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C o n s t r u c t i o n M a r k e t p l a c e W e d n e s d a y, J a n u a r y 2 0 , 2 0 1 6 2 4 HAIER DEBUTS UBOT THE INTELLIGENT HOUSEKEEPER ROBOT Haier unveiled its signature creation -- Ubot the intelligent robot -- for the first time anywhere in the exhibition area for home appliances at the 2016 CES. Haier also unveiled its seven U+ ecosystems, including food, air, water, washing and cleaning. At the center of the current smart home scenario is a master control panel powered by a core information processor scheduled to activate and operate each piece of household equipment. In a com- puter, this is the function assumed by the CPU, while in Haier's U+ world, a larger and more complex system is needed, and this is where Ubot comes in and assumes this function. Within the household, with Ubot at the controls, commands can be issued to Haier's U+ smart ecosystems so that they can operate interactively, pro- viding an "all-in one" home management system household. Under Ubot's command, Haier pro- vides intelligent life solutions for the seven U+ ecosystems. Refrigerators under the management of Haier's smart food ecosystem, led by Haier's BCD smart window refrigerator provide food management, sterilization, cooking and wine storage in addition to other food preparation and handling solutions. Users can execute the laundry handling pro- gram and monitor the wash and dry process remotely through the washing and cleaning ecosystem. The network- enabled smart mirror that is part of the water ecosystem provides remote moni- toring of the futuristic bathroom space. At the CES, Haier set up three small model living spaces, including the Small Living Space to demonstrate what it means to live smartly in a small apart- ment, a Traditional Suite to show what a smart kitchen can deliver and an Entertainment Space for what the future of a home entertainment theater might look like. These sample spaces are exam- ples of Haier's complete solutions for dif- ferent living spaces. Ultimately, what Haier delivers are a wide variety of solu- tions for creating your own personalized and unique life style. SEAL RAW END GRAIN WITH SEAL ENDS ONCE After many years of experience manufac- turing nano technology Seal-Once water- proofer, New Image Coatings realized that sealing the end cuts of wood will prevent rot and decay. Raw end grain can absorb water like a sponge, which is very difficult to stop. Treating cut ends with just two coats of Seal-Once retail or multi surface con- centrate does not contain the right amount of solids to prevent water absorp- tion. Protection is minimal. New Image Coatings has introduced a new formula that contains high solids to prevent max- imum water absorption. The product is called SEAL ENDS ONCE. By applying two coats with a squeegee applicator bot- tle containing 68 percent solids (34 per- cent solids per coat) the ends are totally sealed for up to 10 years. Use on all types of wood from southern yellow pine (PT) to iron woods such as IPE. In new construction and repairs, all cut ends should be sealed with SEAL ENDS ONCE. Quart and gallon cans are available, and the product can be applied with a brush or paint pad. These simple steps do not take much time and can save dollars in damage. SEAL ENDS ONCE does an excel- lent job of sealing the end grain of dimensional lum- ber. The product will pen- etrate freshly sawn logs to prevent checking and cracking. SEAL ENDS ONCE is based on the same successful formula as Seal-Once, which is non-toxic, has zero VOCs, is eco-friendly and green. No other product on the market can compare in long term performance. Visit New Image Coatings at booth #S1064. ICC-ES CONTINUES SUBSTANTIAL CLIENT GROWTH TO SUPPORT INDUSTRY RECOVERY ICC Evaluation Service, the experts in building product evaluation and certifica- tion, reports 2015 was another year of substantial growth. The growth is attrib- uted to focusing on enhanced customer service, fast application turnaround time and continued high-quality evaluation reports that code officials look for and manufacturers demand. "Mitek-USA has been a long-term client of ICC-ES and we rely on their expertise, reputation and ability to evalu- ate innovative building products like ours," MiTek-USA Senior Vice President of Engineering Ray Yu said. "Their dedi- cation and responsiveness to our needs and timely turn-around when evaluating our products, and our knowledge that code officials prefer ICC-ES reports when deciding to approve new building materials are why we keep coming back to ICC-ES." ICC-ES' listing programs also play a significant role in the growth. The Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas pro- gram offers certification to the International Plumbing Code, the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, the EPA WaterSense ® program and an expanded scope from the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). The Building Product Listing Program pro- vides manufacturers with credible documentation that their products are compliant with standards used in the building industry. It also has an expanded SCC scope. ICC-ES is dedicated to helping its clients succeed, and cus- tomers repeatedly choosing its services are a reflection of an appreciation of the company's commitment to the highest level of customer service and responsive- ness. ICC-ES is encouraging those who are not among its industry clients to try ICC-ES for its product code compliance evaluations and listings needs. A nonprofit, limited liability compa- ny, ICC-ES is the United States' leading evaluation service for innovative build- ing materials, components and systems. ICC-ES Evaluation Reports, Building Product Listings and PMG Listings pro- vide evidence that products and systems meet requirements of codes and technical standards. The ICC-ES Environmental Programs issue VAR envi- ronmental reports that verify a product meets specific sus- tainability targets defined by today's codes, standards, green rating systems and ICC-ES environmental cri- teria. The Environmental Programs now offer Environmental Product Declarations to meet global market demand for science-based, transparent, quality-assured information about a product's environmental performance. ICC-ES is a member of the ICC Family of Companies. For more information, visit booth #C8931 at the International Builders Show and booth #N2671 at the Kitchen Bath Industry Show. Learn more at www.icc-es.org or call 800.423.6587. MAKE YOUR NEXT HOME GENERATOR READY Building a home is a large investment. It takes significant planning, time and financial resources. Help your cus- tomers protect their investment by building their homes generator-ready so that they can safely connect a portable or automatic backup generator. When utility power is out, many things that we take for granted are no longer available. There may not be run- ning water if they have a well, heat or AC, refrigeration or freezers for food storage and electricity for lights or chargers. You can help your customers be prepared by making their home genera- tor ready. Generac Power Systems offers two versatile and cost-effective solutions for the building community. The first is HomeLink™, which is the first upgradeable manual transfer switch. With a push of a button, this versatile, innovative transfer switch allows homeowners to easily harness the power of their portable generator to power up to 10 hardwired circuits in their home. And when homeowners decide to upgrade to an automatic home backup generator, HomeLink is designed to allow electricians to simply change out the subpanel, conveniently preparing the pre-wired switch for an automatic home generator to back up essential circuits (max 11 kW). This saves homeowners money, since all the circuits have already been wired and the box already installed. The second solution is the GenReady™ Load Center, which is a 42 circuit load center with an integrated automatic transfer switch. This hybrid switch/panel board eliminates the need to have an electrical panel and a separate transfer switch, combining both into one for space and cost savings. This makes it even easier and more economical for builders and homeowners to incorpo- rate automatic home backup generators up to 30 kW for use in residential new construction projects. Incorporating an automatic home backup generator into the new construc- tion process compresses the installation time and also allows the cost of the gen- erator to be rolled into the home mort- gage. "The GenReady Load Center makes it easier and more cost-effective for homeowners to have the superior protection of an automatic home backup generator," said Brady Boyd, Director of Sales, Builder Program at Generac. "It also pro- vides builders with a dis- tinct marketing advantage by providing additional value and peace of mind to their home for buyers concerned about the risks and costs associated with power out- ages." By installing these units at the time of construction, you not only provide your customers a safe way to connect a backup power solution but also save them money if they decide to invest in an automatic backup generator solution. For more information, visit www. gener ac.com /all-products /tr ans fer- s w i t c h e s / p o r t a b l e / h o m e l i n k - upgradeable-transfer-switch or email at builderinfo@generac.com.

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