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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 1 2 5 S a t u r d a y, M a y 2 1 , 2 0 1 6 SM: Ecomarks Plastics is the manufac- turer of the QUICK FLIP PAN. RDN: What is the QUICK FLIP PAN? SM: It's our new invention that just received the Kitchen Innovations Award by the National Restaurant Association. It's similar to the current standard food plastic storage pan, but ours has an embedded template. That's the innova- tion. RDN: How did you come up with this idea? SM: I operate a full service restaurant, and every year we are supposed to show an increase in revenue. That means I have to generate more sales and/or decrease my costs. One of the costs that always frustrated me was my monthly label costs. Labels can be very expensive, and plus they are time consuming and some- times a pain to work with. Every time someone uses a label, it has to be in stock and nothing can be wet in order to fill out and adhere the label. To remove them, we often have to run the pans in the dish- washer two or three times, and if that doesn't work, we use a scraper or a chemical to get them off. For all these reasons and probably some I missed is why I came up with the QUICK FLIP PAN. I kept thinking to myself, there has to be a cheaper and better way than using these adhesive labels. After I thought of the idea, I reached out to Robert Mil, who has been in the business for a long time, to get his opinion on the idea. He became the second partner of the company. I then contacted Lisa Latimer, a very experi- Eco mark s P lastics (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) enced mechanical and design engineer to see if this could be made. She became the third partner and the three of us devel- oped the idea and brought it to where it is today. RDN: Is your product more expensive than the regular pan? SM: Not exactly. RDN: What do you mean? SM: We figured out the average price of these pans from the various pan manu- facturers. Our price is staying at that average or within 10 percent of that aver- age price. We made sure we worked with a manufacturer in the United States that could make our product perfect, afford- able, with the same quality as industry standards and keep up with demand. We developed a great relationship with DaMar Plastics out of San Diego, California. They have become a great partner to Ecomarks Plastics. We are going to save restaurants a ton of money by drastically reducing their monthly label cost and improving their bottom line. Imagine this analogy: I am going to offer you the best and newest flat screen TV all for the price of a regular flat screen TV – and it comes with free cable for life! RDN: Where can someone get the QUICK FLIP PAN? SM: Come visit me at the NRA Show KI Pavilion in the South Hall booth #2440 and I'll set up a purchase order for you! For more information, visit the KI Award Pavilion in the South Hall, booth #2440. the form of balanced, high-quality ingre- dients and great taste. According to the 2016 Restaurant Industry Forecast by the National Restaurant Association, 15 per- cent of family-dining restaurants and 16 percent of quick-service and fast-casual restaurants are focusing on breakfast foods as an area of expansion and improvement this year. The expansion of the morning meal has garnered new sales from foodservice consumers and spurred innovations in the way of breakfast foods with the addition of more artisan and gourmet options made with authentic ingredients. Fontanini, a state-of-the-art manu- facturing facility with headquarters in McCook, Illinois, delivers on authentici- ty, taste and innovation to help foodser- vice operators continue to wake up sales and profitability with sausages that can be enjoyed during the traditional morn- ing daypart as well as for lunch, dinner and in-between snacks. Fontanini offers a complete line of breakfast sausages in a variety of formats Fo ntanini (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) and a full portfolio of other sausage vari- eties, including sweet and hot Italian sausage, chorizo sausage and chicken sausage that can be used in breakfast- style recipes served throughout the day. Recognizing the importance of ver- satility in today's foodservice environ- ment, Fontanini produces a wide range of formats for its authentic sausages used for breakfast meals and snacks, ranging from chunks and toppings to links, pat- ties and ropes. Likewise, both ready-to- eat and uncooked products are available, depending on operators' needs. One of Fontanini's signature and most popular items, the seven-inch link, is used by chefs and operators for all-day menu items, including morning-style meals. The seven-inch link format is ver- satile enough to be prepared and served as a side to a hearty breakfast meal or to be portioned and used in recipes. For more ideas on authentic sausages for all-day breakfasts and other meals and snacks enjoyed throughout the day, visit www.fontanini.com, call 800.331.MEAT or stop by booth #3201. setting in your own signature style. Luxury Luxury is defined as "an indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satis- faction or ease." Whether it is elegant, rustic, formal, casual, urban or remote, each individual gets to define what is lux- urious to him or her. Its thoughtful approach to providing the right products and services is fashioned to help you deliver the luxury experience (whatever it may be) and to spend less than your guests think you did doing it. Ultimately, luxury means always finding that perfect solution for the guest by exceeding their expectations. Fortessa is focused on solu- tions; let it exceed your expectations. Cocktailing Distil Collection by Fortessa: Inspired by the ancient art of Scotch whisky produc- tion, the Distil Collection of cut crystal glass captures the spirit of the natural wonders and architecture of Scotland. These eye-catching patterns, paired with Schott Zwiesel's 140-year-old glass mak- ing tradition of innovation and artisan- ship, make every pour a timeless experi- ence and every sip a next level moment. Crafthouse by Fortessa Creating craft cocktails will always be on trend. Hence, the most successful bar pro- grams employ mixologists, and the most successful mixologists need professional quality bar tools. Introducing Crafthouse by Fortessa, a comprehensive bar tool and barware collection, designed by World Champion bartender, Charles Joly. Inspired by classic barware and updated with contemporary ergonomic principles, Crafthouse by Fortessa is on trend. Cloud Terre Cloud Terre brings the bespoke approach Fo rtessa Tableware (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) to the hospitality industry. Creating thoughtful solutions, Cloud Terre melds traditional craft pottery methods with a design-build approach to food presenta- tion. Move beyond the limitations of plating on a pre-fab frame, and conceptu- alize your culinary creations from the table up. Hand designed in consultation with the chef, architect and potter Amber Kendrick crafts the framework to com- plement each specific dish. Buffet Never has presenting food been more important than it is today. Goodbye to the days of large chafing dishes and urns of stew. Hello to portion control and eye catching fresh ingredients. The delivery of thoughtful cuisine can be presented in an equally thoughtful way. Buffet is not a noun, it is movement. Fortessa has moved into the buffet space; follow it as it provides the framework of presentation to deliver appetizing food gracefully. Operational. Attractive. Creative. Get more out of your check – buffet the FTS way. Restaurant Team Sometimes it is about mingling at 5:01 pm. Sometimes it is a business dinner by yourself at the bar reading email. Sometimes it is the family celebration or an intimate anniversary. All the time, Fortessa is there to help you and your guests celebrate those special and seemingly ordinary life events. Its restaurant team takes a focused approach on what the operator needs to be successful – affordable, differentiat- ed, in stock, sturdy – yes, all those things and more. FTS brings you its most recent focus point – it's all about the restaurant experience! For more information, visit www.fts online.com, call 800.296.7508 or stop by booth #6934. the basic start of automating the neces- sary functions of temperature monitoring and on-demand label printing. These sets can then be augmented and expanded as your restaurant and requirements grow. What about basic food prep necessi- ties of time and temperature? That is cov- ered too when you choose RedBox Temperature, Label Printing or Timer solutions. On the inside of the "box" are one page directions that make use as easy as 1, 2, 3. If you're still a little unsure or have any questions, the friendly client care folks at ICC are happy to schedule a Integrated C ontrol C orp (C ont'd. from p. 4 ) personal "help" session, as well as sup- port your implementation with online and telephone support. ICC is committed to your success and will act as your coach as you implement a technology platform in the restaurant. It is reassuring to know that a RedBox purchase, from the only fully integrated one-stop provider of every- thing you need for food safety, is an investment in your future. So don't wait to get started improving your restaurant with technology – take one home today. For more information, visit booth #1268, call 877.ICC.8788 or visit www.goicc.com. White Melamine Platters as well as any of the Ash Wood Serving Boards. Available in four sizes, these bowls have the same organic edges and mottled brown design features as the platters. American Metalcraft has also expanded its popular Olive Wood collection with new Oblong Boats and its Stainless Steel collection with new Round Trays and Hammered Bowls. Create fresh, new ideas in mixology and drinkware. As the cocktailing trend continues to grow, American Metalcraft reinvents drinking vessels with interest- ing alternatives to traditional glassware. Focusing on trendy looks in natural ele- A merican Metalcraft (C o nt'd. fro m p. 4 ) ments, several designs are made of antique and shiny copper, stainless steel in satin and mirror finishes, black and even gold with brass handles. New cop- per cocktail shakers, copper and stainless steel jiggers round out the mixology mix. American Metalcraft is introducing more than 20 new mugs, tumblers, cups and drink cans that are essential ingredients to the trendiest bars. American Metalcraft wants to help inspire you to create fresh, new ideas that are not only special for your customers, but one-of-a-kind. With this year's lineup of new products, you won't be disappointed. For more information, visit booth #2412 or go to www.amnow.com.

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