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O C G S h o w D a i l y 6 5 S u n d a y, Ju n e 5 , 2 0 1 6 were the driving force behind the ultra- popularization of fresh mozzarella in American pop culture over the last decade or so. Seriously, when is the last time you were at a restaurant and the menu didn't offer a Caprese salad as standard fare? Mongiello has done his job. You can agree with this or not, but what is undeniable is that Anthony Mongiello, The Big Cheeseā„¢ and his company, Formaggio Brand Cheese, is a team that innovates and is a force to be reckoned with. How many more ways can you offer fresh mozzarella? Let us count the ways. First, Anthony is the inventor and patent holder for stuffed-crust-pizza, which has become practically a basic food group in pop culture. From there, he and his compa- ny, Formaggio, have innovated the fresh mozzarella category. Beyond the tradition- al ball-wraps and balls in water, they've reshaped the meat and cheese rolls, vac- packed scamorza, even sliced the fresh mozz up in trays with fresh produce top- pings and dipping oil. Most of these are all award-winners, too. That's a lot of innova- tion. But the Mongiello thinktank is not stopping there. Get ready to take hold of your hat. If you don't wear a hat, then sit down and hold onto something else. Here it is: Formaggio Brand is mak- ing the unthinkable: stuffed mozzarella. It might sound similar, but it's not burra- Fo rmaggio (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) ta (a fresh mozzarella bag packed with strings of mozzarella and curd), but a fresh mozzarella pouch drizzled in its award-winning herb and spice infused marinade and stuffed with mouth-water- ing creamy-cheese-based combinations. Think of it as burrata-with-flavor. There are four kinds: Two Cheese, a smooth, creamy cheese combo; then there's Italian Meats w/ Herbs & Spices paired with the creamy cheese filling, and then a sumptuous Sundried Tomato & Basil fea- turing sundried tomatoes in cheese fill- ing. There's a Truffle Oil with Fresh Basil, then finally, the amazingly deli- cious Applewood Smoked Bacon. Each one is more scrumptious than the other. They come in a tray in an herb and spice infused drizzle topping. Simple preparation, too. Heat it up to at least room temperature, cut it open and watch the delicious creamy cheese stuff- ing just flow out with the herbs, spices, meats and produce making a delightful centerpiece to any epicurean table or family dinner. Put on a cracker, naan or eat alone. It will take your breath away for its beauty, let alone the rich creamy savory flavor profiles. Formaggio Brand stuffed mozzarella products will be one of the more gourmet but truly easy-to- prepare items you'll see being served on tables in a long time. That's the Formaggio touch. Visit Formaggio at booth #3315. DM: Brooklyn is what we are, and who we are. Our company, Damascus Bakeries, was born in Brooklyn in 1930, and we've been bred there ever since. OSD: Last year, you had just introduced your Pizza Crusts. Now they're out in stores. What are people saying about them? DM: The fanfare we have been receiving has truly been overwhelming and emotional. People love pizza; real pizza lovers appre- ciate a great crust. Probably our favorite testimony to share was from a woman from the Bronx who told us that after 40 years of Friday night fresh-dough pizza making for her family, she decided to 'cheat' and give our crusts a try. To her delight, her 86-year- old mother told her, 'It took her 40 years, but she finally got it right!' OSD: What makes your Pizza Crusts dif- ferent from others sold in stores? DM: The bite. Our Traditional Crusts are formulated with specialty "00" pizza flour, which helps create a light and airy bite. We also ferment our doughs exten- sively, which adds distinctive flavor, aroma and texture. Plus the water, right? OSD: You also make some crusts with organic flours, don't you? DM: Yes, our Ancient Grains Pizza Crust is formulated with organic Khorasan, also known as Kamut, which was known in biblical times as the staff of life, so you don't get more ancient than that! Khorasan has a sweet, nutty flavor, much more aromatic than other ancient grains. All of our Pizza Crusts are formulated with non-GMO ingredients. OSD: Any new Brooklyn Bred breads coming to market? DM: Yes, always. To start, we will soon introduce a 'thinner and lighter' Pizza Crust, also smaller in size, though still shaped for at exciting at-home entertain- ing. Our Bistro Sticks, available in Olive D amascus B ak eries (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) Oil & Sea Salt, as well as our Bistro Buns, presently available in Country Potato, will soon be available in a delicious and wholesome Sprouted Multigrain variety. OSD: The Bistro Sticks are fun and ver- satile. Do they have many applications for entertaining? DM: Absolutely. 'Our BRED, Your Imagination!' Dip them, dunk them, top them. Toast them. Love them with warmed butter and cinnamon! OSD: And the Bistro Buns? DM: Definitely not your ordinary buns, either. They're naturally fermented and outspoken on the outside, soft and savory inside, just like a real Brooklynite. Each has just 100 delicious calories. These same Bistro Buns will soon be available in a smaller, Bistro Slider size, ideal for parties and entertaining. OSD: Tell our readers about the house that is depicted on your packaging. DM: That house, a Brooklyn brown- stone, had belonged to my grandfather, Hassan, who was our bakery's found- ing father. It is the house where my mother first enjoyed talking about bread with her father. The house where my mother grew from a wholesome, young girl into a lovely and beautiful woman. OSD: Is the house a tribute to your pred- ecessors? DM: Yes. It's homage to the first and sec- ond generations. Perhaps it's even a mes- sage to the next, fourth, generation. OSD: What message is that? DM: That no matter what you do with your life, no matter where you may go in your life, there's no Bred like Home! For more information, visit booth #2146, go online to www.brooklynbred.com or contact David Mafoud at dmafoud@ damascusbakery.com. From a traditional Tuscan White Bean hummus with Pine Nuts all to the on- trend Zesty Carrot Sriracha hummus with a sweet apricot topping to a simple Beet Hummus, EWEL is providing a whole range of flavor discoveries. The next item EWEL will introduce is an extra-spicy hummus with a fiery hot chile pepper topping. With smokiness from chipotles, roasted notes from poblanos and a blast of heat from cayennes, it is irresistible for shoppers who can't just get enough heat. It will begin shipping in late Q3 2016. Try a sample at booth #1640. Eat Well Embrace Life is continuing to skyrocket and is now the No. 4 brand in the category after a few short years in business. With nine great-tasting vari- eties, Eat Well Embrace Life has bean and topping combinations for everyone, including: Edamame Roasted Red Pepper, Black Bean with Sweet & Spicy Corn Relish, Spicy Yellow Lentil with Eat W ell Embrace L ife (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) Sunflower Seeds and Apricots, Red Lentil Chipotle, Wasabi Edamame and a new Cucumber Hummus with a Dill Topping. In addition to exceptional taste and variety, EWEL is satisfying the need for healthy, nutritious foods and is non-GMO, gluten-free and a good source of protein and fiber. Look for the EWEL groovy striped lids that jump off the shelf and find out what everyone's talking about. Eat Well Embrace Life is available in packag- ing sizes of 10 ounce, 24 ounce, 32 ounce, 4x2 ounce singles and a 2 ounce Hummus & Crackers on-the-go SKU. About Hummus Gourmet, LLC Hummus Gourmet, LLC is Eat Well Embrace Life's new parent company, with headquarters for the company now in sunny Austin, Texas. The company prides itself on creating and delivering innovative products that shoppers love. For more information, visit booth #1640 or go to www.eatwellembracelife.com. About Dietz & Watson Founded in 1939 by Gottlieb Dietz, Dietz & Watson remains true to the original old-world recipes and Gottlieb's commit- ment to "Quality Above All Else." Creating the freshest and leanest beef, ham, pork, turkey breast and chicken breast, Dietz and Watson's products are enhanced with all-natural spices and sea- sonings for increased flavor. All of its products are free of artificial flavors, col- ors, fillers, extenders and MSG. Currently headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dietz & Watson continues the tradition of family and commitment to expecting the best. D ietz & W atso n (C o nt'd. fro m p. 4 ) Under the lead of Gottlieb Dietz's daugh- ter, Ruth Dietz Eni (Chairman), Dietz and Watson continues to lead the industry in Premium Deli Meats and Artisan Cheeses. In addition to the guidance from Ruth Dietz Eni, the company is led by Founder Gottlieb Dietz's grandchildren, Louis Eni (President and Chief Executive Officer), Chris Eni (Chief Operating Officer), Cindy Eni Yingling (Chief Financial Officer) and now the fourth generation, Lauren Eni and Christopher Yingling have joined to company to carry the tradition further. Visit Dietz & Watson at booth #2733. For more information, go to www.dietzand watson.com. chilled Sauvignon Blanc or Pilsner. Italian Dry is the company's San Francisco classic salame that pairs well with a hard sheep-milk cheese like pecorino romano. This combination works well with Pinot Noirs, Pilsners and Pale Ales. Sopressata brings flavors of sweet fennel and chili pepper. Combine with a harder cow cheese like grana padano. Savor it with a glass of Pinot Grigio. You can also include other delicious cured meats like prosciutto or coppa to your board. Here are some other sugges- tions for your mouth-watering charcu- terie platter: Crunchy breads and crackers: These should be plain so as not to compete for the many flavors on the board. Favorites: Toasted plain baguette, pita bread, water C o lumbus (C o nt'd. fro m p. 4 ) crackers and bread sticks. Spreads: Both creamy and seeded mustard versions are good choices. Sweet and savory jams with caramelized onion flavors or deep fruity notes are also welcome partners. Be sure to select fla- vors that aren't overwhelming. Favorites: Fruit chutney, fig jam, hummus or a white bean dip. Olives and pickled vegetables: Always great additions. Cornichons and pickled radishes work very well. Fresh seasonal fruits are welcome too. In the winter, dried fruits including apricots and figs are great complements. That's it! Just start with the best craft meats, include complementary cheese, breads and spreads that provide different textures and flavors, pop open bottles of wine and beer, and enjoy the gathering. Visit Columbus at booth #2433.

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