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Gourmet News Special Edition for 2016 Winter Fancy Food Show

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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JANUARY 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 2 2 Salem Baking Company Debuts Three New Flavors of Shortbread Cookies Salem Baking Company has introduced lim- ited edition seasonal Shortbread Cookies for spring in Meyer Lemon, Wild Blueberry and Blood Orange. "Our chefs have redefined classic short- bread to create the perfect combination of sweet and tart," said Scott Livengood, Pres- ident and Chief Executive Officer of Salem Baking Company. 'We used ingredients like cold pressed blood orange oil, Meyer lemon oil and real wild blueberries to create a fla- vorful and satisfying treat for the spring sea- son." Salem Baking Company's chefs used only the finest and most essential ingredients to create these rich, buttery shortbread cookies. Rich cream butter, finely milled wheat flour and whole eggs combine to create a dense, flavorful cookie that's free from preserva- tives, artificial colors and artificial flavors. The cold pressed oils in the Meyer Lemon and Blood Orange flavors are essential to achieve the best flavor. The oil is produced by pressing or grinding fruit at a low temper- ature, which allows the oil to retain the full flavor and nutrients of the fruit. Meyer lemons are believed to have started out as a hybrid between a lemon and an or- ange, so they have a more complex citrus flavor that is sweeter than most lemons. Blood oranges have dark red flesh and have a hint of rasp- berry flavor in addition to citrus flavor. Packaged in beautiful five-ounce gable boxes with an SRP of just $5.99, they're ideal for giving as a hostess gift, serving to guests and pairing with ice cream or tea. Other Salem Baking Company seasonal Shortbread Cookie flavors include Eggnog, Hot Cocoa and Pumpkin Spice. Salem Baking Company has been cultivat- ing the art of Moravian baking since it began its baking heritage in 1930 in Winston-Salem, North Car- olina and became beloved for crafting every product with care using classic recipes and coveted ingredients. Over the years, the company's devoted bakers have perfected a tradi- tional baking style that celebrates the use of only the finest, most essential ingredients to convey the rich natural flavors in each and every product. Visit Salem Baking Company at booth #530 at the Winter Fancy Food Show. For more information, call 800.274.2994, email or- ders@salembaking.com or visit www.salem- baking.com. LorAnn Oils Keeps Pace with Latest Flavor Trends With over a half-century of experience in the flavoring industry, LorAnn Oils is a trusted supplier to customers around the world. The company serves retailers large and small, as well as artisan food crafters and small busi- nesses that use its products as an ingredient in their finished goods. LorAnn is continually expanding its prod- uct line in an effort to keep pace with the lat- est flavor trends and consumer demands. "Hispanic and Asian flavors are still increas- ingly popular and part of that is a trend to- ward all things spicy – from snack foods to candies and chocolate, said Troy Sprague, National Sales Manager for LorAnn Oils. A few years back, LorAnn added a natural Hot Chili flavor to its line of concentrated 'Super Strength' flavorings, and this year it followed up with a single-note natural Jalapeño flavor. LorAnn's flavors in the Super Strength line are about three to four times more potent than a typical extract flavor. According to Sprague, 'These flavors offer an intensity and depth of taste not achievable with ex- tracts. They are particularly ideal for high heat applications where weaker flavors tend to lose potency, but are versatile enough for use in soft candies, chocolates, baked goods and even frostings." Another hot trend cited by John Grettenberger, LorAnn Oils' Chief Executive Officer, is the addition of savory fla- vors in confectionery and baked goods. 'We are seeing an increase in flavors such as rosemary, thyme and lemon- grass being used as accent fla- vors in confectionery and sweet baked goods. It's exciting to see these types of non-traditional flavor combinations. As consumer tastes become more sophisti- cated, we can expect this trend to broaden.' Grettenberger also noted an uptick over the past few years in requests for natural fla- vors. "In response, we now offer nearly 50 natural flavors, including pure essential oils, for those customers who are seeking natural ingredients." Since 1962, LorAnn Oils has remained a family-owned business providing flavors and essential oils to professional kitchens and manufacturers, as well as to home crafters and cooking enthusiasts. Its prod- ucts include concentrated super strength flavors, bakery emulsions, vanilla extracts, ice cream and frozen dairy flavors, specialty baking and candy making ingredients, molds, tools and accessories. For more information, visit www.loran- noils.com, call 800.862.8620 or stop by booth #635 at the Winter Fancy Food Show.

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