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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s Tu e s d a y, M a y 2 4 , 2 0 1 6 1 8 BELL PLANTATION PB2: THE ORIGINAL POWDERED PEANUT BUTTER Bell Plantation Chief Executive Officer JC Bell never set out to start a trend. But start a trend he did when his answer to a large surplus of stored peanuts, PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter, began to make waves in the food industry. Today, PB2 leads the way in the latest trend in nut butters, powdered peanut butter. Powdered peanut butter is a lower fat alternative to traditional peanut butters and is made by squeezing the fats from slow roasted peanuts. The resulting peanut powder is mixed with a small amount of sugar and a dash of salt to deliver the rich nutty taste of peanut butter with 85 per- cent fewer calories from fat. PB2 can be mixed with water or fruit juice to make a spread for toast or waffles. Chefs love how easy PB2 is to mix into recipes and baked goods. And athletes love that PB2 allows them to have the protein, folate, niacin and vitamin E of peanut butter with a lower fat and calorie count. Bell Plantation PB2 is also a favorite among campers and hikers as a lighter weight way to carry peanut butter on long trips. Following the success of PB2, Bell Plantation introduced Chocolate PB2. Chocolate PB2 adds the lus- ciousness of premium choco- late to its original powdered peanut butter. Chocolate PB2 only tastes sinful, though, as it is just as healthful as our original PB2. Bell Plantation PB2 and Chocolate PB2 are available in 6.5 and 16 ounce jars as well as a case of individual 24 gram serving packets. For more information, go to www.bellplantation.com or stop by booth #7666. DAYMARK & PUBLIC HEALTH INNOVATIONS ANNOUNCE NEW SAFETYAPPLIED SPILL CONTROL PROGRAM With the potential for illness outbreaks and bodily fluid spill incidents affecting restaurant chains, DayMark Safety Systems, in partnership with Public Health Innovations, has introduced the all-new SafetyApplied™ Spill Control Program. The comprehensive program offers a highly effective way for restau- rants and other retail foodservice estab- lishments to protect employees and cus- tomers from the harmful norovirus and other diseases. The SafetyApplied Program includes highly-absorbent spill pads as well as a personal protective equipment (PPE) kit that can help reduce the dan- gers that bodily fluid spills present when proper and immediate action is not taken. Absorbent Spill Pads At 8.5 times the absorbency of the lead- ing brand, SafetyApplied Absorbent Pads are an efficient and effective way to deal with common spills. While ideal for the clean-up of vomit or blood, the pads can also be used to clean up general liquid spills in both front-of-house and back-of- house situations. The pads, yellow in color in accordance with OSHA's statement that yellow "shall be the basic color for designating caution and for marking physical hazards," pro- vide an immediate visual indicator against the dan- gerous norovirus (which becomes air- borne when a person carrying the disease vomits). The large 20-inch by 24-inch pads allow the user to more quickly and completely contain the vomit in order to prevent the spread of airborne disease. While the pad is still covering the spill, the program directs foodservice staff to saturate the spill with a sanitizer or disin- fectant stated to effectively kill the norovirus. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) A more comprehensive option, the SafetyApplied PPE Kit contains critical items needed to remove and neutralize the effects of a bodily fluid spill. The PPE kit includes a disposable apron, three pairs of clear dispos- able vinyl gloves, indi- vidual spill pad for blood spills, yel- low trash bags with ties and dispos- able towels. Also included with the spill control program will be a list of procedures, that when followed precisely, greatly reduce the risk of contamination. For more information, including how to order the SafetyApplied Absorbent Pads and the SafetyApplied PPE Kit, visit www.daymarksafety.com or call 800.847.0101 toll-free. Visit DayMark at booth #1113. ORVED SOUS-VIDE & VACUUMING Do you sous-vide? Being in the hospital- ity business, it's unlikely the first time you've been asked. But one should really ask – do you Orved sous-vide? Why? It would guarantee you peace of mind, and quite simply, the best results. Sous-vide cooking and vacuuming processes are all the rage these days, but one must realize that this isn't a trend. It's a tried and true set of techniques that ben- efit everything from the quality of your offering to your bottom line. Did you know vacuum processes are used in a multitude of industries, from aviation to zoology and everything in between? Wouldn't you want your vacu- um machine to be designed specifically for culinary processes? This is exactly what Orved is offer- ing you: machines designed top to bot- tom to work in your tough kitchen envi- ronment. Through 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing profession- al tools for demanding chefs worldwide, Orved has developed the most complete range of vacuum machines and sous-vide solutions available on the market. Originally founded in Verona, Italy in 1984 and now distributed in 121 coun- tries, Orved specializes in the design, build and continuous research and devel- opment of vacuum packing machines, MAP vacuum machines, bags, thermosealing units, accessories and sous- vide cooking systems that adapt to any situation. You will appreciate the following: intuitive interface; flawless assembly; built-in mainte- nance systems; chambers with rounded corners; versatility of in-chamber or out- of-chamber bag processing; and ETL- ETL sanitation listing. These are all intrinsic qualities of the Orved offering, and so is innovation. The recently launched Orved Bright Line incorporates the latest technologies in automated processes and the only patent- ed units to offer a double chamber design to process liquids without fuss. Furthermore, Orved is also Europe's premier man- ufacturer of quality vacuum pouches; channelled, con- servation and cooking pouches are all available in the Orved quality standard. With 100 percent Made in Italy design and manufacturing and the implementa- tion of ISO 9001:2008 certification in the manufacturing of both machines and pouches, you can rest assured that the Orved know-how will work for you. For more information, visit the official distributor's website at www.eurodib.com or stop by booth #3843. A TASTY ASSOCIATION – TAYLOR COMPANY & FLAVOR BURST While vanilla remains the top-selling ice cream flavor in the U.S., consumers today are becoming more flavor adven- turous. To satisfy flavor demands, the Taylor Company and Flavor Burst Company have worked together to deliver innovative soft serve equipment featuring a flavor injection add-on sys- tem. The Taylor Company designs and manufactures high-quality soft serve freezers, which are used in foodservice outlets around the globe. Taylor ® multi- flavor soft serve freezers dispense either two separate flavors, or a combination of both into a twist. Foodservice outlets can offer popular soft serve variations, including low and nonfat ice creams, cus- tards, frozen yogurt and sorbet from Taylor Multi-Flavor Freezers, and for operational ease they often only sell a couple of flavors at a time. This is where the idea for Flavor Burst systems origi- nated. "Flavor Burst started off as an idea to increase flavor options from a single flavor in Taylor Soft Serve Freezers," explains Michael Blakely, Sales Manager, Flavor Burst Company. "Flavor Burst systems allow a Taylor freezer to produce multiple flavors from one single barrel. The system injects fla- vor into a neutral soft serve flavor, usually vanilla. This allows the oper- ator to offer multiple flavors, using a single base." Up to eight flavors can be dis- pensed at any given time. For exam- ple, as a cone is drawn, flavors are layered on top of each other, and injected into the soft serve – imagine one ring of chocolate, followed by a ring of banana and then strawberry on top, like a sundae on a cone. Flavor Burst Company makes 44 different flavors, from classic butter- scotch and cherry to the trendier birth- day cake and pumpkin pie-chai. "Different flavors appeal to different demographic groups," says Blakely. "Our experience is that teenagers love mocha cappuccino, kids 10 years old and younger love Blue Goo and among older generations butter pecan is a favorite. Our biggest advantage is that the flavor diversity gives every generation something to enjoy – there's a wide appeal." Easy-to-operate Taylor freez- ers are available in a variety of styles and options, including a gravity or pump mix delivery sys- tem, countertop and free standing floor models. The Flavor Burst add-on system is easy to install and oper- ate and is available exclusively for use with Taylor freezers. Stop by and taste for yourself what the Taylor Company with Flavor Burst can create in booth #3412. For more info on Taylor Soft Serve Freezers visit www.taylor-company.com. Learn more at booth #3412.

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