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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 3 3 S a t u r d a y, M a y 2 1 , 2 0 1 6 MENU EXPANSION IDEAS FROM LIL' ORBITS Lil' Orbits cooking equipment can open the door to new menu expansion ideas for many restaurants, bars, event venues, food trucks and institutional feeding operations. Current trends that include small plate menus, sharable menu items, bar-centric "munchies," snacks as meal replacements and all-day breakfast serv- ing can be effectively and creatively answered with Lil' Orbits product inno- vations. Lil' Orbits offers automatic donut- making equipment, automatic pancake/crepe making equipment and special mixes. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lil' Orbits manufactures all of its products in the United States and sells to customers in over 110 countries. It started nearly 50 years ago with its invention of the mini-donut machine. Mini-donuts are a timeless, popular food item that many customers remember enjoying at festivals, fairs and sporting events – recently or years ago. The very profitable mini-donut concept has proven to be ideal for on-demand serving in any location where impulse food purchases are an important part of menu choice and profitability. Today, its model 1200 and 2400 donut machines produce fresh- cooked, hot-to-go donuts in four sizes, all of which can be decorated for today's gourmet and designer donut trend. Output can be adjusted to customer demand during peak serving times. Its donut machines need only a very small space within the typically crowded production area and Lil' Orbits self-con- tained downdraft vent sys- tems can eliminate the need for outside venting. The Lil' Orbits Uni- Matic II produces a variety of sizes of pancakes and crepes without frying. Automated, greaseless cooking reduces training and labor costs and ensures repeatable, quality results at any time of day. Pancakes or crepes start from a batter dispenser and are transport- ed automatically on heated Teflon belts through the Uni-Matic. Control settings determine the amount of batter dispensed to the belts to regulate pancake or crepe size. Cooking time for pancakes (two sides) and crepes (one side) is gauged accordingly. Crepe fillings can be added during the cooking process and automat- ically wrapped into each crepe. Finished pancakes and crepes are deposited into a receiving tray. The Uni-Matic produces up to 1,800 small, 360 medium or 180 large pancakes per hour, and similar volumes of small, medium and large crepes. It can be operated in the food production area or out in front where customers can enjoy watching the very interesting Uni-Matic cooking process. Lil' Orbits offers a full line of sup- plies, including its own unique donut and crepe mix blends and a wide variety of topping and fillings. For more information about food produc- tion equipment and supplies, stop by booth #6829. Learn more by visiting www.lil orbits.com/nra, calling 800.228.8305 or emailing contact@lilorbits.com. CARLA'S PASTA USES FRESH, CLEAN INGREDIENTS By Ashley Biel, Project Manager, Carla's Pasta, Inc. Carla's has always worked to produce consistent, innovative pasta and pesto products that will tantalize our discerning customers. The rapidly growing Italian segment of the food industry is very dynamic. We continue to see our cus- tomers embracing our new pesto vari- eties, pasta shapes and fillings. Everyday restaurant owners discover our easy to prepare products that result in satisfied, happy faces around the tables they serve. Carla's puts innovation at the fore- front of all product development, striving to stand out among all competitors on quality. In 1979, Carla's first innovation to the food industry was Basil Pesto, very traditional in Italy. The secret behind a wonderful and flavorful pesto, you ask? Simply using fresh, clean ingredients; when blended together they generate an added punch of flavor used with any pasta, protein, sauce, etc. Carla first introduced tortellini with the capelleto shape (cardinal's cap). This shape provides the customer greater fill- ing to pasta ratio while allowing more sauce pickup. Tortellini with open cen- ters are still produced by the competition with a smaller percentage of filling in each one. Another firm distinction between Carla's and all our competitors is the colors of the rainbow tortellini we produce. A majority of pasta manufactur- ers incorporate dyes in their recipes to produce colored pasta, while Carla's uses all clean ingredients to achieve various pasta colors and flavors. Our pasta is vibrant in color because we use real spinach and tomato. Our customers can taste the difference. Sacchettini was an entirely new pasta concept discovered by Carla on a trip home to Italy. It is a fantastic and delightful creation that looks like a purse – pasta gathered at the top to hold filling concentrated in its round belly. The top is a flower of delicate pasta, sitting on a burst of flavor. The most recent addi- tions to the Carla's Pasta lineup, Tuscan Style Vegetable Ravioli and Gluten Free Penne, were strategically developed with health conscious con- sumers in mind. Tuscan Style Vegetable Ravioli begins with a stone ground whole wheat and durum octagonal pasta shape filled with a medley of sautéed summer vegetables, kale and edamame. Add any pesto variety or a simple lemon or brown butter sauce for a guaranteed light but filling meal for spring, summer or any time of year. Carla's thought it was important to develop a product for those who are gluten intolerant or choose to consume a non-gluten diet. For that rea- son, Carla's produces a Gluten Free Penne, made from corn and rice flour so the whole family can enjoy a delicious Sunday dinner regardless of dietary restrictions. Carla's then decided a new, innova- tive ravioli shape was needed, and the Pacchetti was born. This new shape is a four sided, pinched pyramid ravioli filled with a blend of gor- gonzola, monterey jack, ricotta and bleu cheeses, sure to add a punch of flavor with any sauce. The pairings with this item are endless as there is such unique flavor. Our favorite pairing is with bourbon soaked cherries, toasted pecans and balsamic glaze. When it comes to Carla's, we never think anything is out of reach. Along with our traditional items, Carla's offers 'out of the box' options as well, including Cheeseburger Ravioli, Buffalo Chicken Ravioli and Stromboli Ravioli, all of which are available to sample at our booth, #707. We are an old fashioned company with a very clear mission. We create pasta and pesto the best way we know how. The company's kitchen is just an extension of Carla's kitchen at home. For more information, visit www.carlas pasta.com, call 860.436.4042, email abiel@carlaspasta.com or stop by booth #707.

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