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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JANUARY 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 5 8 When it Comes to Sweets, Customers Look for Health & Decadence Together Consumers have been flocking towards cleaner labels and better-for-you choices when making their shopping lists, espe- cially in the cookies and snack categories. They are looking for products with a shorter ingredient list and less sugar. But at the same time, they still want their cookies, and they want them indulgent. Finding the right balance for manufac- turers is not easy. How can you reduce the sugar content, eliminate the artificial fla- vors and preserve the taste? One of the newest trends is to produce thinner cook- ies. In the case of Element Snacks, it uses thinner rice cakes coated in pure chocolate or creamy fruit to allow for indulgence without the guilt. Thinner means less carbs and more flavor, and consumers are responding with enthusiasm. Element Snacks has learned to balance all of the requirements: increasing the quality of the ingredients, reducing the calories and maintaining the decadence so that consumers can eat less and feel satis- fied. Everyone from mil- lenials to baby-boomers, sporty-types to couch-pota- toes, gourmands and people on special diets – they are all leaning towards flavor- packed products with less bulk for a more sophisticated snacking experience. For more information, visit www.ele- mentsnacks.com or stop by booth #1183. Artisan Chocolatier Creates an Organic Liquid-Center Chocolate Quintessential Chocolates Co. Inc. premieres its first 100 Percent Organic Liquid-Center Chocolates in 2016, featuring outstanding or- ganic spirits from American small-batch, handcrafted distillers. Custom work with these expanding craft distilleries brings sev- eral fresh new flavors and ideas, including Organic Ginger Liqueur, Organic Spiced Rum, Organic Vanilla Vodka and Organic Wheat Whiskey — all carefully enrobed in rich organic chocolate. Each spirit is cast by hand, then enrobed with a tantalizing 60 percent dark organic chocolate from Shaman Chocolates. Shaman Organic Chocolates was created as a way to help sustain the economic and cultural sur- vival of the Huichol Indians, the indigenous people of central Mexico. Considered by many to be the last remaining tribe whose pre-Columbian traditions are still intact, and living as they have for thousands of years in harmony with the earth and all their relations, the Huichols have a precious wealth of tech- niques. Quintessential Chocolates, founded in 1984, remains the only chocolatiér in Amer- ica to handcraft liquid-center chocolates in a centuries-old chocolate confectionary process known as Liqueur Praliné. This process first encapsulates the liquid within a 'Zuckerkrust' (sugar shell); creating an edible moisture bar- rier that clearly defines the essence within — whether it is a spirit, wine, coffee, fruit nectar or custom cocktail — and allows for the thinnest, most delicate chocolate shell imag- inable. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Lecia Duke created Quintessential Chocolates as a custom chocolate company, dedicated to using only the finest ingredients and premium brands in its breath-taking, one-of-a-kind chocolates. After apprenticing under a Swiss master Chocolatiér to learn this revered process, Duke added an American twist with flavors suited to the American palate — an unprecedented and original approach. Duke's passion for chocolate — coupled with her work ethic of always offering one's best — inspires the world-class quality assurance and customer satisfaction for which Quintessen- tial Chocolates is known today. With Swiss precision and handcrafted care, this art form lives on in America, now with deliciously all- organic options. Q u i n t e s s e n t i a l Chocolates Co. Inc. is also a WBE, SBE Certified, Native American female- owned Small Busi- ness. In addition to its lineup of outstanding products, the com- pany's Private Label Program offers a golden opportunity to artisan distilleries, vintners and producers of specialty beverages to en- hance its line of products. Encasing specialty products within a rich dark chocolate shell creates enormous marketing value to poten- tial clients, or as gifts for vendors, employees or VIP clients. For more information, call 800.842.3382, email chocolat.tx@gmail.com or visit www.liquidchocolates.com. CocoaPlanet Celebrates with Jacques Pépin Chef Jacques Pépin's decades of contribu- tion to the American culinary experience were recognized during a birthday celebra- tion sponsored by CocoaPlanet. Honoring his 80th birthday at San Francisco's historic Herbst Theater, the party was attended by over a thousand guests, including a dozen master chefs. The event was produced by KQED public broadcasting, home to Chef Pépin's many culinary television series for more than 20 years. Jacques Pépin was instrumental to the el- evation of culinary taste in the post-WWII United States. Over decades as a culinary in- structor, he influenced hundreds of chefs throughout America. His seminal books "La Technique" and "La Méthode" became stan- dard texts for anyone interested in culinary fundamentals. Like longtime colleagues James Beard and Julia Child, his entry to television in the early '80s brought the love of fine food and cook- ing to ama- teur chefs the world over. His many televi- sion series avoided the- atrics in favor of im- parting knowledge. Pépin reacts to today's raucous reality food TV with typical mod- esty: "They show yelling and action and moving," he says. "For me, it's not con- ducive to great cooking. Some people look at me and think I'm boring." The highlight of Chef Pépin's birthday celebration was the on-stage testimony of 12 master chefs who shared how he had touched their lives, their careers and their love of the culinary arts. To cap it off, Jacques blew out the candles decorating a Mandarin Orange Almond Dark Chocolate Cake created by event sponsor CocoaPlanet. About CocoaPlanet Based in Sonoma, California, CocoaPlanet Inc. uses ethically sourced chocolate pro- duced using sustainable practices, enabling cocoa farmers a better quality of life. For more information, visit www.cocoa- planet.com, call 707.721.1275, email info@cocoaplanet.com or stop by booth #851.

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