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C o n s t r u c t i o n M a r k e t p l a c e W e d n e s d a y, J a n u a r y 2 0 , 2 0 1 6 1 2 CASCADIAN MARKETING FOUNDED ON SUCCESS By Skip Murker, President, Cascadian Marketing, Inc. In 1970, I founded the retail/wholesale company Thunderbird Electrical & Plumbing Supplies, located in western Canada. By 1995, we employed 360 people. My company was able to compete success- fully against national chains, in part by sourcing plumbing fixtures and related products from foreign OEM factories from a total of nine different countries. In 1995, I sold the business, and after a short respite I decided to start a new company. It is my mission to use the experience and knowledge gained from my previous com- pany to assist and enable independent retail- ers and plumbing wholesalers in competing with national and international companies. When you are shopping for high-qual- ity, low price sanitaryware fixtures that include toilets, countertop lavatories, pedestals and stainless steel sinks, you will find them at Cascadian Marketing's booth. All of our fixtures have been tested and listed with ICC and come with the UPC. For more information, visit www.cascadi- anmarketing.com, call 360.366.1037, email info@cascadianmarketing.com or stop by booth #S3091 at KBIS 2015. GENERAL SHALE REDESIGNS WEBSITE FOR HOMEOWNERS AND PROS By Dawn Henning, Director of Marketing and Retail Sales, General Shale It's the power of General Shale's portfo- lio, right at your fingertips. The company's newly redesigned website is a trove of inspiration, images and technical information, organized to provide homeowners and building pro- fessionals with the tools they need to dream, design and build. "We're excited to reintroduce our website, which is designed to spark cre- ativity and expand access to our vast portfolio of building products," says Dawn Henning, Director of Marketing and Retail Sales at General Shale. "We focus on providing our clients with pre- mier service and assistance, and the new site is a beautiful, highly functional resource – a key starting point for build- ing experts and homeowners alike." The site, www.generalshale.com, is neatly divided into At Home and At Work sec- tions. Through the At Home tab, homeowners and designers can explore an interactive envi- ronment that includes hundreds of photos detailing products in a range of indoor and outdoor applications. Project plan- ning is streamlined with the provision of videos, product specifications and avail- able purchase locations. By choosing the At Work tab, builders, architects and construction pro- fessionals can also access technical liter- ature and drawings, architectural catalog shapes, CADD documents, installation instructions and warranty and builder certification information. Busy architects and contractors will appreciate the site's adaptability for mobile devices – users on the go can research and specify products, then navigate through General Shale's comprehensive library of building information, instruc- tional videos and product literature. Overall, the site delivers intuitive access to General Shale's wide array of products, including residential and com- mercial brick, thin veneers, full bed stone, outdoor living accessories, build- ing materials, concrete block and distinc- tive accent pieces like keystones and cus- tom address stones. For more information, visit www.gener- alshale.com, email dawn.henning@gen- eralshale.com or call 800.414.4661. BUILD GREATER SUCCESS IN PRE-CONSTRUCTION MARKETING Floor Plan Marketing (FPM) has brought success to many companies that want to market and sell properties in the pre-construction phase. Pre-con- struction marketing is made possible with FPM's digital renderings, interac- tive floor plans and 3D community maps. These visual tools are used to show the complete picture of a property while it's still undergoing construction. Community maps show what amenities are located nearby, digital renderings portray the exterior architecture and interactive floor plans include impor- tant details like furniture and layout. FPM made it possible for these builders and owners to market and sell their properties before they were com- pletely built: Premier Development Group con- tracted FPM to create a digital render- ing of their new condominium complex called Thirty-One on 30A. FPM is cre- ating a 3D rendering of the complex that includes detailed floor plans for all eight models being sold. These aesthet- ically enticing visuals will be used to market Thirty-One while it's still under- going construction. The digital render- ings will be used on 31on30a.com to attract potential buyers. Five Star Properties is a large client for FPM. They use interactive floor plans from FPM on all of their property listings and have community maps for all their locations. Five Star Properties took full advantage of FPM's digital tools to get "Sea E O," a luxury vaca- tion home, on the rental market before construction was finished. Digital ren- derings of the home and full digital floor plans were used in online mar- keting while the home was being built and the home grossed $55,000 in vacation rental book- ings before construction was completed. The digital renderings were so detailed, realistic and aestheti- cally pleasing that people were willing to book vacations based on the render- ings alone. This is just one of many suc- cess stories from clients of FPM. Alerio Condominiums was envi- sioned as a luxury condo complex on the Gulf Coast of Florida and built by contractor Norm McLean. McLean got a head start on marketing and selling Alerio condos by utilizing FPM's digi- tal renderings and floor plans. The dig- ital renderings were used by realtors to give potential buyers a clear picture of what was to come. Units were sold and rented before construction was com- pleted and word spread quickly about the popularity of the condos. More than 50 of the 100 units were sold within six months of construc- tion beginning. Floor Plan Marketing gives you the tools you need to advertise your home, apartment building, or condo complex even before it's built. Photo-realistic renderings and site plans can give life to a new building project or community planning presentation. With digital ren- derings of your property you can get more bookings or bids, build buzz about your project and make a strong visual impact on potential buyers, real estate agents and renters. Find out how you can have a similar success by visiting Floor Plan Marketing at booth #S3418, or visit them online at www.floorplanmarketing.com. INSTALL FOAM BOARD WITHOUT THE DUSTY MESS Insulation installers now have razor- sharp weapons in the battle against messy, irritating foam board dust and debris. Bullet Tools' CenterFire™ circu- lar foam blades and straight blades are now even more effective with a high- tech ceramic coating. This coating, developed for advanced firearms and performance engines, reduces the force needed to push the blade through foam and practically eliminates foam residue and dust, making your job that much eas- ier with factory-smooth cuts and no kerf. Available through select retail loca- tions, the CenterFire dust-free circular foam blades are the only circular saw blades that cut EPS, XPS and foil- backed ISO without making a mess. The CenterFire straight blades are the perfect companions to the circular blades. Designed for curved cuts, notch- ing and incisions, the straight blade can also be mounted in a reciprocating saw to quickly make long, complicated cuts, trim boards and match pre-existing fram- ing. In addition to foam board, the CenterFire straight blades also cut denim, polyester, fiberglass, mineral wool and other insulation. Bullet Tools created its new CenterFire blades to help improve the lives and the livelihoods of insulation contractors who battle static dust as well as time-consuming cut corrections. The CenterFire circular blades fea- ture a specially-sized cooling void and a razor-sharp edge that allows the blades to slice though foam sheets and ICF with no static, clingy dust or irritating odor. The blades also cut through many lami- nated rigid foam facings including paper, aluminum foil and mylar film. Each CenterFire blade will cut about 25,000 lineal feet of unreinforced foam before resharpening. The straight blades are available in seven-inch and three- inch lengths ($19.95 MSRP and $14.95 MSRP, respectively) while the circular blades are available in 10-inch and 7.25- inch diameters ($89.95 MSRP and $59.95 MSRP respectively). According to Bullet Tools' President and Chief Executive Officer Ben Toews, the company spent a year developing the new CenterFire blades after identifying the need at the ICAA show. "We intro- duced the dust-free Magnum Shut-N-Cut for compressing and cutting batts quick- ly and easily without dulling blades and we saw an obvious need for cutting foam sheets without producing static, clingy dust and a big messy clean-up," Toews said. Based in Hayden, Idaho, Bullet Tools is a U.S. manufacturer of innovative, cutting-edge installation solutions designed to improve the lives and livelihoods of tradesmen across the globe. The company began in 1998 with a simple idea born of necessity by a longtime flooring installer, Dalen Gunn, who decided there had to be a better way to cut flooring and launched the MAG- NUM Shear. With a commitment to improving installation efficiency and safety, Bullet Tools has grown into a world leader in flooring, siding and insulation solutions that improve job site safety and save contractors time and money. For more information, visit booth #S922, call 800.406.8998, visit www. bullettools.com or email info@ bullettools.com.

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