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O C G S h o w D a i l y S u n d a y, Ju n e 5 , 2 0 1 6 6 0 supplying its own restaurants with cheesecakes that have been consistently voted New York's best. "We're really excited about the progress that Junior's has made in the past year. We have successfully transi- tioned our business from our Brooklyn facility to a state-of-the art facility in Burlington, New Jersey," said Alan Rosen, the company's third-generation Owner. "The best part is that we have more room to make our desserts the same way we have in Brooklyn for more than 65 years. I can proudly say that the recipe has not changed one ounce." New York has voted Junior's cheese- cakes the best the city has to offer every year since the early 1970s, and Junior's is still using the same cheesecake recipe developed by Rosen's grandfather, Harry Rosen, who opened his first restaurant on election day in 1950 with the idea that if Junior's was going to be a great New York restaurant, it needed to serve great cheesecake. Junior's still operates four restau- rants, soon to be five, as well as the bakery. Three are in New York City – one in Brooklyn, one in Times Square and one in Grand Central Terminal. The fourth is in Foxwoods, Connecticut, and there's one coming in Boca Raton, Junio r's (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) Florida. Junior's also has satellites in South Korea and in the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn. "Over the past year, we have found ourselves in both bakery sections and frozen sections, depending on the needs of the retailer. Wegmans, Kroger, Tops Friendly Markets, ACME Markets, Stop & Shop – we are well represented in the New York market, including upstate," Rosen said. "We are growing, but we still listen to the needs of our cus- tomers. In the past six months, we've gained retail distribution in over 1,500 stores, and we look forward to bringing to the whole country what New Yorkers have known forever – you haven't real- ly lived until you've tasted cheesecake from Junior's." New for this year, Junior's Cheesecake is featuring its six-inch Apple Crumb Cheesecake, seasonal spe- cialties, and of course, traditional New York cheesecakes in 10 varieties. In addi- tion to cheesecakes, Junior's Cheesecake and Desserts also offers layer cakes, loaf cakes, shortcakes and tiramisu as well as seasonal specialties for any sweet occa- sion. "We are a full line bakery," Rosen said. "We even customize items for spe- cial customers." For more information, visit booth #3952 or go online to www.juniorscheesecake.com. Jarlsberg Cheese; it's our 60th anniver- sary! The original Norwegian recipe made famous in 1956 continues to gain popularity on cheese boards and in recipes, and with many new varieties and products. We have been a mainstay in homes for six decades and three genera- tions, which is quite an accomplishment. OSD: What do you attribute this longevi- ty and great success to? DS: First and foremost, it all starts with the incredible taste of Jarlsberg Cheese. We still make this delicious cheese the same way we did in 1956. It is such an epic achievement – our cheese has the same mild, mellow and nutty flavor it did 60 years ago. Kids and adults alike can still enjoy the same high quality, magical taste of this classic cheese that has been wowing Americans for generations. The combination of traditional cheese-making and modern technology gives the cheese its thrilling taste and mysterious holes. In order to gauge when Jarlsberg holes are just right, the cheese- maker has to check on the cheeses fre- quently during the ripening process. OSD: Is there anything new Jarlsberg Cheese is planning to launch? DS: We have some very exciting news. Jarlsberg (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) To celebrate our iconic 60th anniversary, we are debuting at the IDDBA show our newest and perhaps most thrilling new addition to our cheese family: Jarlsberg Cheese Snacks. Our consumers can now enjoy portable individual cheese sticks in a 6-ounce size package at a suggested retail price of approximately $5.99 to $6.99. Recently, Jarlsberg Cheese was fea- tured on the hit television show Unwrapped 2.0., and shared the secret story of how those magical holes are formed. For the past 60 years, how Jarlsberg Cheese got those mysterious holes has been a secret. We decided to share some of the science behind the cre- ation of the holes, all formed naturally in our naturally gluten- and lactose-free Jarlsberg Cheese, on the television show. Fans were astounded! OSD: Looking forward, what other sur- prises might Jarlsberg Cheese have in store? DS: Our 60th year has been quite inspi- rational for us. Although we always keep one foot planted firmly in our rich roots, we also have our other foot treading on fabulous new food products. We will also have a few more new products to share that promise to wow consumers this year. For more information, stop by booth #2033 or visit www.jarlsberg.com. pies, Papadopoulos cookies and wafers and even Saffron and LOUX Juices, amongst others, from Greece. The highest level of certification and numerous awards are what describe and characterize the products it brings and represents. Loumidis Foods has unique partner- ships in the U.S. market with leading dis- tributors and also with major supermar- kets. Its service and professionalism is what it goes by every day, taking away the issues of logistics, language and dis- tance when dealing with European pro- ducers. Loumidis Foods products are strictly all natural, non-GMO with an emphasis on healthy and unique attributes that the modern consumer seeks to find in prod- ucts. Its intention is to have quality prod- ucts, and "it all starts from the raw mate- rials." Innovation in packaging is a sig- nificant aspect of working with a brand to bring to the U.S. As a brand ambassador, Loumidis Foods creates tailor made programs with L o umidis Fo o ds (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) price structures that allow products to compete, and has a strong demo/sam- pling strategy so consumers get to know its products. Mediterranean diet is the way to go, and Americans are looking for foods that fit in the category. From Greek yogurt, to cheeses, to extra virgin olive oil and jams, from pies to olives and Greek Ready meals – a plethora of items. Greek origin and Greek products are a significant reason for the Mediterranean diet, and Loumidis Foods embraces this every day. The company seeks to find partners to have in specific states and regions so it can work together to achieve growth and long-term benefits for all, thus working for the U.S. consumer every day. With passion for food, with ethos and will to bring the best possible products, it can make one promise – it will work every day to lay the founda- tions so the brands it represents have a long and successful presence in the market. Visit Loumidis Foods at booth #3541. Front-of-the-package Nutrition Facts will appeal to your customers who are both time-sensitive and nutrition-conscious. Each 2.5-ounce vacuum-sealed serv- ing is packed with freshness and flavor and has a refrigerated 12-month shelf life. CHEESEWICH comes in four deli- cious flavors: Colby Jack, Pepper Jack, Mild Cheddar and Provolone, each sand- wiched around a high-quality salami. CHEESEWICH is a family-owned and operated business headed by Tony Migacz, Sr., who has been in the food industry for more than 30 years. He came up with the idea behind CHEESEWICH more than 13 years ago and began mak- ing it two years ago in a USDA-inspect- ed plant in Lyons, Illinois. C H EESEW I C H (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) "It's kind of like the Uncrustable Sandwiches everyone knows, eats and loves," Migacz said. "It's a sandwich without the bread; two slices of cheese with a slice of hard salami in between." CHEESEWICH was a Most Innovative New Product Award Nominee at the 2014 Sweets & Snack Expo in Chicago. CHEESEWICH is so sure that your customers will love the product that the company will back your sampling program to introduce it to them. "We will authorize the use of samples and are huge fans of demoing the product; because once you sample it, people taste the qual- ity and love it!" Migacz said. Visit CHEESEWICH FACTORY at booth #3821. For more information, call 708.458.3100 or visit www.cheesewich.net. and sauces that its customers are proud to serve to customers who tell them, "It's like bringing the chef home with you!" Fortun Foods uses a proprietary process to craft its soups and sauces in small batches from chef-inspired recipes that call for fresh ingredients and no arti- ficial flavors. "We know fresh – we never compromise with quality," says Kevin Fortun, the man behind the recipes and the concepts that have created the world's largest fresh soup company. "We know fresh soup; we know fresh sauces!" That's why Fortun Foods has been honored and awarded consistently for the number-one "Best New England Clam Chowder" year after year, including two years in a row at the San Clemente Sea Fest, one of the largest contests in the nation, and why the Kroger Company has recognized the company's new fresh Finishing Touch sauces made from real stocks, real vegetables and real wines, sauteed and simmered to perfection, as one of the hottest new trends in the mar- ket. This year, Fortun Foods is introduc- ing a new Holiday Turkey Gravy and new Finishing Touch sauce flavors including Spanish Romesco With Saffron and Rajun Cajun, for on-trend flavor pro- files that will allow you to bring a gour- met chef's touch to your entrees and additional sales for your hot line. Fo rtun Fo o ds (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) "Our fresh Finishing Touch Sauces in the retail pack will help you provide easy meal solutions for Millennials, busy families and empty nesters," Fortun says. "We use quality, clean ingredients for healthy, gluten-free dishes that you'll be as proud to take home to your own fami- ly as you are to serve to your customers." Fortun Foods products come from a state-of-the-art SQF 2000-certified facil- ity and are delivered fresh to your food- service operation or retail store. "Our competitors are usually frozen, and they pull product that may have been ware- housed for months. Their sauce products are often full of sugar, vinegar and salt. We, though, are not a commodity soup or sauce company," Fortun says. "We'll provide you with convenient, easy, qual- ity products that will give your customers a gourmet experience and save you half the freight weight compared to our com- petitors, and that cuts your cost and waste." Fortun Foods products are competi- tively priced, and the company prides itself on its hands-on customer service, which includes an 800-number customer service help line and continual follow-up. "Our motto is, 'We are successful by making our customers successful!'" Fortun says. Visit Fortun Foods at booth #3451. For more information, call 425.827.1977 or visit www.fortunfoods.com.

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