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C o n s t r u c t i o n M a r k e t p l a c e 5 3 W e d n e s d a y, J a n u a r y 2 0 , 2 0 1 6 PERFECT COMPANY INTRODUCES PERFECT BAKE PRO AND PERFECT DRINK PRO Perfect Company, a developer of con- nected kitchen products for the smart home, introduces Perfect Bake® Pro, a patented app-controlled smart baking system and Perfect Drink ® Pro, a patent- ed app-controlled smart bartending sys- tem, with a premium, stainless steel, smart wireless scales that connect auto- matically to an innovative and interactive app on the user's tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth. The new wireless connectiv- ity combined with the upgraded features including improved app functionality, new recipe packs and increased compati- bility, were designed to provide con- sumers with the ultimate smart kitchen device that makes it easier, more conven- ient and fun to make perfectly delicious food and drinks every time. Perfect Bake Pro and Perfect Drink Pro are currently available at Bloomingdales.com, BestBuy.com. "The introduction of the first line of Perfect products advocated the benefits of cooking by weight and highlighted the groundbreaking technology that allowed anyone, no matter what their level of experience, to become a master pastry chef or skilled bartender," said Darin Barri, co-founder, Perfect Company. "With this new line, we considered the consumer feedback over the past year, and used it to further enhance the app while designing a scale that is not only unmatched in terms of its accuracy and resolution, but is beautiful as well, enabling it to become a center piece in today's modern, connected kitchen, whether it is being used with or without the app." What's New Bluetooth Scale - Designed to accent any modern-day kitchen, this profession- al-quality wireless scale is the most accu- rate kitchen scale on the market, measur- ing from 6 kg down to 0.1 grams. It measures all ingredients by weight—the most accurate way to measure. The scale has a backlit LCD screen as well as direc- tional buttons, which can be used to nav- igate the app and even light up to corre- spond with any in-app actions. The scale also functions independently as a stand- alone kitchen scale with a built in timer. Shopping List – Allows consumers to easily create a shopping list of the ingredients missing from a recipe they want to make. Shopping lists, user inputted recipes and the cabinet feature will also be able to be synchronized across all user devices. Recipe Packs - In addition to the hundreds of recipes sorted by category, the apps now feature collections of recipes for specific holidays, celebrations or type of liquor, providing an easy way to organize recipes, as well as select only the types of recipes they want. When new recipe packs are available, users can choose which packs to install and opt to subscribe, enabling the recipe pack to automatically update when new recipes are added. Current recipe packs for Perfect Bake Pro include Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah. Additional recipe packs will be intro- duced over the next few months includ- ing appetizers, frozen desserts, pets, gluten free, good (healthy) eats, pies and more. High-Profile Content Partners – The new recipe packs feature an impressive list of recipes from world renowned pro- fessionals in the food and beverage industry. Perfect Bake Pro features recipes by Chef Francois Payard, from his book "Simply Sensational Desserts." Payard was a pastry chef at some of the world's finest restaurants in France and New York City before opening his own bakery FPB and PFP Patisserie at various locations in New York City. New recipe packs for Perfect Drink Pro will feature Absolut ® , one of Pernod Ricard's most prestigious brands, with "Absolut Classics" and "Absolut Holiday" recipe packs. Increased Compatibility - Perfect Bake Pro and Perfect Drink Pro scales are compatible with Apple devices with iOS 6.0 and higher, and Android devices with OS 4.3 or higher, now including Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Samsung Galaxy Nook. Sharing the Experience – Early next year, consumers will have the ability to share recipes and photos from the app to their social channels. How they Work To make delicious treats with Perfect Bake Pro, users simply follow the app's digital recipe, which is laid out in easy- to-follow color-coded blocks from prep to cooling. Rather than using measuring cups and measuring spoons, users just pour ingredients—wet or dry—directly into the mixing bowl on top of the scale, while a virtual bowl fills up in real time on their smart device. The Perfect Bake app includes hun- dreds of savory and sweet pastry chef- tested recipes—from cakes and cookies, breakfast and ice cream, to gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan options—and users can add their own recipes. The app can also rescale a recipe to a desired serving size, pan size or shape, or to the least ingredient on hand, automatically adjust- ing all ingredient amounts. Other features include: a virtual pantry; in-app timers for mixing, baking and cooling; a por- tioning meter; plus, more than 60 original how-to videos. With Perfect Bake Pro, baking is more consistent, efficient and less messy. Perfect Bake Pro Includes a stainless steel wireless scale (Bluetooth 4.0), free app (downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play), three color- coded mixing bowls, an oven thermome- ter and device stand. Requires three AAA batteries (not included). The suggested retail price is $99.99. To make world-class cocktails with Perfect Drink Pro, users place the includ- ed shaker or any drink container on the wireless scale, follow the onscreen pour- ing instructions and watch as a virtual glass fills up in real time on their smart device. Perfect Drink Pro knows the den- sity of each ingredient and senses the per- fect pour. The app alerts users when to stop pouring and even compensates for over-pouring by instantly readjusting the drink's other ingredients. The Perfect Drink app includes more than 400 drink recipes searchable by cat- egory, liquor or other key ingredient, and users can also add their own recipes. Other app features allow users to adjust a recipe's serving size, create custom cock- tail menus for any gathering, and save drink variations along with an original photo. A virtual Cabinet allows users to catalog on-hand ingredients, generate a list of cocktails that can be made using those ingredients, and also make a shop- ping list of any missing ingredients. Perfect Drink Pro includes a stainless steel wireless scale (Bluetooth 4.0), free app (downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play), 750ml stain- less steel shaker and device stand. Requires three AAA batteries (not includ- ed). The suggested retail price is $99.99. HAIER SHOWCASES "SMALL APARTMENT, LARGE KITCHEN" CONCEPT During an era of transition that is seeing vast changes in the way consumers are buying and using products, what had long been considered the standard no longer meets the widely varying prefer- ences of different groups. As a result, manufacturers are focusing on develop- ing scenario-based solutions, which high- light experience, emotional expression and personalization. Chinese electronics manufacturer Haier recently displayed its innovative home appliances that address the needs in what Haier terms as "the 7 smart ecosystems," as well as three sce- nario-based solutions specifically designed for the American market, including a layout that it has named, "Small Apartments, Large Kitchens" at CES, attracting a great amount of atten- tion from U.S. consumers. Haier set up three small living spaces - The Small Space Living, the Traditional Suite and the Entertainment Theater - at its booth, creating a high- quality home environment within a limit- ed living space through a suite of small- sized home appliances. The small living space, comprised of a 24-inch convection oven, a 14.2 cu. ft. four-door refrigerator, an 18-inch built-in dishwasher and a 2.0 cu. ft. washer, provided a comfortable and homey living environment for an apartment dweller. Season 10 winner of Hell's Kitchen Celebrity, Celebrity Chef Dana Cohen displayed cooking products at the booth, showcasing the charm and attraction of Haier's small spaces to visitors. Russell, a student from Columbus College of Art and Design, told reporters, "Small spaces can create such high-quality life. It is hard to imagine the stir these home appli- ances and solutions will create in New York's Manhattan or in San Francisco." This is not the first time that Haier has created solutions specifically for U.S. consumers. Since 1999, when Haier entered the US market, it has been devel- oping innovative products based on user demand, such as the small refrigerator with a folding table board for college stu- dents, the "Thanksgiving turkey refriger- ator" accommodating an entire turkey and the ultra quiet window air condition- er. In addition, the electronics manufac- turer has partnered with the U.S.'s top 10 retailers, including Walmart and Best Buy, and, in doing so, became a leading electronics manufacturer supplying the home appliance industry across the U.S. and gaining popularity among American consumers. In addition to the three scenario- based smart homes in limited spaces, Haier displayed products of what it has deemed the "7 u+ ecosystems" at the CES, showcasing smart living applica- tions for the handling of food and bever- ages, for cleaning and for the handling of water. EZVIZ BRINGS CONNECTED HOME OUTSIDE EZVIZ, an innovative IoT and lifestyle video camera manufacturer with the single mission to make great quality video easy for everyone, previewed a wireless outdoor connected home cam- era at CES 2016 - Mini Cube. With the same features as competitive camera products – but priced far below – Mini Cube is coming to a store near you starting at just $109.99. While touted as an outdoor Wi-Fi camera, Mini Cube can also be used inside. It features 1080p HD resolution, local storage options, and impressive night vision up to 30 feet. Since it operates on DC power or via battery, for flexible installation and placement outside of the home, it also features PIR so it can run in standby mode until the motion sensor is activat- ed. Mini Cube can wake up in less than 600 milliseconds – to full function mode to capture and alert you to the motion event. "Home security isn't just about monitoring what's inside, it's important to consider activity outside as well," said Albert Lin, EZVIZ General Manager. "Mini Cube gives everyone an opportunity to achieve peace of mind when they are on the road, to make sure that all is well at home."

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