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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 1 2 1 Tu e s d a y, M a y 2 4 , 2 0 1 6 customers? JJ: Why let your customers' last impres- sion of their experience be the check? You can easily and effectively send them out with a smile! Your customers deserve a quality mint; give them one with their guest check. Enhance their experience, improve guest approval ratings and pro- mote your brand message all for just pen- nies. Research proves customers truly appreciate and remember the gesture. When your customers are smiling and feeling appreciated when they leave, they are more likely to return … sooner than later. RDN: Are all mints the same? JJ: While the same basic ingredients are used, there is a tremendous difference in product taste and quality. Consider the variables of recipe-quantity and quality of the ingredients used in the preparation. We only use the finest 100 percent pure ingredients from trusted suppliers. Even the method of preparation affects mint taste. Come see and taste the quality dif- Q uality C andy (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) ference today. RDN: Giving away free mints to all cus- tomers sounds expensive. Is it? JJ: Consider your average guest check amount and the cost vs. benefit of increasing repeat visits from your cus- tomers. Gifting a mint with the customer check is an incredible value and fantastic way to say "thanks for your business" for just pennies. It is likely less cost per mint than you pay for one of your business cards. Promote your brand, your mes- sage, your social media presence, your loyalty club and/or your website – the possibilities are yours to imagine. Your custom logo and message, plus our delicious high quality candy, equals a fantastic combination built for your suc- cess! Quality Candy – 30 years in food- service candy manufacturing, distribut- ing and marketing. We are exceeding expectations with a complete dedication to superior food safety standards at our allergen-free facil- ity. Taste the Quality difference today! For more information, visit www.qcandy .com or stop by booth #1535. the market? AY: What makes us stand out the most is the combination of high quality service, competitive prices and great products. We have made it a goal to give our cus- tomers the best experience possible. That is more than just having a good product. It's about the full package. RDN: What is it about Lollicup USA that makes it a unique company? AY: As one of the few manufactures to offer direct container services to cus- tomers worldwide, we successfully operate four warehouses in Sumner, Washington; Summerville, South Carolina and two in Chino, California (HQ). We are able to service the entire country quickly and efficiently. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, in- house, we are able to manufacture a lot of our Karat brand domestically, which makes us proud to say many of our products are made in the USA. With multiple, well positioned manufactur- ing plants worldwide, we are also able to reduce costs and lead times, fulfill max capacities, provide stability and offer value, convenience and direct con- tainer shipments for customers interna- tionally. RDN: What was the most significant event or series of events that affected L o llicup (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) your business this past year? AY: This past year we grew in capacity, employment, machinery and revenue. Our sales increased 36 percent from 2014 to 2015. We brought in several new machines, including new printers, a new extruder and thermoforming machine. We recently purchased a brand new extruder that is expected to make sheets of plastic for our cups 50 percent faster than our current extruders. This will be operational this spring. RDN: What is the key to Lollicup USA's success? AY: The key to our success is our satis- faction guaranteed approach to each and every one of the thousands of customers that we've worked with across the nation. We have grown to become one of the major single-sources solutions for bever- age and foodservice supplies, and we are the largest supplier of bubble tea prod- ucts in the United States. This is some- thing we could not have done without our customers, and in order to keep those customers we have a certain set of guide- lines for ourselves to put their satisfac- tion first. This includes reasonable pric- ing, flexibility in shipping, high quality goods and services and even the option to shop online at our web store, www.lol- licupstore.com. For more information, visit www.lollicup usa.com or stop by booth #1464. Individually packed Gelato Truffles are suitable for many foodservice or retail venues. Modeled after the Italian Tartufo, these tasty 3.5-ounce truffles are hand- made artisan style and consist of two creamy, robust gelato flavors wrapped over velvety chocolate fudge and coated with semi sweet chocolate and toasted almonds. Each gelato truffle is made with the most popular flavor combinations: Chocolate & Strawberry; Vanilla & Sea Salt Caramel; Vanilla & Pistachio; and Chocolate & Cappuccino. For the convenience of "eating on the run" consumers, a napkin is included. Gelato Truffles are made with Al Gelato Chicago famous recipes. All natu- ral ingredients begin with hormone-free milk and cream that comes from happy cows at a nearby farm. Gelato and sorbet is made with real fruit and natural colors and is preservative-free, corn syrup-free and gluten-free as well as Certified A l G elato C hicago (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) Kosher and Halal. Privately owned Al Gelato Chicago is a local favorite since 1977. The Founder Claire Sisco brought the art of Gelato making with her from Calabria, Italy and opened a cafe in Elmwood Park, Illinois. Claire's Gelato became so popular buoyed by publicity from nation- al media that she and her family opened a Gelato plant and began to sell to foodser- vice accounts. Today, Al Gelato Chicago uses the same old world intense flavors that Calabria is famous for. Gelato is made in small batches to honor Claire's vision for the freshest, most authentic and best tast- ing Gelato you can indulge in. The company services large airlines, famous restaurants, supermarkets and gift packers. Al Gelato Chicago stands for great tasting Gelato and Sorbet com- bined with top quality service. For more information, visit Al Gelato Chicago at booth #7978 in the North Hall or online at www.algelatochicago.com. There are few industries where depend- able pest control is more critical than in the foodservice business. Between the strictly-monitored health codes, devastat- ing reputational risks and the desire to maintain a clean and healthy facility, it's important to proactively plan, manage and review your pest control process with as much information – and from as many sources – as possible. Pests may be small, but they can have a big impact on your business. And if you have hundreds or thousands of locations all over the country, you face the extra challenge of keeping up with the pests affecting your different facili- ties across that broad area. That's why you need to find the best resources, know-how and communicative partner to monitor and control pest activity — no matter where your locations are or how many facilities you have. Restaurant pests thrive in every region of the U.S., but when considering how a pest problem in one location can damage the reputation of a store across the country, it's also important to edu- cate yourself and your store managers Terminix I nternatio nal (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) about common pest threats in different areas. With the popularity of social media and a trend toward shared experi- ences, restaurant owners would be wise to work closely with their pest control companies to develop practices that fit their business, while keeping a pulse on large geographic footprints and pest trends. It's important to have that cus- tomized account information at your convenience. Having information at your fingertips allows you to manage service appointments, get answers to questions, view your business's track- ing and reporting and check your billing status. In fact, many national restaurants – and growing restaurant chains and franchises – have standard- ized their pest control processes to leverage the data and improve proce- dures and prevention programs from location to location. We're located at booth #9842. Stop by to learn more about how Terminix can help you assess – and manage – your pest control issues. For more information, stop by booth #9842 or go to www.terminix.com/commercial. motto that every meal deserves great bread," says Bäckerhaus Veit Director of Marketing and Business Development Michelle Shebib. "We still produce hand- crafted breads made with care and atten- tion to detail." Bäckerhaus Veit offers a wide, inno- vative product selection for every food- service need, including over 200 varieties of the finest handcrafted breads, rolls and pretzel products. It uses traditional European methods in a new facility that enables the company to blend the baking traditions of yesterday with the efficien- cies of today. "We're seeing continued interest in the bread being as much of a hero as what's inside the sandwich. We offer pre- mium products for that elevated menu," Shebib said. "Bread adds to the romance of the offer. It's not just a carrier anymore." It's not just about the sandwich either – Bäckerhaus Veit's product range includes offerings for every daypart, including breakfast, snacks and appetiz- ers. There are bite-size fruit breads, slid- er buns and small pretzels, for instance. For the health-minded among your clien- tele, there are also various rolls and breads topped with sprouted and ancient B äck erhaus Veit (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) grains and even selections that are GMO- free. Thins and smaller flatbreads satisfy the calorie-conscious. In addition to its regular product line, Bäckerhaus Veit has the ability to create a custom program that can give you opportunities to distinguish your menu offerings from similar items offered by other restaurants. For instance, Shebib noted the recent success of a national hamburger chain in refreshing a seasonal item with which it had been suc- cessful in the past by giving it a new twist with a pretzel bun for this year's version. "We will do innovation programs with our customers to create something special for them," Shebib says. "We're nimble, flexible and have an R&D capa- bility with ingenuity, responsiveness and service orientation that is second to none in the market." Visitors to the Bäckerhaus Veit booth at the NRA Show can see that wide range of offerings and taste the newly developed garlic ciabatta bun. "It has a perfect crumb, size and flavor profile – light garlic inside and outside that can be adapted with different flavors to suit any foodservice need," Shebib says. Visit Bäckerhaus Veit at booth #7572. After the show, visit www.backerhausveit.com.

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