fat and only 120 to 140 calories per serving, Quinoa Pops are ideal for anyone who enjoys eating healthy and is searching for the perfect snack. At Highland Farm Foods its very important to the company to deliver a healthy product that will provide great taste and will actually nurture your body. So next time you're in the office, in class, ready to hit the gym or just in the mood to snack on something real, grab Quinoa Pops and #snackonrealfood. Highland Farm Foods be- lieves in paying it forward, and that is why it is a proud member of 1% For the Planet, which commits one percent of total sales rev- enue to ecological charities around the world. Its snacks are not only delivering nu- trients and great taste, but are also helping to make our planet a better place. Visit Highland Farm Foods at the Sum- mer Fancy Food Show where it will pres- ent in the "What's New What's Hot" section and in booth #5375, where you can learn more about Highland Farm Foods and all of its exciting and innova- tive products. For more information, call 803.396.1439, visit www.highlandfarmfoods.com or stop by booth #5375. Fresh, Authentic, Restaurant-Quality Global Cuisine Created by Café Spice Café Spice, the creator of ready-to-eat pre- pared foods as fresh and flavorful as those found in a fine Indian restaurant, is now stretching its wings and heading east across the Bay of Bengal to Thailand. Its new au- thentic Thai entrées will turn home dining rooms into tropical oases in a widening dis- tribution empire that now extends into Southern California, the Rocky Mountains, the Southwest and the Midwest, in addition to its traditional territory of the Atlantic Seaboard. The family-owned company is known for its authentic Indian cuisine, created by cele- brated Chef Hari Nayak, who studied under Chef Daniel Boulud and has published sev- eral authoritative Indian cookbooks over his decades-long career. "Our chef-driven process, emphasizing clean and authentic ingredients, diligent care in preparation and high standards, is what makes Café Spice stand out from the others," said Sameer Malhotra, Café Spice's Co- Founder and President. "We've built our rep- utation on restaurant-quality meals with dine-at-home convenience." Entrées, soups, snacks and small plates of- fered by Café Spice taste fresh and flavorful like dishes stirred up in an Indian kitchen. That's because they start with whole ingre- dients and spices, freshly ground for each batch, cooked and assembled according to Chef Hari's culinary specifications. The Indian dishes created by Café Spice include its signature Chicken Tikka Masala as well as vegetarian and vegan entrées and soups. Spiciness ranges from mild to hot, and gluten-free options are offered. Debuting at the Summer Fancy Food Show, the new Thai meals include Beef Mas- saman Curry with sautéed tender beef and vegeta- bles, flavored with lemongrass and lime, simmered in a co- conut milk Massaman Curry Sauce flavored with tamarind and aromatic spices. The Yel- low Tofu Curry combines tofu in a fragrantly spiced coconut milk sauce simmered with potatoes and onions. It has such a satisfy- ingly filling taste it's hard to believe this curry is vegan. Red Chicken Curry rounds out the line with tender chicken bites sim- mered with onions, bamboo shoots and car- rots in a spiced coconut milk broth. All of the entrées are accompanied by fried rice with vegetables and authentic Thai spices. "Global cuisine has become a regular se- lection in the modern shopping cart," said Malhotra. "But it is usually relegated to the frozen food section of markets. We bring freshness, clean ingredients, and gourmet quality to global prepared foods, and as such, we are pioneering a niche that has growing consumer demand," he added. Café Spice products are available in the deli or prepared foods sections of markets such as Whole Foods Market in a growing distribution network. Based in the Hudson Valley area of New York State, the company is active in local job development and inter- national economic development initiatives through the Whole Planet Foundation. Café Spice is showcasing and sampling its products at the Summer Fancy Food Show at booth #4171. Visit www.cafespice.com, follow the company on Facebook and Twitter or contact Sameer Malhotra, Co-Founder and President, at 845.863.0910 for more in- formation. Give Your Summer a Gourmet Twist with Wagyu Beef Lone Mountain Wagyu, the country's leading purveyor of Fullblood Wagyu Beef, brings the gourmet luxuries of a steakhouse to mar- ket shelves across the country. Its award- winning retail line features a Wagyu Summer Sausage, Wagyu Beef Sausage Links and Wagyu Beef Jerky. Created from a blend of premier cuts, these Wagyu products have wowed customers and food professionals alike. Wagyu beef, the breed of cattle that the famed Kobe beef hails from, has primarily been available only at elite fine-dining restaurants. Lone Mountain Wagyu's retail products are the first of their kind to bring this luxurious and highly sought after beef to retail shelves around the country. The key ingredient in these retail products – aside from the unutterably decadent Wagyu beef – is a healthy dose of ingenuity and sus- tainability. For a common concern for many beef producers is that a few select cuts the butcher makes garner the lion's share of pop- ularity, such as the strip and filet. The fact is, the commonly known cuts of any cow amount to a small fraction of the of- ferings. In addition, the process of cutting the striploin, for example, into the coveted NY Strip Steak results in a fair amount of so- called "trim." Trim of the NY Strip is still NY Strip, but it habitually gets wasted. Part of Lone Mountain Wagyu's mission is to minimize the impact and waste of its busi- ness. Thus, in an effort to showcase the whole animal and all its exemplary flavors profiles, the retail product line was born, and it's been immensely well received. Lone Mountain Wagyu's Summer Sausage was the 2015 sofi Award winner for best appetizer, antipasto or hors d'oeuvres. That same year, its Sausage Links and Beef Jerky were silver finalists in the Frozen Savory and Savory Snack categories, respec- tively. The company is proud to announce that Chefs in America has also recognized its products. Lone Mountain Wagyu was awarded the Gold Medal in the 2016 USA Taste Championships. This is the top award of the American Masters of Taste, which is the longest third party endorsement program in the country. In response to Lone Mountain Wagyu's products, the panel of judges stated, "Lone Mountain Wagyu has produced a line of American raised 100 percent Fullblood Wagyu that is exemplary… Their Wagyu is a delectable and unique meat that is sure to create a special dining experience…" Lone Mountain Wagyu is a small, family ranch located in New Mexico. The com- pany humanely raises its Wagyu with craft and care, following traditional Japanese practices to cultivate the highest quality meat possible. It is one of a handful of ranches in the country that exclusively raises Fullblood Wagyu, the purest form of the breed known around the world for its intense marbling and rich fla- vors. All of its beef is raised without hor- mones or antibiotics and its sausages are free of gluten, dairy, nitrates, nitrites and preser- vatives. Lone Mountain Wagyu products can be found in select gourmet retailers across the country as well as online. For more information, visit www.lonemoun tainwaygu.com.

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