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C o n s t r u c t i o n M a r k e t p l a c e W e d n e s d a y, J a n u a r y 2 0 , 2 0 1 6 2 8 CREATIVE MINES' MASONRY VENEER: UNIQUE MATERIALS, INNOVATIVE DESIGN Look beyond the veneer of the luxury home building market, and some see an industry gone somewhat stale when it comes to materials. "Our category has a lot of luxury home builders offering products that may have been good 20 years ago, but they really don't stand up to the standards of what's available today," explained Mike Lewis, President of Creative Mines, an Encinitas, Calif.- based masonry veneer manufacturer. As a new company founded on the principle of innovation, Creative Mines combines superior materials with cre- ative design and technologically advanced production techniques to gives builders, and home buyers, exciting new options to use in building the perfect house. "We took a blank canvas type of approach to our product development," explained Lewis, referring to the compa- ny's traditional stone products. "We looked for new shapes, new ways of crafting the stone in a way that would provide more uniqueness to our prod- ucts, and also committed heavily to the art side of the business, meaning that we've made a huge commitment to our coloration and coloring techniques, to raise the bar to the next level of realism, of authenticity." Creative Mines takes equal care on the contemporary side of its business. Its innovative Board form recreates a tradi- tional wood-appearing concrete product but adds a cool, contemporary look, offered in four different colors. Of course, all masonry veneer pro- duction starts with raw materials, and Creative Mines boasts unique compo- nents in its products. "On the crafted side of the busi- ness, we have a very high-quality resource of aggre- gates," explained Lewis. "These resources come out of Idaho; it's one of the finest pumice deposits in the world." The high-density, clean pumice is light on contaminants, and Creative Mines uses it in an aggregate size; when broken in half, the stone products display a uni- form appearance. According to Lewis, this differs from competitors' products, which show a number of different shapes and sizes of aggregate when broken in half. This is important when the installers are fitting stones together and need to break a stone to make it fit. As another measure of innovation, the company has looked to the past to revive a raw material used successfully in 2,000-plus-year-old structures like the Parthenon. "We use natural pozzolanic material in our concrete-based products, unlike our competitors, who use fly ash, which consists of smokestack byprod- ucts," explained Lewis. "Both of these improve the qual- ity of concrete, but the natural pozzolanic mate- rial provides the highest and best performance attributes. Concrete that uses this material resists or mitigates entirely the erosion that has damaged and destroyed the bridges and infrastruc- ture that we have today." Creative Mines, with more than 100 years of experience in the masonry veneer industry among its core staff, is thrilled to share its products at IBS. The company's products have only been on the market for about 18 months, but the response has been fantastic. "We're very excited," explained Lewis. "We've seen excitement and momentum with our products. We're thrilled to be presenting our array of new products to a market- place that could use some innovation." For more information, visit www. creativemines.us, call 800.453.7040, email create@creativemines.us or stop by booth #S2207. WIN-WIN WITH NIAGARA TECH: CONSERVATION, CUSTOMER, MOTHER EARTH ALL COME OUT ON TOP Extreme weather, like drought and El Niño storm patterns, have consumers from California to India thinking about their water habits. Even though wasteful habits can be hard to shake, wasteful technology can easily be replaced. Individual consumers and businesses can take advantage of the cutting-edge, water-saving technology offered by Niagara Conservation. Their lineup of energy and water-saving products have already saved trillions of gallons of water since the company began in 1977. Niagara Conservation has won sev- eral awards during its time in business, including the 2011 Excellence Award for Participation and Collaboration in Promotional Events, 2013 EPA WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year, and more recently, 2015 Home Depot Private Brand Décor Partner of the Year. Niagara Conservation is first and foremost a conservation-minded compa- ny. What makes their products unique is that the technology does the work with- out changing consumer behavior. With nearly 40 years of business experience providing great products, Niagara has proved itself as the best resource for water and energy conserva- tion products that still main- tain the optimal performance consumers expect. The company's current focus is on ultra-high-effi- ciency toilets. Niagara's inno- vative and stylish ultra-high- efficiency Dual Flush toilet comes with two flush options for efficient use, one for solid waste (0.95 gallons per flush) and one for liquid (0.5 gallons per flush). Every flush is extremely quiet, and the toilet has a low profile body made of white vitreous china. It's also virtually leak and maintenance free, as the flap- perless design completely eliminates the 100-plus-year-old flapper, which is prone to leak and breakdown yearly. Its patented Stealth ® technology has made quite a splash in the toilet market, too. It offers performance and effi- ciency like no other toilet can, where customers very quickly see a return on investment. Individual service is also gold standard at the company. Niagara is always on the cutting edge of con- servation and ready to pro- vide customers with the most efficient products to conserve water as well as saving money on their utility bills. It's a turnkey com- pany, so the team will work with its cus- tomers to come up with clever ways to achieve their goals. Customer sugges- tions are taken seriously. For more information, visit www .niagaracorp.com, see the online email form or call 800.831.8383. INNOVATIVE MORGAN DESIGNS, QUALITY CONSTRUCTION TARGET UNIQUE SERVICE INDUSTRY NEEDS Truck body manufacturer Morgan Corporation, widely known in the indus- try as the leader for innovative design and quality construction, announces the launch of their Service-Pro product line. Already gaining the attention of contrac- tors, electricians, plumbers, HVAC and service providers, initial feedback has been extremely positive. "A service provider's truck is one of the most important tools of their trade," said Morgan's Director of Bailment Pools and OEM's, Tim Stallings. "If it's out of service, or if it doesn't support the work to be done, it's not just a problem, it's literally a drain on your business." Stallings touted Morgan's aggressive approach to design, saying, "Morgan designs bodies that not only satisfy expectations for dependability and dura- bility — that's a given. Our goal is to exceed those expectations by adding superior design and function that actually help service providers do their jobs. That's what we believe customers should expect. That's what we deliver." Morgan's Service-Pro boasts excep- tional design that presents a clean, pro- fessional appearance — a clear advan- tage for those who believe in the power of first impressions. Features such as powder coating and stainless steel components that resist cor- rosion and stand up to grime and grit, support the look and the likelihood of long-lasting, reliable function. Add to that a series of pre-configured storage compartment packages that address the unique needs of the service-industry to securely store and easily access materi- als, equipment, tools and parts, and serv- ice providers will recognize that Morgan has done their homework. "Service-Pro essential- ly eliminates the need for our customers to find ways to adapt themselves to the limits of a vehicle," Stallings said. "Service providers are resourceful, but you shouldn't have to be the one to adapt when it comes to paying good money for a vehicle you're going to depend on day in and day out." Morgan's Contractor, Foreman and Executive level packages are the start- ing point for further customization that allow service providers to select from a range of shelf configurations, add enhanced Masterlock security systems — and at the top end, keyless fob-con- trolled automated locking and compart- ment LED lighting controls. Quality construction is standard at all levels. All of the packages employ uni-strut design that allows shelf adjust- ments up to 1/8 inch to maximize stor- age and minimize wasted space. Heavy- duty 18 gauge construction can house materials weighing up to 250 pounds. Divided, pull-out shelves on rover easy-slide tracks can handle up to 300 pounds. Other standard features include 49 ½-inch wide bed spacing, 12 gauge steel bed construction, and a range of components that lend them- selves to ease, efficiency and a safer work environment. "The most important thing service providers can do is compare us head-to- head with the competition," said Stallings. "It's as simple as that. Step up into the bed and you'll feel how solid we are. Slam the doors, roll out the shelves, put us to the test. You'll see the differ- ence, but more importantly, you'll feel it." Morgan's Service-Pro is also part of its growing Bailment Pool Program — a partnering between Morgan and top OEM's — to support easy ordering and ensure rapid delivery. For more information, call 855.595.3554, visit www.morgancorp.com or stop by booth #C8137 at the show.

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