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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 8 9 S a t u r d a y, M a y 2 1 , 2 0 1 6 BELL PLANTATION OFFERS TASTY ALTERNATIVE TO TRADITIONAL PEANUT BUTTERS Bell Plantation was born of one simple charge: to develop new and different products to deal with a large surplus of stored peanuts. From this charge a star was born: PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter. In removing 85 percent of the fat by pressing the roasted peanuts, Bell Plantation developed a tasty alternative to traditional peanut but- ters. And people have taken notice. PB2 is popular with athletes for its ability to add delicious flavor and additional protein to meals. Chefs appreciate the ease of use in recipes both savory and sweet. And anyone watching calories or fat intake can appreciate the flavor of peanut butter without the guilt. Following in the footsteps of PB2 is Chocolate PB2, which adds premium cocoa to the mix for a rich chocolate peanut butter that is absolutely delec- table. Chocolate PB2 only tastes sinful, though, as it is just as healthful as the original PB2. Bell Plantation realized early on that the roasted peanut oil that had been pressed from the peanuts was too deli- cious to lose. Its Extra Virgin Roasted Unfiltered Peanut Oil has a rich nutty flavor that tastes great on everything from vegetables to chicken or fish. It is a delicious addition to recipes, as a drizzle on veg- etables or salads or for sautéing to give foods a rich roasted peanut flavor. The possibilities are endless. Bell Plantation recog- nizes that, while PB2 is the bees' knees, not everyone is looking for an alternative to traditional peanut butters. That is why Bell Plantation also produces Plantation 1883 Peanut Butter in both smooth and crunchy. Plantation 1883 is all natural and sweetened with a touch of molasses for an unbeatable flavor. In 2015, Bell Plantation introduced Plantation 1883 Chocolate, peanut butter with premium chocolate. Decadent, delicious and decidedly delightful, Plantation 1883 Chocolate is destined to be your next peanut butter craving. One day its Chief Executive Officer was putting Plantation 1883 on his crack- ers and thought, "What if we could turn peanut butter into crackers?" The result was Bell Plantation PBthins, a crunchy, slightly sweet and totally addictive cracker that packs the full creamy taste of peanut butter into 100 calo- ries per all natural serving. Bell Plantation also produces PBthins in a gluten-free version that is just as tasty as the original. As the Bell Plantation family of products continues to grow, you can count on its promise that when you buy Bell Plantation products, you are choos- ing flavorful healthy foods that are good for you and your family. For more information, go to www.bell plantation.com or stop by booth #7666. MAGNABLEND SERIES OFFERS SPEED, PRECISION, EFFICIENCY In the time it takes to read this, the MagnaBlend ® station will make 15 smoothies. According to a recent New York Times article, up to 40 percent of Millennials select breakfast options such as smoothies to start the day – and they prefer to buy them on the go. The news comes as no surprise, considering the global smoothie segment is projected to grow 10 percent per year for the next five years, according to Research and Markets Group. Consumers want them fast, fresh and in a variety of flavors. Faster The Taylor Company's new MagnaBlend frozen beverage blending station blends frozen drinks in just nine seconds to meet increased demand in high volume opera- tions. An extra-large ice dispenser holds 28 pounds of cubed ice, allowing staff to fill it less frequently and helping manage high demand. Smarter In addition, the MagnaBlend station is engineered to withstand the rigors of a high-volume operation and deliver thousands of blended beverages with- out wearing out. Typical blenders rely on mechanical gears that wear down over time. The MagnaBlend station features patented magnetic technology that eliminates friction, seals out moisture and ensures dependable operation. Better The MagnaBlend station is designed for efficiency – integrating a blender, shaved ice dispenser and rinse stations into one machine, eliminating the need for multi- ple prep areas. Blend, rinse and repeat at one workstation. Because of its small operating footprint, the MagnaBlend sta- tion saves precious counter space. Encourages Customization While speed is important, dif- ferentiation could be key to capturing sales. The MagnaBlend station has the capability to store programmed drink recipes. The operator can upload recipes through a USB port, making it easier for staff to share and serve custom- blended beverages throughout a franchise network. The MagnaBlend station takes the worry out of rotating weekly specials or creating seasonal, limited time offers and allows operators to serve a consistent, refreshing frozen beverage each time and at every location. "Kitchen space is limited," says Patricia Bennett, Senior Director, Global Marketing, Taylor Company. "The versa- tile design of the MagnaBlend station saves space and reduces product waste. Its fast blending speed and programmable options make it easy for the staff to serve a wide variety of delicious frozen beverages to a consumer audi- ence thirsting for refreshment." The original MagnaBlend station features a small operating footprint, nine-second, high- speed blending capabilities and programmable drink customiza- tion. The larger, fully-automatic MagnaBlend Pro is the ultimate next-generation blending system for high-volume, QSR/drive-thru operations, and features preci- sion mixing with an intuitive icon screen for single-touch blending selection. Blend faster, smarter and better with a Taylor ® MagnaBlend Frozen Beverage Blending Station. Enjoy a smoothie break at the Taylor booth #3412. See the MagnaBlend series in action and taste the delicious results. For more information about MagnaBlend, visit www.taylormagnablend.com. For more information about Taylor Company, contact your local distributor or visit www.taylor-company.com. Stop by booth #3412 to learn more.

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