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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s S a t u r d a y, M a y 2 1 , 2 0 1 6 1 8 BREMA: ICE-MAKING SINCE 1985 Ice making is integral and critical to almost all operations in the hospitality industry, yet we rarely give much thought to it. "We need ice'' is often the extent of the thought process involved, and why not? All ice machines work under the same basic principles: evaporator, con- denser, compressor and throttle valve. Add some water, power and voilà! But not all ice machines are created equal. In fact not all ice is created equal. Founded in 1985 by the Maroli fam- ily, Brema Ice Makers has been making ice with constant care and attention to detail. Ice-making is its passion. Ice- making is also a commitment to its cus- tomers, who must always be provided with optimal, timely solutions for all their needs. Brema Ice Makers offers five sizes of ice cube as well as specialty ice, such as fast ice, ice finger, ice flakes, ice pebbles and cold flakes. Six types of ice are all catered to specific needs and environments. Brema designs and manufactures machines according to the highest stan- dards. It uses the best materials and the most advanced technologies. For example, the ice cube units use a horizontal evapo- rator which allows for the removal of 98 percent of solids present in the water, ensuring a crystal clear cube, always. Constant effort and research, in order to more fully understand and antic- ipate the developments of the market, is an integral part of the company's busi- ness model. The machines manufactured by Brema Ice Makers are extreme- ly reliable, functional and safe. Following IMQ (Instituto Italiano del Marchio di Qualità) conformity mark approval, the entire range of ice makers has received approval from all European and non-European certification bodies. International certifica- tion of Brema Ice Makers prod- ucts includes the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard, NSF, ETL Listed Mark, ETL Sanitation Mark, GOST, KTL, IRAM, the Swiss Safety Mark, HACCP e C- TICK.and the CE mark. Its attestations also include BSI (OHSAS) 18001:1999 workplace and workforce safety certification. All models, from concept through to the finished product, are manufactured for efficiency. Efficiency criteria include energy- and water-saving per- formance ratings and ease of cleaning and maintenance. The manufacturing process is carefully monitored. Materials and components are selected in full conformity with project specifications. The later stages are monitored by means of a computerized system that records the results and frequency of all intermediate machine tests. The data is included in the control document accom- panying the machine right up to the final inspection certification stage. Brema Ice Makers SPA, a family run business, is distributed by Eurodib Inc, another family run business in North America. For more information, stop by booth #3843. 250 PIZZAS PER HOUR WITH THE INNOVATIVE ROTATOR OVEN FROM MARRA FORNI Marra Forni has revolutionized the brick oven by combining New World technolo- gy with traditional Italian craftsmanship. The company offers an array of artisanal ovens in both wood-burning and gas- fired models in a range of sizes to fit into commercial and residential kitchens. "We have one of the most innovative products on the market. Our multifunc- tional ovens are great for more than just pizza," says National Sales Manager Jeff Calwell. "And it's a versatile product in terms of what we can do for the client. We can build custom sizes with varying options, including the aesthetics of the oven. Our ovens are showpieces — they're meant to be seen." The feature packed Marra Forni Rotator exemplifies a hunger for innova- tion. The Rotator offers high perform- ance, forward and reverse deck function- alities, single or dual burner availability, customizable one-, two- or three-cycle rotations, variable rotation speed from 15 seconds to 155 seconds, auto on/off fea- ture and a brilliant touchscreen to control all aspects of your oven. The Rotator is built in the United States from materials imported from Italy for the most effective and efficient product in the marketplace. Its deck is made from authentic Italian refractory brick and built brick by brick to increase durability and allow for better heat retention. Marra Forni ovens are built brick by brick in the company's Maryland facility, where a 24,000 square foot warehouse includes a full test kitchen where prospective customers can try out the oven for themselves as well as shop for a full complementary range of equipment that includes refrigerated tables, special- ty mixers, specialty slicers, curing cabi- nets and, of course, pizza tools. "It's the whole Marra Forni experience," says Francesco Marra, the company's Founder and Chief Executive Officer. "Whenever you come to our Marra Forni warehouse, you have an experience of our company, which exists to pro- vide a great experience, great ovens and to make sure our customers are successful." "Our Rotator deck oven is an inno- vation in the oven, and it allows you to customize the rotation, so that by the time it does one rotation, the pizza is ready — you never have to touch it," he adds. "We are the first company in the U.S. to make touchscreen ovens with a back that rotates, which allows you to make 250 pizzas in an hour with consis- tent high quality and great execution." Visit Marra Forni in booth #4479. After the show, visit www.marraforni.com. TABLE DECOR INTERNATIONAL'S UPSCALE TABLE LIGHTING CREATES MEMORABLE SETTING The quality of the table setting you offer your customer reveals a lot about the quality of a restaurant, banquet or event space. Since 1984, Table Decor International has been creating upscale table lighting and tabletop accessory items for many well known names in the hospitality industry, from national chain operations to renowned resorts and clubs, to smaller individual restaurants. The products give you a way to accent not only just the table, but the entire dining room with ele- gant, romantic lighting. The shaded lamps are handsewn and assembled in Atlanta, out of flame-retar- dant materials, so they can all be used with real candles and liquid fuel cells, as well as popular rechargeable battery can- dle systems. The lamp bases are nicely weighted with many choices of finishes; there are 11 different shade shapes, hun- dreds of fabrics and yet still there are other custom options available. "We are not a pull and pack operation; we don't just pull a finished import- ed product off a shelf and ship it," says Owner Lynn Wells. "Each lamp is designed and assembled to order, yet within a short time frame and affordable price. Our customers are able to get a design that accents their particu- lar decor, truly made for them. We are able to guide them with base and shade options, and to offer quantity pricing that makes the products affordable for all types of operations. Maybe that is why so many of our customers are long- term, as they go through re-models or open new properties they come back to us for their newer products and designs. We also tend to keep replacement parts for many years, so they can replenish their stock on an ongoing basis." Besides shaded lamps, Table Decor offers non-shaded votive candleholders, taller candelabra pieces for event and wedding centerpieces, unique serving pieces, salt and peppers, vases and sugar packet holders. For more information, visit www .tabledecor.com, call 770.432.1156 or stop by booth #3862. CHEESE IT UP WITH GAMAY Gamay ® can help you cheese up your menu with a product line that includes cheese sauces and dry seasonings that give you cost-effective ways to add your signature cheesy flavors to your mac and cheese, nachos, mashed potatoes, pizza and more. "You can come to us for a cheese sauce to use as a burger topper, a cheese sauce for your vegetables or a sauce for your nachos – we can custom design it to fit your needs," says Russell March, Gamay's Senior Director of Sales & Marketing. Gamay is based in Wisconsin, and is founded on the production of dairy fla- vors. This gives Gamay access to the ingredients for a full range of flavor types that can be incorporated into sauces and seasonings. Sauce capabilities include shelf-stable, refrigerated or frozen for foodservice or retail. For more than 25 years, Gamay has been a leader in dairy flavor innovation and product customiza- tion for manufacturers and marketers in industries all around the world. "Gamay has created numerous breakthrough fla- vor solutions for our cus- tomers, and has established itself as a leader in dairy flavor development," March said. "We pride our- selves in offering high quality, practical solutions to both food manufacturers and foodservice companies." Come to Gamay for a custom-blend- ed dry seasoning that you can use for an instant mac and cheese with all the flavor of the made-from-scratch dish. "It's very cost-effective because you're not ship- ping water," March said. "So what you end up with is a cost-optimized mac and cheese." Use seasonings to amp up the dairy flavor with shake-on seasonings from Gamay for your French fries or a buttery, cheddary flavor for your pizza crust. "Because we create the dairy flavors, we have a great deal of flexibility. We can custom design clean label, natural, non-GMO or organic sauces and seasonings for our customers" March said. Visit Gamay in booth #5748. After the show, email sales@gamayflavors.com for more information.

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