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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 3 7 Tu e s d a y, M a y 2 4 , 2 0 1 6 YOUR SPICES DEFINE YOU: GRIND THEM FRESH Nothing adds those intense, sought-after flavors that make a dish unique better than freshly ground spices. The deli- cious, aromatic oils that spices like cumin or nutmeg contain really shine right at the moment they are ground and first exposed to air. There is simply no substitute for a freshly ground spice, and freshly ground spices will stay fresher longer than prepackaged spices when properly stored. Think of even the sim- ple pepper mill; any chef worth her salt will reach for fresh pepper when given the choice. "The Waring WSG60 ® Commercial Power Grinder is an ode to the freshly ground spice," says Joan Gioiella, Senior Marketing Manager for Waring ® Commercial. "Our cus- tomers wanted a larger capacity, so we designed the new Power Grinder with an extra-large three-cup grinding bowl and heavy-duty die-cast housing. We built it for large, fast-paced kitchens." Users can quickly and easily grind pep- percorns, cinnamon, nuts, garlic, herbs and customized spice/herb blends great chefs concoct themselves. "With our new sealing feature, it can even handle liquids to whip cream or mix up classic sauces like pesto or romesco," Gioiella said. Two stainless steel grinder bowls are included to double out- put, and a transparent lid lets users view progress as they grind, in order to achieve just the right consistency. This high-performance, commercial-grade grinder is driven by a 1 horsepower motor that delivers 25,000 RPM. Durable stainless steel blades power through every job with consistency and efficien- cy. Spice bowls and blade are dishwash- er safe, so it's easy to complete the essen- tial job of cleaning out every last speck of spice from the previous batch. Operator safety is ensured with an upper housing safety interlock that eliminates the risk of acci- dental operation, and a cool-touch sleeve on the two stainless steel grinding bowls for added protection when contents are hot. Freshly ground ingredients can be stored in bowls using the tight-fitting lids that are included. Grinding individually selected spices is yet another way to manipulate fresh ingredients in the name of taste and distinction, and the Waring 3- Cup Commercial Spice Grinder is yet another example of Waring's commit- ment to excellence. Learn more at www.waringproducts.com or booth #2616. CAMPUS PRODUCTS: INCREDIBLE SHINE, EVERY TIME The "Silvershine" CDM Cutlery Dryer is a unique labor saving, image enhancing piece of equipment designed to function in any kitchen environment. Exit surveys have established the fact that fully 95 per- cent of all adult foodservice patrons inspect their cutlery for visible appearance within moments of giving their drink order to their server. In those crucial moments the customer will form a mental opinion on several aspects of any opera- tion including food quality, facility clean- liness, customer consideration and general hygiene. The "Silvershine" ensures that these formed opinions are always positive. The "Silvershine" line of cutlery dryers not only dries and polishes your flatware but also ensures it's sanitary by way of a unique UVC light and heat sys- tem. Simply insert your clean cutlery warm and wet into the machine and sec- onds later your flatware emerges dry, pol- ished and sanitized. Reduce labor costs and improve your customer profile while you ensure your customers are safe from any pathogens inherent to cutlery. Designed with both large and small facilities in mind the CDM line of cutlery dryers can fit any sized operation. The only reason to dry cutlery in any establishment is to rid the flatware of unsightly water and scale spots, to display a positive image. Using a "Silvershine" CDM machine will maintain that original "out of the box" cutlery sheen and with continued use will bring back the shine in older more "experienced" cutlery. This constant shine makes for impressive table settings and pos- itive customer reaction; nobody wants to look at or use dull water spotted utensils. The unseen but perhaps most impor- tant benefit of the "Silvershine" CDM is the cutlery that exits the machine is fully sanitized and germ free. By utilizing an Ultra Violet C germicidal light system the vegetable granulate is continually steril- ized. In addition, all of the cutlery passes under the UVC lamp and is also sanitized. Finally, while agitating thru the INOX patented Stainless Steel "Nautilus" tub the cutlery is exposed to heat as high as 170 degrees F to further eradicate bacteria.

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