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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s S a t u r d a y, M a y 2 1 , 2 0 1 6 8 2 PARTNER WITH MAZUMA TRADING Mazuma Trading is a company with a marketing vision, supplying strategic consolidation and services to iconic brands, providing 24 years of branded ethnic category marketing with 11 of those years in warehouse consolida- tions targeting distributors in all class- es of consumer trade. It has a unique redistribution structure. Select nostal- gic and iconic brands imported from different countries targeting the largest ethnic consumer base in the United States. Penetrating nationwide, con- stantly seeking foodservice channel partnerships, it has two warehouse locations in both Texas and Chicago, Illinois. It is looking to supply national foodservice channels to reach its end consumer. The general value of the company is based on these elements: category devel- opment in all classes of trade; manufac- turing product development; and multi- product consolidation redistribution. Its imported products are manufac- tured all over the world. Its product port- folio offers the following product cate- gories: beverages, condiments, confec- tion and foodservice. Its goal is to expand distribution of its core products within the United States, and develop and struc- ture market programs that benefit all classes of trade. It offers product diversi- ty with iconic brands. Boing with Fruit Mexico's No. 1 fruit juice brand in glass presentation, Boing is focusing on core beverage category, penetrating Hispanic nostalgic consumers. It is a non-carbon- ated beverage available in five flavors; mango, guava, peach, tamarindo and strawberry. It is made with pure cane sugar, real fruit pulp and water. Boing is also shelf stable with packaging with a long shelf life without refrigeration. Mega Alimentos Condiments and Beverage Mixers The four brands are: La Botanera hot sauce – La Botanera product has become a classic of the great hot sauce. Mega Chamoy – Chamoy refers to a vari- ety of savory sauces and spices develop- ing a perfect blend of condiments. The mix of salt, acidulated flavor, lightly spicy and thick consistency, Chamoy Mega is a condiment for fresh fruit, juices. La Limonera Yellow Lemon and Lime Juice concentrated juice is a direct substitute for lemon and/or lime juice. Pacific Clam Mix – restaurants and bar owners use Pacific Mix Clam as a mixer often used as a flavoring prepara- tion of alcoholic and non-alcoholic bev- erage and can be used in shrimp cocktails and other fish dishes. T'Best Aloe Vera Drinks A product of Korea, this drink is non- carbonated, made with 100 percent real crushed aloe vera pulp, purified waters, natural flavors, plus calcium and vitamin C. It is available in nine flavors: original, sugar free, mango, pineapple, guava, strawberry, pomegran- ate, peach and grape. T'Best Coconut Drinks A product from Korea, this drink is avail- able in three flavors: coconut original, coconut mango and coconut pineapple. It is non-carbonated, low fat, has zero cho- lesterol content, is rich in coconut nata and packed with essential vitamins and minerals, using purified water and no preservatives. Las Sevillanas The No. 1 Dulce de Leche in Mexico, it is made with real goat milk. All products are certified Kosher. For more information, stop by booth #570, visit www.mazumatrading.com, call 773.847.4333 or email mazumat corp@gmail.com. UPSERVE ACQUIRES BREADCRUMB POS Restaurateurs know the importance of something that's made-to-order. A cus- tomer with a gluten allergy won't want a sandwich made with wheat bread. A steak-lover won't want his beef over- cooked, or maybe he won't come back. It's time for restaurants to get technology that's made-to-order. On May 9, Upserve announced its acquisition of Breadcrumb POS, another restaurant specialist, to help deliver the company's vision of becoming the only technology restaurateurs need to run and grow their business. Bringing together Breadcrumb's iPad Point of Sale system with Upserve's restaurant analytics allows restaurateurs to have instant access to everything that matters – managing money, the menu, the staff, guests and more, right from an iPad. "Operating a restaurant is a tough business, we know," said Upserve Chief Executive Officer and Founder Angus Davis. "By combining high-end analytics with a state-of-the-art POS, we are solv- ing some of the biggest problems restau- rateurs face. They no longer have to deal with expensive, antiquated hardware and sales systems that don't give them insights they need to compete and win in this crowded landscape." Breadcrumb is a respected brand in the restaurant industry with smart, easy- to-use products that are cost effective, and its leading-edge technology comes from a group of bril- liant developers, engineers and other team members who join Upserve. Breadcrumb, started in 2011, was acquired by Groupon in 2012. The prod- uct is a fully featured hospitality POS built to run on iPads and delivered in a subscription model like that of Upserve. In late 2015, Breadcrumb and Upserve integrated the two systems. Restaurant demand for the combined products was strong, with the companies achieving nearly 200 joint customers during first quarter of 2016. The acquisition also means Upserve now stretches across both U.S. coasts – with offices in Providence, Rhode Island and San Francisco, California. Upserve is the smart management assistant serving up clear guidance that makes restaurants thrive. The product suite currently manages relationships with more than 16 million active diners, and analyzes 11 million meals per month, and those num- bers will make a significant jump now that the two companies have combined. Upserve has created something com- pletely unique and powerful in the indus- try, giving restaurateurs the latest tech- nology designed specifically for them. "We are excited to welcome Breadcrumb customers to Upserve," Davis said. "We are totally focused on restaurants, and our standard is to deliver you the same great service you give to your guests." For more information, stop by booth #6477 or visit www.upserve.com. OCA JOINS NEW ORGANICS & NATURAL HEALTH TRADE ASSOCIATION The Organic Consumers Association is joining forces with the Organic & Natural Health Association, a new trade group committed to bringing together "a broad coalition to work towards preserving and advancing the health and well-being of people, ani- mals and plants, and the planet as a whole." "The Organic & Natural Health Association fills a void in today's mar- ket for a trade group that is dedicated to serving the needs of suppliers, retailers and consumers who seek truthful, unbiased and credible infor- mation, based on the latest health- and nutrition-based science and research, about organic and natural products," said Ronnie Cummins, OCA's International Director. "America's 100 million organic consumers and 100 million natural health consumers, working together, can be a mighty force for positive change, moving soci- ety toward a future which is organic and regenerative, while fighting off the increasing attacks against organic foods and natural health from Big Ag, Big Pharma, and their indentured sci- entists, propagandists and political officials." The Organic & Natural Health recently held its first annual confer- ence, where Karen Howard, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, announced that group's board has decided against advocating for development of a certification or seal for the word "natural" on product labels, in favor of instead strengthen- ing the current definition of "organic." The U.S. Food & Drug Administration recently extended the public comment period on whether or not the agency should define "natural." Howard said, "Our research clearly shows that the majority of consumers do not differentiate between 'natural' and 'organic' and expect products labeled natural to also be organic. So, after careful consideration, we deter- mined that introducing a new 'natural' certification seal would not be in the best interest of consumers and could contribute to further confusion. At this juncture, encouraging people to go organic is more important, so we will focus on the existing organic certifica- tion seal and do whatever we can to strengthen that program." According to a recent Consumer Reports survey, a majority of con- sumers falsely assume that products labeled "natural" are produced without the use of pesticides, and are free of genetically engineered and artificial ingredients. "Confusion around product label- ing and false marketing claims makes it difficult for consumers to know which companies and brands are trust- worthy. OCA supports the Organic & Natural Health's mission to eliminate confusion and to hold brands to the highest of standards relating to product integrity," Cummins said. In addition to educating con- sumers about the false assumptions around the "natural" label, the Organic & Natural Health will collaborate with IFOAM International, OCA and other organizations to promote Organic 3.0, a more inclusive definition of organic, which takes into account the role agri- culture plays in the global issues of hunger, inequity, energy consumption, pollution, climate change, loss of bio- diversity and depletion of natural resources. "We can no longer talk about food out of context," Cummins said. "Food and agriculture are inextricably linked to a host of environmental and social issues, all of which are intertwined. The OCA fully supports Organic & Natural Health's commitment to rais- ing the bar for organics, and to holding all of those involved in the food supply chain accountable for the role they play in society as a whole. Our interac- tion with consumers leads us to believe that they understand these issues, sup- port higher standards, and will support those brands that adhere to Organic 3.0 standards and Organic & Natural Health's values."

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