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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 2 7 S a t u r d a y, M a y 2 1 , 2 0 1 6 LOLLICUP USA TO REDUCE ENERGY COSTS WITH NEW MACHINERY By Julia Gutierrez, Marketing Coordinator, Lollicup USA Inc. Lollicup ® USA Inc., which proudly man- ufactures in the United States, is taking steps necessary to decrease its energy use by adding a new, more energy efficient extruder to its production area. Energy use and conservation of the planet's limited and precious resources have always been hugely important to the company. Since the opening of Lollicup USA's office in Chino, California, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Alan Yu has pushed to minimize energy use for the company's operations, from the cor- porate office to the manufacturing plant. In 2014, the company was awarded with the energy efficiency participation award by Southern California Edison because of the company's LED lighting sys- tem. This system has helped Lollicup USA cut energy costs by about $80,000 per year. Recently, the company purchased a large, state-of-the art extruder by the German company, Reifenhauser, to improve its energy efficiency and manu- facturing capacity. With this new machine, Yu said Lollicup USA's energy use is expected to decrease by 25 percent. Peace Chen, a Production Supervisor at Lollicup USA, said this new machine will also increase the cup making capacity by 50 percent. Along with being an ener- gy saver, the new extruder is much more efficient and effective in increasing the company's manufacturing capabilities. It will also increase the quality of the finished product. This extruder will sup- ply the company with thicker sheets of plastic, which are used to make plastic cups and lids. This new extruder arrived at the end of March, and will be ready for operation within three months. Once this machine becomes operational, the extrud- ers currently in use at the pro- duction facility will be de-com- missioned. Decreasing energy use is not the only action the company has taken to protect the plant and its resources. Lollicup USA has also done its part by minimizing use of paper copies, and by creating an eco- friendly line of products to promote sus- tainable practices to its customers. Lollicup's Karat ® Earth eco-friendly brand provides bio-based utensils and compostable bowls, plates, cups, lids and food containers. For more information, visit www.lollicup usa.com, call 626.965.8882 or stop by booth #1464. THE INSIDE SCOOP ON ICE CREAM Everyone appreciates fresh, handmade ice cream, and since it's increasingly expected that the food you serve comes from inside your own shop, it's a given that your ice cream should come from your own kitchen. Not to mention that there are untold legions of people around the world who are currently screaming for ice cream. Waring ® Commercial has an easy answer: the Waring 2-Qt. Compressor Ice Cream Maker. This electric ice cream maker does it all, from churning out rich ice cream to frozen yogurt or silky gelato in no time with minimal effort. A beauty of both form and function, it has a built-in com- pressor so there is no need to pre-freeze a bowl. The compressor freezes the bowl and keeps it cold during churning to guarantee consistent results, batch after batch. Make up to a gallon of fresh frozen dessert in about an hour — then make another gallon. No wait in between. The mixing paddle is specially designed to incorporate just the right amount of air, and extras like nuts or dried fruit or chocolate chips can be added during mixing through the mix-in lid. A "Keep Cool" setting keeps the ice cream at the optimal temperature when the process is complete. The removable aluminum batch bowl comes right out to clean, and is ready to pop back in to start the next batch. Plus, it's an elegant piece of machin- ery: stainless steel all around with easy- to-use and easy-to-clean capacitive touch-button controls that make it both fashionable and durable. But don't let looks fool you; it's a true workhorse. If you're looking to up your game or if ice cream isn't on the menu yet, now is a good time to make the leap. Today, pre- mium, small-batch ice cream is so cool it's hot, and the Waring 2-Qt. Compressor Ice Cream Maker is ready to let your business start scooping. Learn more at www.waringproducts.com or booth #2616.

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