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C o n s t r u c t i o n M a r k e t p l a c e 3 3 W e d n e s d a y, J a n u a r y 2 0 , 2 0 1 6 THE HOME ACCESSIBILITY MARKET BOOM: LARGE RENOVATION POTENTIAL IN 2016 By Dave Henderson, EZ-ACCESS Product and Brand Manager Over the past few decades, I have been working in the home medical equipment and accessible home market where the HME providers are the expert. Recently, aging homeowners have been asking for more than medical equipment to make their home accessible. The market is evolving in home renovations, working with credentialed contractors to trans- form homes so that owners can keep liv- ing at home safely and independently. Over the next 15 years, that market is going to explode with approximately 71.5 million baby boomers reaching ages of 65 and up – and all demanding age- related service. Are you ready? Here are a few tips for evaluating a home for accessibility renovations today: Accessible Entryways For accessible entryways, you are focused completely on what it takes to get into the home safely. Looking at how well lit an entrance is, how easy it is to get to the front door and the level of ease in opening and locking the door handle are imperative. Inside the entryway, predict what the individual will be doing. Equipment to recommend for accessible home entry could include EZ-ACCESS line of door threshold ramps for smaller transitions, semi-permanent ramps or wheelchair lifts for higher entry solutions. Mobility-Safe Flooring If a home has wood or tiled flooring, the surface can often be slick and dangerous. When it comes to rugs or mats, make sure the homeowners either use adhesive strips to stick them to the floor or remove them entirely. For carpeting, make sure the carpet is in good shape and not balling up or rolling in areas, which can be dangerous for walking if not replaced. Accessible Electrical Make sure to check the outlets, cords and extension cords. If they're willing to allow electrical work on the home, consider installing outlets at mid- room level for easy access, less bending and less cord haz- ards. Kitchen Most kitchen injuries are caused by reaching for something, so look at how the homeowner will access and operate common appliances like the fridge, microwave and stove. Controls placed at the front of the stove prevent clients from reaching over burners, while making sure countertops are at the right height will ensure client ease when completing their tasks. Bathroom According to the National Institute on Aging, 80 percent of falls each year in seniors over age 65 occur in the bath- room, making this one of the most impor- tant rooms you will evaluate today. Make sure bathroom mats are secure to the floor, and just like the kitchen countertops, make sure all commonly used items are easily reachable. You'll also want to examine the tub and toilet areas to be sure there are enough grab bars and proper footing. These are just a few of the major areas to examine when evaluating a home for aging homeowners who plan to live independently in the home for as long as possible. If accessible home renovations is a market you are serious about pursuing, another important step in the coming years will be to become credentialed in providing home evaluations, renovations and new construction for individuals with physical disabilities or seniors who choose to age in place. A great place to start is by getting your C.E.A.C. (Certified Environmental Access Consultant). For more information, visit exhibitors at booth #C1833 at NAHB and booth #C1933 at AHIA, and make sure to visit www.ezaccess.com and www.accesshomeamerica.com. TASTE, STYLE AND ITALIAN QUALITY IN THE AMERICAN TERRITORY Mito Italiano embodies uniqueness, and creates charm and personality. America Italiana chose to call its main brand Mito Italiano because it offers the highest qual- ity of style and uniqueness. The windows and doors are custom made with top-qual- ity materials, the latest technology and innovative design that's rich in charm and personality. These are the main compo- nents America Italiana offers to the American market, a market that has always been an admirer of the beautiful and the prestigious. The wide range of custom products that America Italiana is able to offer, include the noblest materials to the most hi-tech, from the traditional colors to the trendiest, from the artisan to the most sophisticated production with the latest technology. The company's windows and doors can be made entirely of wood, wood-clad aluminum, thermally broken aluminum, steel, bronze or Vinyl-PVC. It also pro- vides different technologies for different kinds of openings: casement in-swing tilt and turn, traditional out-swing casement, vertical or horizontal pivot, single or dou- ble-hung. The concept of a Passive House is to "maximize your gains, minimize your losses." Passive House is both a building energy performance standard and a set of design and construction principles used to achieve that standard. America Italiana's offerings, thanks to its vast experience in the field, include multi material and design selections avail- able in Passive House Technology for windows and doors to choose from, all with the highest standards to meet the requirements for the Passive House Projects. And the Alto La' Entry Door is the first sign of personality and style. Standing with wonder and admiration in front of your new entry door – this is what Altolà by America Italiana can do. Seeing that the details, the personality and style of your home really show it is the first sign that the goal's achieved. The company offers many exclusive designs that are custom, made entirely of wood, aluminum, bronze, front panels, blinds, traditional or decorated glazing. The only dilemma is what to choose. Of course, the offerings don't stop there! Glass Gallery by America Italiana is the "author's signature" that sets the mood for an interior, which suggests design that emits light, color and personality. Ideas that are realized with techniques from the classical to modern. Decoration with fusion of multi colored glass that becomes surfaces for furniture, optimal partitions, doors or sliders. Another product worthy of imitation is Atmosfera Toscana. Authentic reclaimed roof tiles, handmade Terracotta floor tiles, antique and reclaimed wood flooring, Gres Porcellanato and ceramics artisan crafted in the authentic methods expand the options even more. Imagine your future home created with authentic Tuscan tradition and history! Atmosfera Toscana is the answer, and your traveling companion for this journey is America Italiana. For more information, visit booth #S2574, americaitaliana.com or call 408.452.9166. iDEVICES ANNOUNCES FOUR NEW CONNECTED HOME PRODUCTS iDevices ® has just announced four new additions to its growing connected home product line. The new products include the iDevices Socket, Wall Switch, Dimmer Switch and Wall Outlet. These build upon iDevices' first three Homekit™-enabled products; the iDevices Switch (indoor connected plug), Outdoor Switch (rain-tight, dual outlet connected plug) and Thermostat, currently available online and at retail- ers nationwide. Through the use of Apple HomeKit technology, iDevices is able to provide an easy, secure way for its users to control their home's lights, outlets, thermostats, and more from their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and with Siri ® voice commands. These new products embody iDevices' mission of evolving people's homes through responsive, HomeKit- enabled products that enhance every- day life. The iDevices Connected app, provides users with ultimate conven- ience, comfort and security allowing them to control their home using their iOS 8.1+ mobile phone or tablet from anywhere. "Our team is laser-focused on developing user-centric products that accelerate the next generation of the connected home," said Chris Allen, CEO of iDevices. "Socket and the three in-wall products … signify the next stage of the iDevices evolution and our dedication to connecting users with products that enhance their lives." iDevices Socket – By screwing in any standard light bulb into the iDevices Socket, users can control their lights from anywhere using the free iDevices Connected app. The iDevices Socket has dimming functionality and a customizable LED nightlight allowing users to easily set the mood for any occasion by changing the light color and adjusting the brightness. The iDevices Socket will be available for sale in the first quarter of 2016. iDevices Wall Switch and Dimmer Switch – By replacing any standard, single light switch with one of these connected wall switches, users can control their home's lighting from any- where using the free iDevices Connected app. Users can choose between the standard on/off Wall Switch or the Dimmer Switch, both available in the second quarter of 2016. These products each feature customiz- able LED nightlights, making it easy to find them in the middle of the night, and support single pole and 3-way switches. iDevices Wall Outlet – This prod- uct brings the intelligence and intu- itiveness of the iDevices Switch to a hard-wired version, perfect for those looking to upgrade existing wall outlets in their home. The iDevices Wall Outlet gives users the ability to control, monitor and schedule the power to both outlets individually, using the iDevices Connected app. The iDevices Wall Outlet will be available for sale in the third quarter of 2016. iDevices Connected App – Using the free iDevices Connected app, users can easily add iDevices products to their home network, securely pair them with their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, add them to a room, set dynamic sched- ules and add custom photos and names. The app also has the unique ability to support HomeKit-enabled products from other manufacturers.

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