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SMALL ELECTRICS GOURMET NEWS FEBRUARY 2016 www.gourmetnews.com Small Electrics 2 2 P R E S E R V A T I O N S E N S A T I O N S BALL FRESHTECH AUTOMATED HOME CANNING SYSTEM For an update to a classic preservation method, look toward the Ball FreshTECH Automated Home Canning System. The innovative appliance simplifies the home canning process of preserving your favorite fresh produce into jams, jellies, pickles, fruits, salsas, tomatoes, sauces and more. With patent-pending SmartPRESERVE™ Technology, an energy efficient hybrid technology that automatically senses and constantly monitors time and temperature and adjusts for altitude, the appliance eliminates the need for stove-top monitoring, providing valuable time savings for home canners. The appliance uses dual temperature sensors and seven built-in safety features to ensure foods are processed at the correct temperature every time for safe, shelf-stable storage for up to a year. Suggested Retail Price: 299.98 Jarden Home Brands 800.826.2210 www.freshpreserving.com NESCO VS-02 FOOD VACUUM SEALER A vacuum sealer can be an important tool for long term freezer storage. A deluxe unit, the VS-02, features integrated roll storage with bag cutter, an override seal for delicate foods and two bag rolls and 10 pre-made bags. The VS-02 is an outstanding value. The Nesco units can use competitor bags and rolls, and the competitor units can use the Nesco ones. These full-size vacuum sealers are commercial quality and can stand up to long sealing sessions without overheating and turning off. Suggested Retail Price: $89.99 The Metal Ware Corp. 920.794.3161 www.nesco.com WARING 6-TRAY COMMERCIAL STYLE FOOD DEHYDRATOR The all-new 6-Tray Commercial Style Food Dehydrator combines 800 watts of power with 850 square inches of surface area to deliver the very best in food dehydration capabilities. A rear-mounted air-flow system and an adjustable thermostat with temperature indicators for different food types make this product perfect for preparing beef jerky, dried fruit, herbs and more. A fruit roll-up sheet is also included. Suggested Retail Price: $69.95 Waring 800.492.7464 www.waringpro.com EXCALIBUR ECB50B As nutritional snacking becomes more popular, dehydrators are finding their way into more homes as a convenient way to turn fresh meats and produce into shelf-stable snacks. Excalibur's ECB50B is BPA-free and manufactured for consumer use. The ECP50B is equipped with an adjustable thermostat (95F-165F) to provide various temperature options for drying all types of food at a fraction of the cost of store-bought dried snacks. From fruits and vegetables to herbs and meats, you can dry it all in an Excalibur. To make the dehydrator more versatile, Excalibur includes four yogurt cups to make all-natural, preservative-free yogurts and two BPA-free drying trays to dry liquid mixtures like fruit puree into all-natural fruit leathers and roll-ups. Continuing the brand's reputation for excellence, the Excalibur ECB50B incorporates the company's Parallex™ Horizontal Air Flow. This trademarked system provides superior drying performance, resulting in the most efficient heat and dry combination on the market. Suggested retail price of $139.99. Excalibur Dehydrators 800.875.4254 www.excaliburdehydrators.com THE SALTON FOOD DEHYDRATOR The Salton Food Dehydrator is an easy and economical way to dry fruits for snacks, vegetables and herbs for soups, meat for jerky and bread for croutons. The natural flavor of fruits and vegetables is concentrated into healthy, chewy snacks. The Salton Food Dehydrator has adjustable temperature control to dry a variety of foods at the optimum temperature. The product includes five collapsible trays, one fruit roll up tray, one herb tray and vented lid. Preserve your garden vegetables for soups, stews, casseroles, sauces and more. Suggested retail price: $59.99 Salton Corp. 514.685.3660 www.salton.com GOURMIA CUT & DRY FOOD DEHYDRATOR Enjoy delicious, homemade dried foods at home with the Gourmia Cut & Dry Food Dehydrator. Featuring 400 watts of drying power, the Gourmia is the fastest and most powerful food dehydrator. Make dried fruits, vegetables and meats with ease – just slice the food, place on one of six height- adjustable shelves, choose from eight pre-set temperature settings and press start. The precise heat control ensures that foods are dehydrated at their optimal temperature, crisp, and crunch, without having to rotate the trays. Available in black or white. Suggested Retail Price: $99.99 Gourmia 888.552.0033 www.gourmia.com Appliances For Preserving Fresh Foods From holiday leftovers to new diets, customers will be preserving, freezing and canning lots of food for the post-holiday season. Gardeners are looking forward to spring, when they will get to pick and preserve the first produce of the year. Canning, a mainstay of saving fresh produce, is still capturing people's interest. Dehydrating is a current trend for home gardeners and those interested in making their own healthier snacks. Dehydrators can perform a variety of tasks, from drying jerky to making fruit leather at home. Another great idea is to dehydrate fresh herbs for powerful flavors in the spice cabinet. A variety of styles are available with round and square tray styles. Vacuum sealers are incomparable for packaging pre-made meals. Many vacuum sealers offer freezer-safe bags to keep foods in an anaerobic environment while protecting from freezer burn. GN

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