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NATURALLY HEALTHY www.gourmetnews.com n MARCH 2016 n GOURMET NEWS N H 1 2 0 their goal. As consumer appetites continue to trend toward healthy, informed eating, they're also trending toward whole grains. In re- search done by market research company Decision Analyst, whole grains came in at the top of the list when consumers were asked to pick the healthiest foods from a list of 70 foods generally considered good for you. When you consider grains part of the overall trend toward healthy living, Nutrimill is in the right market. The Nutrimill Harvest is a great way for consumers to remove the middleman from their food. "This whole farm-to-table movement is benefiting the grain mill business," says L'Chef President Gary Leavitt. The improved availability of whole grains in local markets and even big box stores gives consumers easy access to grind their own grains. Leavitt says home cooks, rather than paying $6 a pound for retail rice flour, can buy a 50-pound sack of rice for, say, $13 to $20, depending on market channel, shrinking the cost of home ground rice flour to 25–40 cents a pound. The latest addition to the Nutrimill fam- ily, the Nutrimill Harvest is perfect for the everyday consumer. The Nutrimill Har- vest corundum Grainmaster ® millstones can produce a full range of textures from cracked grain cereal to fine flour, with a simple texture control knob inside the hopper. Crack one cup of whole grain ce- real or mill a cup of bean flour for hum- mus, all with the convenience of milling right into your bowl. From the housing to the motor and the millstones, the new NutriMill Harvest grain mill was crafted to help home cooks everywhere grind the grains they love into nutrient-rich flour they can enjoy. This mill combines fine engineering, superior craftsmanship and a classic design to cre- ate a mill ready to fit in with any kitchen. Nutrimill, the industry leader in grain mills, is looking forward to continued growth as more consumers find better ways to enjoy whole grains. For more information, visit www. boschkitchencenters.com, call 801.383.1920 or stop by booth #9674. L'Chef (Cont'd. from p. 1) premium-priced items like shelf placement and store organization. To establish a stronger presence in respec- tive product categories, manufacturers often pursue costly and time-consuming research with the goal of eliciting advertising claims to use on package and in promotional mate- rials. That strategy is often a high-stakes gamble with no guarantees it will lead to claims manufacturers can utilize. At ChefsBest, brands can pursue advertis- ing claims without the exorbitant costs asso- ciated with consumer research. Through a proprietary process conducted by panels of Certified Master Tasters ® trained in the art of quantifying taste through objective evaluation, ChefsBest honors the best-tasting products in every category. As a result, the highest quality products are re- warded and consumers get the support they need to make the best, most informed deci- sions in the aisle. "Bottom line, we've established a more time- and cost-efficient path to powerful ad- vertising claims that brands can use to dif- ferentiate themselves in their categories," said ChefsBest President and Chief Execu- tive Officer Lisa Liguori. "The work that we do has allowed best-selling brands like Dole Frozen Fruit to unlock coveted claims like 'America's Best' and 'Best Tasting' without the gamble of consumer research." By utilizing a proprietary judging process called the Sensory Attribute Quality Analy- sis, a panel of ChefsBest Certified Master Tasters identifies high quality and best-tast- ing foods resulting in qualifying brands earn- ing the ChefsBest Best Taste Award. Due to the panel's ability to quantify the sensory ex- perience while upholding Sensory Testing Methods created by ASTM International, re- sulting ad claims are substantiated and us- able in market. "Probably the most important factor for brands to understand is that the ChefsBest medallion cannot be bought," Liguori said. "Selection by our independent judging panel is the only way to secure an endorsement by ChefsBest." Brands like Weight Watchers, Dannon, Post and Goya have incorporated the medal- lion into a wide range of point-of-sale mate- rials and consumer communications, from FSIs to coupons, packages, freezer clings and print ads. In addition to helping substantiate valu- able claims, ChefsBest's unbiased judging process has also been used to offer valuable feedback to research and development teams with regard to improving taste profiles. Dur- ing the tasting process, Certified Master Tasters compile data that offer expert insight into attributes like flavor, texture, aroma and appearance that can be helpful when improv- ing that product, expanding product lines with new formulas, or filtering the number of SKUs you bring to market. See how your product measures up. Get a complimentary taste evaluation today by visiting chefsbest.com or calling 415.568.2659. For more information, visit booth #8053. ChefsBest (Cont'd. from p. 1) The AMORE ® brand of authentic Italian products has been carefully assembled from years of searching Italy for the best ingredi- ents, and by having hundreds of conversa- tions with chefs and Italian food lovers. It is introducing AMORE's new line of Filled Pastas imported from Italy. These pastas combine the finest Italian grown wheat that is milled into semolina durum wheat flour with the finest ingredients from local Italian growing areas. Finally these pastas are pro- duced in Italy using a proprietary cooking process creating a fresh-cooked, shelf stable innovative pasta line. Best of all, it comes in four delicious varieties providing consumers with the authenticity, taste and bold flavors of Italy. MI-DEL ® 's story began in the 1940s when Samuel Midel sought to provide his family simple, wholesome, great-tasting cookies. For 2016, MI-DEL is introducing its new up- scale pouch format packaging and design to meet the needs of today's consumer. In an ef- fort to convey the brand's wholesomeness, simplicity and good taste, MI-DEL's new pouch and design has both functional and vi- sual enhancements. New features include an easy-to-open tear strip that is re-sealable and a foil material to improve product freshness. The package height is reduced allowing for easier consumer handling and retail shelf placement. A matte, soft touch feel with im- pactful product photography and a unique packaging process reveals the delicious de- tails of every cookie. Nutritional call outs and free-from allergen icons have been added to the front and back panel and each flavor is color-coded for quick and easy identification at shelf. The case count has also been reduced for improved customer ef- ficiencies. KA-ME ® delivers superior quality prod- ucts to consumers looking for convenient, easy-to-prepare Asian meals or to enjoy fla- vorful authentic snacks. KA-ME's Gluten- Free Express Rice Noodle line is expanding with the addition of its Vietnamese Pho Ex- press Rice Noodles. KA-ME's Vietnamese Pho Express Rice Noodles are wide ribbon noodles used in Vietnamese cuisine, most commonly Pho noodle soups which are steeped in tradition combining an array of flavors, ingredients and aromas such as a broth perfumed with ginger, anise and pun- gent fish sauce. As Vietnamese cuisine con- tinues to become more popular and understandable to the consumer, the Viet- namese Pho Express Rice Noodle is a natural extension to KA-ME's product line. Andrew & Everett ® offers a complete line of the cleanest and tastiest cheeses on the market. An Authentic Farm to Table brand, Andrew & Everett cheeses are made from the freshest rBGH-BST hormone-free milk that it also free from: gluten, antibiotics, preservatives, animal by-products, binders or fillers. Andrew & Everett is proud to intro- duce three new specialty items: a Sharp Cheddar Cheese Ball, Port Wine Cheddar Cheese Ball and Baby Swiss Cheese Wheel. Chatfield's ® is a line of premium quality baking ingredients; providing consumers with products that meet their discerning and health conscious tastes; appealing to those with or without food allergies. Its 'clean- label' philosophy allows consumers to quickly understand what they are eating. Chatfield's is extremely pleased to announce the introduction of its Free From Organic Baking Bars, to further complement the ex- isting family of baking chips, powders and sugar. The combination of free-from the eight most common allergens, 100 percent organic ingredients and the finest hand-se- lected cocoa beans will provide even the most discerning chocolate lover with the ul- timate chocolate indulgence. For more information, call 201.843.8900 or visit booth #2663. PANOS Brands (Cont'd. from p. 1) gaining in popularity every day. While the U.S. is just beginning to re-forge its path to hemp grain production, full-scale realization is still distant. Fortunately, the folks in Canada have been supplying the global mar- ket for a full decade. Hemp Production Services (HPS) offers a complete supply chain and private label so- lution for sourcing top quality, competitively priced, organic and conventional bulk hemp food ingredients like hulled hempseed, cold- pressed hempseed oil and hemp powders (50 percent, 33 percent and 23 percent). Hemp is naturally non-GMO and gluten-free. Its cus- tomers include functional food, cosmetic, hemp food retail brands and nutraceutical companies that manufacture a variety of products like protein smoothies and cereals to pet food and body care. HPS processes hemp grain in its state of the art, high capac- ity and dedicated hemp-only facilities. Its processing facilities adhere to the standards for food quality and safety as per the FFSC 22000, Kosher, Certified Organic and non- GMO protocols. HPS never competes with the brands it serves; it is a brand supplier, not a retail brand. HPS is a multi-generational, family farm- owned hemp food agri-business with an ownership/management team of profes- sional agronomists possessing over 75 years of cumulative expertise in industrial hemp breeding, hemp grain variety development and pedigreed seed replication, dryland and irrigated hemp grain production manage- ment and hemp bulk food ingredient pro- cessing. Quality starts in the field, so HPS farmers use top quality pedigreed seed sourced from its sister company Hemp Genetics Interna- tional. HPS works closely with hemp farm- ers across Western Canada to ensure their success by providing them with a compre- hensive hemp production support system based on regional agronomic considera- tions, including all aspects of production customized to their farm operation, which results in growing some of the world's high- est quality and most productive hemp crops. The combined vertically integrated hemp production expertise of both HGI and HPS along the entire value chain results in bulk hemp food ingredients of outstanding qual- ity, color, taste and value. HPS is well equipped to provide your growing business with reliable, professionally managed, cost effective and superior quality bulk hemp food ingredients. The HPS Pledge: To conduct all business with honesty, integrity, transparency and fairness, with a view that all supply chain stakeholders, including growers, customers, processors and distributors, are integral partners in its mutual long-term success. Customers can trust that HPS products will add value to their brands, knowing that the quality is superior, the pricing is competi- tive and that HPS will never compete with their brand on the retail shelf. For more information, visit www. hempproductionservices.com, call 1.844.HEMP.HPS (1.844.436.7477) or visit booth #176. Hemp Production Services (Cont'd. from p. 1)

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