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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JANUARY 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 1 8 Ricchiuti Family Farms Produces Fresh, Premium, Organic Products For more than 100 years, the Ricchiuti fam- ily has diligently worked the land with a goal of bringing premium, fresh, California- grown products to its loyal customers. Fol- lowing in the footsteps of patriarchs Vincenzo and son, Pat Ricchiuti, are Patrick and Vincent Ricchiuti, representing the third- and-fourth generation, with an aim to carry on the family legacy of being a diversified California agricultural business. The Ricchiuti family has long been known worldwide for its almonds, and more re- cently, for its organic almonds under the P- R Farms Inc. label. P-R Farms Inc. is a grower, huller, packer and shipper in addi- tion to being qualified in all export regula- tions, which has earned it an excellent international reputation. As a member of the Almond Board of California, P-R Farms Inc. abides by prescribed grower practices that are sustainable, economical and environmen- tally friendly. With a strong commitment to stay abreast of technological advancements, the family continually reevaluates and up- grades equipment and production method- ologies to ensure exceptional products, efficiency and food safety. In a quest to continue diversification while responding to consumer demands, the Ric- chiuti family took on a new venture in 2008, drawing upon old world expertise and four generations of farming in the heart of Cali- fornia's San Joaquin Valley to craft 100 per- cent estate-grown organic extra virgin olive oil. The Ricchiuti's ENZO Olive Oil Com- pany remains steadfast in its pursuit to up- hold the family's 100-year tradition of excellence by planting each and every tree, harvesting the crop, milling the fruit and bot- tling the oil under the direction and supervi- sion of Patrick and Vincent Ricchiuti. This meticulous, hands-on approach is what Patrick and Vincent believe it takes to produce the finest oil. Most recently, the Ric- chiuti family took another step to expand its product line by introducing the per- fect complement to its ENZO organic extra virgin olive oil with the addition of ENZO organic balsamic vinegar. This prized Italian classic from Modena, Italy is fashioned in the Old World style where time-honored tra- ditions and techniques yield a rich, complex and flavorful artisanal treasure. There are three varieties of hand-crafted, barrel-aged vinegars: Traditional, Apple and Fig. As a proud member of the California Olive Oil Council, ENZO Olive Oil Com- pany adheres to the most stringent standards in the world and shares in the organization's mission of promoting fresh, certified extra virgin olive oil. ENZO Olive Oil is also sanc- tioned organic by the United States Department of Agricul- ture, certified organic by Cali- fornia Certified Organic Farmers, kosher certified by Kosher Supervision of Amer- ica, as well as Non-GMO Proj- ect Verified. With its nationally and inter- nationally acclaimed, award- winning line of varietals and infused ENZO organic extra virgin olive oil, ENZO organic balsamic vinegar and premium P-R Farms Inc. California almonds, one could easily agree that Founders Vincenzo and Pat Ric- chiuti would be most pleased to see the di- rection and progress that Ricchiuti Family Farms has realized since its inception back in 1914. For more information, go to www.prfarms.com or www.enzooliveoil.com, email info@prfarms.com or info@enzoo- liveoil.com, call 559.299.7278 or visit booth #480. Pacific Resources International: Eat Well and Be Healthy Salty to sweet, Pacific Resources Interna- tional (PRI) now imports the best of both worlds with the addition of handmade Proper Crisps from New Zealand, actually using real potatoes sliced and processed the healthy way with no trans-fats and a hint of clean New Zealand sea salt that still contains all of the natural trace elements. They are available in four great flavors: Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt, Rosemary & Thyme, Smoked Paprika and Marlborough Sea Salt. Also new are special Kumara Crisps (like sweet pota- toes). The Kumara has a rich deep flavor that is sweet and delicious for the taste buds. PRI is a leader in importing New Zealand's finest products for over 30 years and has developed some of America's fa- vorite New Zealand products. With the largest selection of the world fa- mous New Zealand Manuka honey, as well as New Zealand na- tive honeys and clean Pacific sea salt, the salty and sweet desires are met in a healthy way. Increasing the salty and sweet delights, the new Chipotle Barbecue Sea Salt is avail- able for the barbecue connoisseur for every- day dishes, including salads and avocados. Secret Louisiana spices are blended with clean New Zealand sea salt for a clean bar- becue flavor. The new Salted Manuka Honey Caramels made with organic brown rice syrup and evaporated cane sugar will satisfy the most aggressive sweet tooth in a healthy way. The new Manuka Honey Chocolates Selection is now in a handy everyday box with ginger and mint flavors. Just three in- gredients: 99 percent cocoa, Manuka honey and ginger or mint flavor. It is just that sim- ple and just that good for you. See and taste all of its products at the Winter Fancy Food Show, booth #885 or online at www.shoppri.com. Make Trendy Appetizers with Blue Crab Bay With today's proliferation of farm-raised oysters and clams, along with a high demand for shellfish, Blue Crab Bay Co. of Virginia has released two unique seasoning kits to capture a prime audience of diners. Blue Crab Bay's Oysters Rockefeller and Clams Casino mixes offer novel and easy ways to make two trendy appetizers. Until now, preparation of either of these impres- sive and storied hors d'oeuvres was time- consuming, but not anymore! Each of the company's kits contains seasoned cracker crumbs and soy-based bacon bits. Oysters Rockefeller Mix features an air- dried spinach-and-herb blend. A simple recipe calls for shucked oysters, butter, Worcestershire sauce and Parmesan. Con- sumers can bake their oysters in real shells or ramekins. Clams Casino Mix contains dehydrated red bell peppers and spices along with crumbs and bacon bits. Consumers supply fresh clams, butter, Parmesan and lemon juice. Oysters Rockefeller originated in New Or- leans in 1899 as a baked oyster on the half shell topped with spinach, herbs, breadcrumbs and bacon bits. Clams Casino is also a traditional 'baked clam on the half shell' dish, featuring red peppers, breadcrumbs and bacon. It dates to 1917 in Rhode Is- land. Blue Crab Bay Co. is also marketing a set of a dozen stainless steel oyster-shaped bak- ing shells, ideal for making either Oysters Rockefeller or Clams Casino. It's appropri- ate that these new seasoning kits originate in Virginia, which is the nationwide leader in the aquaculture of hard clams and the top- ranking supplier of oysters on the East Coast. Virginia shellfish farmers sold nearly $56 million in clams and oysters in 2014, an increase of 14 percent for clams. Oyster growers experienced a 33 percent increase. According to reports, de- mand for oysters and clams is high, particularly among people younger than 35. Blue Crab Bay's products can be found na- tionwide in many gourmet stores, upscale seafood shops and gift departments. Retailers can visit www.baybeyond.net for more information. Contact the company at 800.221.2722, ext. 3 or sales@baybeyond.net. Stop by booth #411 at the show to learn more. On Top of Taste Trends with Benissimo Spicy Sriracha Oil Spicy food is a trend that never seems to go out of style, and as Sriracha-based flavors con- tinue to gain popularity, Benissimo has devel- oped a bold new flavored oil to please customers who demand the most delicious spicy infusions. Benissimo's new Spicy Sriracha oil is a carefully crafted blend of natural flavors, in- cluding chili peppers, garlic and sun dried tomatoes. Together, these ingredients add not only a spicy heat, but also fantastic layers of flavor to any dish. This hot new infusion appeals to a wide va- riety of cooks all year round. In January and through the cold winter months, warming soups, stews and noodle bowls take on gour- met flair with a drizzle of Benissimo Spicy Sriracha oil. Asian-style whole food dishes are a breeze with a drizzle of Spicy Sriracha oil stirred into nut butters, honey and soy sauce for a simple and delicious dipping sauce, and fresh vegetable and avocado salads tossed with Benissimo Spicy Sriracha oil or honey sriracha vinaigrette take on a whole new flavorful di- mension. As the weather gets warm and grilling sea- son heats up, Benissimo Spicy Sriracha oil makes a great marinade for meats and vegeta- bles alike, and it is also a fabulous finishing oil for freshly grilled steak, chicken, pork, vegeta- bles and pizza. Summer party hosts love the ease of serving a dish of Spicy Sriracha oil with bread dippers, fresh crudités and cheese for a simple and impressive appetizer. For the snack lovers, a drizzle of Benissimo Spicy Sriracha oil transforms ordinary salted pop- corn into something much more exciting and gives simple hummus a fantastic kick. Not to be forgotten, heat-seeking food hob- byists will want to include a bottle of Benis- simo Spicy Sriracha oil in their hot sauce collections. Those who enjoy more subtle heat can still enjoy blending Spicy Sriracha oil with their favorite cooking oil for a milder fla- vor. Customers will espe- cially appreciate the beauti- ful presentation and budget-friendly price of Benissimo Spicy Sriracha oil. The bold red look makes it a fantastic addition to product displays and the perfect gift for seasoned cooks, aspiring chefs and everyone between. For sales and distribution, contact Source At- lantique at 201.947.1000, ext. 139, or visit Source Atlantique at the Winter Fancy Food Show at booth #3705. Additional details are also available at www.sourceatlantique.com/ brand/benissimo.

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