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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s S a t u r d a y, M a y 2 1 , 2 0 1 6 3 0 FLAVORFUL BREADS TO ELEVATE YOUR OFFERINGS FROM BÄCKERHAUS VEIT Bäckerhaus Veit offers a wide, innova- tive product selection for every foodser- vice need, including over 200 varieties of the finest handcrafted breads, rolls and pretzel products. It uses traditional European methods in a new facility that enables the company to blend the baking traditions of yesterday with the efficien- cies of today. "We're seeing continued interest in the bread being as much of a hero as what's inside the sandwich. We offer pre- mium products for that elevated menu," said Michelle Shebib, the bakery's Director of Marketing and Business Development. "Bread adds to the romance of the offer. It's not just a carri- er any more. Emphasis on bread, even when it's a burger, is changing, and it's part of the excitement of the product they're buying." It's not just about the sandwich either – Bäckerhaus Veit's product range includes offerings for every day- part, including breakfast, snacks and appetizers. There are bite-size fruit breads, slider buns and small pretzels, for instance. For the health-minded among your clientele, there are also various rolls and breads topped with sprouted and ancient grains and even selections that are GMO- free. In addition to its regular product line, Bäckerhaus Veit has the ability to create a custom program that can give you opportunities to distinguish your menu offerings from similar items offered by other restau- rants. For instance, Shebib noted the recent success of a national hamburger chain in refreshing a seasonal burger with which it had been successful in the past by giving it a new twist with a pretzel bun for this year's version. "We will do innovation programs with our customers to create some- thing exclusive for them," Shebib says. "We're nimble, flexible and have an R&D capability with ingenuity, responsiveness and service orientation that is second to none." Visitors to the Bäckerhaus Veit booth at the NRA Show can see that wide range of offerings and taste the newly developed garlic ciabatta. "It has a perfect crumb, size and flavor profile – light garlic inside and outside that can be adapted with different fla- vors to suit any foodservice need," Shebib says. Visit Bäckerhaus Veit at booth #7572. After the show, visit www.backer hausveit.com. PREVENT FIRES IN YOUR RESTAURANT FROM GETTING OUT OF HAND – AUTOMATICALLY With your kitchen operating at full throt- tle, grease will build up in your hoods, flues and fans. This poses a great fire risk to your business. Most restaurant fires start at the grill or fryer. Keeping your hood and flues consistently clean is cru- cial to a safe and efficient operation. To reduce the risk of a catastrophic fire, Restaurant Technologies has designed the Automist System to clean automatically every day through a spray mixture of degreaser and water. AutoMist is an automated hood, flue and fan clean- er designed to eliminate the hazardous buildup of grease in your foodservice kitchen. It's such a breakthrough that it was selected as a Kitchen Innovation Award Winner by NRA judges this year and will be rolling out across the U.S. in select markets from September this year. Stop by booth #9133 in the Lakeside Center across the bridge – or stop by the Kitchen Innovations Award winners pavilion in the South Hall to see a live working demonstration of Automist in its booth. Traditional hood and flue cleaners send in a cleaning crew on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. They shut down your kitchen to scrape or power wash grease buildup with harsh chemicals, often leav- ing more mess and damage to equipment. The day after they leave, the grease begins to build up again – along with the fire risk. The AutoMist system eliminates the need for these costly, messy cleanups by automating the cleaning process – every day. AutoMist cleans your hoods, flues and fans every day. By installing sprayers along the hood and up the flue to the exhaust fan, every nook and cranny gets cleaned. The delivery system that con- tains the degreaser controls when clean- ing is initiated, meaning you don't have to think about it. The best part? You don't have to shut your restaurant down when it's time to clean. R e s t a u r a n t Technologies has over 23,000 customers across the whole United States, including many of the largest names: Applebee's, Chili's, Marriott, Burger King, Hyatt, KFC and over 70 percent of all the McDonald's in the U.S. have chosen to put in its oil system for safe- ty, food quality, sustainability and effi- ciency. AutoMist minimizes fire risk every day in your restaurant by keeping the hood, flue and fan area clean. With daily automatic cleanings, grease is no longer gradually building up between cleanings. This keeps your restaurant and everyone in it safe. For more information, stop by booth #9133 or go to www.rti-inc.com. H.C. VALENTINE COFFEE: ROASTED TO PERFECTION Stacy Hawkins, H.C. Valentine Operations Manager and roastmaster, starts his day with a few double shots of espresso. After getting a serious caffeine boost, he's ready to fire up the Probat G60 roaster and begin dumping beans, roasting, blending, packaging, cupping and tasting. This is just the work that you'd see if you walked on the H.C. Valentine floor. What you might not see is the brain- storming, product development, blend- ing, testing and tremendous amount of passion that goes into creating a bag of H.C. Valentine coffee. Hawkins says that when he started at Royal Cup 20 years ago, he was just a kid looking for a job. Hawkins said, "I had always loved coffee, but like so many people, I had no idea how much went into producing that black liquid that we all love." Fast forward two decades, and we're pretty confident Hawkins knows exactly what kind of work goes into an artisan cup of coffee. H.C. Valentine sources the top two percent of coffee beans from all over the world – from countries like Africa and Indonesia to Central and South America – and carefully roasts and hand-bags them in Birmingham, Alabama. Small-batch coffee is one of the fastest growing trends in the coffee market. As Millennials make up a larger percent of coffee buy- ers, the focus on quality and transparency in production has also increased. H.C Valentine realizes this and is rising to meet the demand. Hawkins says, "H.C. Valentine isn't doing anything that a thousand other roasters aren't doing every day. I don't look at other craft coffee roasters as com- petition or the 'enemy,' but rather as a part of like-minded professionals trying to rid the world of bad coffee, one cup at a time." Hawkins adds that although H.C. Valentine is a small-batch roaster, it has the backing, resources, knowledge and experience of Royal Cup. But, Hawkins says, "If there's something that makes HCV unique, I would say that it's our peo- ple – from the person sweeping the floor to our Chief Executive Officer Bill Smith, many companies claim to see themselves as one big family, but at Royal Cup and H.C. Valentine, we mean it!" Stop by the Royal Cup booth #1125 in the South Hall to see the coffee roast- ed in person. For more information, stop by booth #1125 or go to www.royalcupcoffee.com. KEHE ACQUIRES MONTERREY PROVISION COMPANY KeHE announced that it has acquired Monterrey Provision Company – a San Diego, California-based, distributor of products for the perimeter departments at retail grocery stores. Monterrey is a 40- year-old family-owned company and a trusted partner to leading retailers across the country. "We view the perimeter as an essen- tial element of our growth strategy. The acquisition of Monterrey expands our perimeter capabilities, and further enables our growth plans. This is similar to the advantages we gained in the organ- ic business with the acquisition of Nature's Best in August 2014," said Brandon Barnholt, KeHE President and Chief Executive Officer. Mike Leone, Chief Commercial Officer at KeHE, said, "With the addition of Monterrey, we are better positioned to capitalize on opportunities in the perime- ter and partner with customers across their total store." The combination of KeHE and Monterrey joins two successful organiza- tions with complementary assets and skills. The acquisition helps advance KeHE's strategic plan and aligns with KeHE's vision to be the trusted distribu- tor for natural, organic and specialty products. "Joining the KeHE family leapfrogs Monterrey by years in our ability to extend our excellence in fresh perimeter distribution to the entire country. Further, KeHE and Monterrey couldn't be better cultural fits for each other," said Luke Abbott, Monterrey President. The acquisition will add two distribu- tion centers in San Diego, California, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to KeHE's existing network of 16 distribu- tion centers in the U.S. and Canada. Currently, KeHE does not have facilities in those cities.

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