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C o n s t r u c t i o n M a r k e t p l a c e 7 7 W e d n e s d a y, J a n u a r y 2 0 , 2 0 1 6 Service has been the industry leader and expert in performing technical evalua- tions for product manufacturers, engi- neers, architects and specifiers looking to have their innovative building prod- ucts evaluated and certified for code compliance. CM: What is product certification? SM: Product certification is a review of products against a standard, a criteria or a code to ensure continuous compliance of products. Certification steps include review of products, periodic inspection of plants – by an ISO/IEC17020 accred- ited agency – and periodic review of submitted information against new or revised standards. CM: What accreditation does ICC-ES have? SM: ICC-ES is accredited as a product certifier by both the American National Standards Institute and the Standards Council of Canada. ICC-ES reports are the most trusted and accepted reports by code officials providing greater accept- ance of building products. CM: What are the benefits of having an ICC-ES Evaluation Report? SM: The reports are key to entering U.S. marketplace for domestic and foreign ICC-ES (Cont'd. from p. 1) manufacturers. Code officials trust and rely on ICC-ES reports, because they allow them to rapidly approve products with confidence and peace of mind. They also provide evidence to prove your product complies with code and standards and back your product's com- pliance with the ICC-ES brand. Along with that, the reports reduce regulatory barriers and allow new and innovative products to be used in construction proj- ects. CM: What sets ICC-ES apart? SM: ICC-ES upholds the highest stan- dards for safety and reliability. ICC Evaluation Services is the only entity with direct contact with IBC and IRC code development staff, too. Also, ICC- ES is the only evaluation service entity who is a part of an entity – the International Code Council – who pub- lishes the building code for the nation. And ICC offers the highest quality of product review. Evaluations are conduct- ed by licensed professional engineers in a variety of disciplines, including struc- tural, mechanical, civil and fire. ICC-ES is only agency qualified to evaluate products to the requirements of its acceptance criteria, too. For more information, visit booth #C8931 at the International Builders Show and booth #N2671 at the Kitchen Bath Industry Show or call 800.423.6587. concepts. In the midst of this delicately bal- anced arrangement of idea and functionality, every so often there is introduced a design or product that tips the whole thing on its ear. Overstock Stone now brings you: Oak Canyon. As granite, marble and quartz have dominated the market over the last few years in the spectrum of countertop applications, the world has nestled into the understanding that stone is the way to notably improve one's living spaces. The current prevailing dilemma is now this: how not to present a decidedly exquisite design that looks so sim- ilar to other exquisite designs. Enter Oak Canyon quartzitic sandstone. With its wood-like grains and tones, this remarkable stone has no equal. The rich colors bring a warmth and softness to what has previously been deemed as a "cold" and "hard" material. With the sedimentary layers so resembling wood grain, it can be difficult to believe what you are seeing is not some form of chestnut, maple or mahogany; meanwhile, the lighter tones resemble poplar or spruce. Don't let its "softness" deceive you; its warm and distinctive look sets this stone apart from any stone yet seen, yet the hard- ness and compression is on par or exceeds what the industry standards demand. The surprises from Oak Canyon keep coming! From the perspective of the fabricator, it has excellent workability compared to other stone of its caliber. Granite will crumble under stress that the quartzite can endure. Overstock Stone (Cont'd. from p. 1) The slabs are replete with swirls, knots and lines, some quite prominent, with others more sedate in their composition. Found within the natural stone is a wide range of patterning, and no two slabs are identical. Auspiciously, in addition to the wild variety found in many slabs, there are numerous slabs which are book matched, allowing for a continuous flow in longer applications. Quarried here in the United States, it proudly exhibits this unparalleled native product alongside granites, marbles and other quartz slabs from around the world. Overstock Stone brandishes a quarried stone that rivals that of the stone from Brazil, Italy, China and India. Utilized in both interior and exterior environments, the versatility of this product crosses over a multitude of applications both commercial and residential. Adorning some magnificent kitchen and bath designs, the Oak Canyon appeal has also carried into hearth and mantel applications for fire- places, as well as outdoor kitchens, wall caps and full tables. Check out this year's exciting and unique addition to the market, offered by Overstock Stone, Inc., with its digital inven- tory available online at www.overstock- stone.com, and knowledgeable and friendly team of experts with decades of experience in the industry. Imagine the impact you can make with the Oak Canyon stone in your designs. For more information, visit www.overstock- stone.com, call 904.813.7899 or email sales@overstockstone.com. indoor air quality products for 2016? CM: We're introducing the coolVent™ Automated Free Cooling System. Construction Marketplace: How are the new indoor air quality products innovative or differentiated in the mar- ket? CM: The coolVent is designed for pri- marily to meet builder needs in the Southwest region of the United States. The coolVent offers energy savings and maximizes builder energy credits awarded by state governments in the Southwest. The coolVent system is automated and allows for meeting ven- tilation, air filtration and air purifica- tion of free cool outside air to cool the home. In addition, the coolVent features the Integrated Ventilation Relay Center, or IVRC, which allows for complete automated control of temperature and ventilation, providing homes with the ability to drive down operating costs of heating and cooling systems. Most important, it's automated – not like manual systems offered today – and able to provide fresh, clean and pure indoor air. Installation is simple, too. The coolVent system is installed and integrated in the heating cooling distri- bution design, so very little if any addi- tional installation labor cost is added. Construction Marketplace: What are your promotion and advertising initia- tives to help builders upsell homebuy- ers on indoor air quality products? CM: Currently, we offer free model Field Controls (Cont'd. from p. 1) home systems for a builders' communi- ty new home project. Also, rebates are available as well for adding indoor air quality components to the system. Construction Marketplace: How can builders expect the indoor air quality business to evolve? CM: Indoor air quality is not only a benefit for the consumer but we find that state governments are adopting codes and offering incentives to builders to provide proper ventilation, air filtration and purification for homes. Properly applied indoor air quality components will control energy operat- ing costs of the home by maintaining the internal mechanical environment for the heating and cooling system to run more energy efficient over the life of the installation. Construction Marketplace: Anything else you would like to add about your indoor air quality products or the industry as a whole? CM: Field Controls has a history of pioneering innovative products related to indoor air quality. Our patented PRO-Cell™ Technology and the Photo- Reactive Oxidation process is exclu- sive to Field Controls and is a key tech- nology applied to make a home a healthy home system. What makes Field Controls unique is that we look at the whole house as a system. Field Controls offers premium ventilation, filtration, purification and control products. For more information, visit booth #S2110, go to www.fieldcontrols.com or call 252.522.3031. built, wrought iron doors as well as win- dows, garage doors, railings and gates. While our main focus over the last 15 years has been entry doors, we offer other products that enable home builders to cre- ate an aesthetic theme throughout the entire home. CM: Wrought iron doors are common in southern or coastal regions, but less com- mon in colder zones. Why is that? RH: That's because wrought iron doors are built using steel tubing. All manufac- turers fill that tube with polyurethane foam insulation, but that doesn't do any- thing to stop the flow of heat through the door because the steel itself conducts the heat right around the insulation. That means that the door basically stays the same temperature as the air outside. On cold days, you can get condensation or even frost on the inside of the door as the cold steel meets the warm air of the home. Our new, patent-pending, Polar Shield technology utilizes a thermal break with- in the door, window, jamb and threshold that stops heat from passing through the door, changing the U factor from 4.3 to 0.41 – a thousand percent improvement! Of course it costs more than a regular door, but even including that, Donatello Doors are price-competitive with premi- um wood or composite doors. It's also an energy efficient, green alternative that can save more than $130 per month on heat- ing bills, earning back the extra cost in the first year. Donetello Doors (Cont'd. from p. 1) CM: What are other advantages of your wrought iron doors? RH: A very important advantage is secu- rity. Donatello Doors are basically impen- etrable and will turn any house into a fortress. Nothing and no one gets through these doors. We provide a lifetime struc- tural warranty because of their durability. And our unique 10-step finishing process requires no maintenance. However, the biggest advantage is their aesthetics. They're extraordinarily elegant and impressive. They exude a sense of opulence, power and grandeur. You can create any style you want – traditional, modern or classical – it's a bit like invest- ing in a piece of art, its beauty and char- acter is something to behold day after day. CM: What else makes Donatello Doors unique? RH: Design Studio is our Web-based app that allows a customer to design a complete entryway unit, get a preview of what it will look like in detail and also get an instant quote, right on the site. Contractors love it because they can show customers the app and they can explore their options and know exactly how it will fit into their budget. It's a unique feature to us, part of our ethic of making business easier for everyone. For more information, visit booth # S2610, email kj@donatellodoors.com, call 800.307.7670 or visit www. donatellodoors.com.

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