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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JANUARY 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 1 3 8 prove the salt and preserve the artisanal craftsmanship and unique characteristics of each grain. Since day one, SaltWorks has earned the trust of its customers based on this simple premise: a better product at a competitive price. With heavy investment in technology and SaltWorks' state-of-the-art facility, no detail goes unexamined. If anything affects the salt quality or the customer experience, it is carefully scrutinized and perfected. To underscore this commitment, Salt- Works' in-house team has developed Opti- cally Clean ® , its proprietary technology that has revolutionized how salt is processed, and ultimately packaged. This systematic process is a highly innovative operation that results in the most pristine all-natural salts possible, while leaving the raw crystals just as natural as the day they were harvested: no washing, no chemicals and no additives. SaltWorks' focus on exceptional salt is also the driving force behind the production of its own handcrafted lines of naturally fla- vored and cold-smoked varieties. Producing imaginative selections from Fusion ® Sriracha Sea Salt to Yakima ® Applewood Smoked Salt, these innovative varieties have made a splash in frozen food products, food service, packaged snack foods, seasoning blends and more! Whether smoked, infused or meticulously perfected in their pristine state, all of its au- thentic salts begin with SaltWorks' philoso- phy that all-natural products simply taste and feel better: no additives, no artificial fla- vors, no bonding agents or processing aids. Simply the very best quality salts on the market. One of the most trusted names in the salt business, SaltWorks' strict commitment to quality and its continuous innovation en- sures that its customers will receive only the best products possible, every order. Keeping its customers happy is always its top prior- ity. It has been serving retailers, processors, manufacturers and foodservice customers around the world since 2001, and its team of over 75 highly trained, passionate salt professionals works every day to ensure its customers' satisfaction and its products' value. With its award-winning customer service complementing its superior products and ca- pabilities, SaltWorks may be the only salt supplier you will need. For more information, visit www.saltworks.us. Saltworks (Cont'd. from p. 1) Mediterranean marinades and pilafs this year. GN: Tell us a little more about the new line. MS: There are three new marinades: Turk- ish, Persian and Shawarma. There are also three new pilafs: Rice and Lentil, Burgul and Couscous. We decided to take our fa- vorite flavors from the Mediterranean and introduce them to the market here. GN: What inspired you to make these items? MS: We believe that the time is right for in- troducing a taste of Mediterranean to con- sumers who are craving new flavors. GN: Can you describe the flavors? MS: The Turkish marinade is a tomato- based marinade scented with garlic and cumin. It really is beautiful on chicken, but can be used on any protein. Our Persian marinade is a very exotic blend of sumac, garlic and fennel. It is also fantastic on poul- try, but can also be used to dress vegetables and salads. The Shawarma marinade is our crown jewel. Shawarma has become very popular in urban areas across the country and the world. Traditionally, you will find Shawarma as a stacked cone, like gyros, but with slices of lamb, beef or chicken on a ro- tisserie. Our marinade is a fool-proof way to get the perfect flavors of a traditional stacked cone in your own kitchen. Simply marinade any cut of meat and grill, roast or pan fry and you are on your way to making a delicious sandwich or wrap. As for the pilafs, we took some of the most iconic side dishes from the different re- gions, delicious comfort foods that are now ready to eat in 90 seconds. The rice and lentil pilaf is a staple throughout the different countries in the Mediterranean. Tender lentils in long grain basmati rice with caramelized onions — it tastes so good. For more information, call 708.298.3810 or email MarkSmith@wildgarden.com. Learn more at booth #216. Wild Garden (Cont'd. from p. 1) Chaos. Each has its own unique flavors and twist on life. Its Original Sweet Chaos features a combination of crunchy pretzels, lightly sweetened kettle corn and its signature chocolate covered chips. The trio is brought together as it's drizzled with chocolate and caramel flavored drizzles. Sweet Peanut Butter Chaos shakes things up with the introduction of peanut butter to the mix. In this bag you find peanut butter pretzels, lightly sweetened kettle corn and peanut butter cups, all topped with chocolate flavored good- ness. Each of these flavors are perfectly de- signed to be the sweetest part of your day. The products are available in two different sizes: a stand-up resealable pouch and a 3-ounce pillow bag. Both configurations are shipped to you in ready to display cases for ease of place- ment and a boost to your sales. Don't forget to keep an eye on KLN this spring as it keeps the chaos rolling with new editions like Sweet Cupcake Chaos, Sweet Pumpkin Chaos and Sweet Peppermint Chaos. But most importantly, don't forget to swing by booth #4743 to try all of its tasty offerings. For more information, go to www. klnfamilybrands.com or stop by booth #4743. KLN Family Brands (Cont'd. from p. 1) Brownie Thins join the PARTNERS' Free for All Kitchen line as the first sweet crisp among a line of savory flavors: Olive Oil & Sea Salt, Roasted Garlic & Rosemary and Olive Oil & Herb. Brownie Thins, cur- rently available in Double Chocolate, fill a space that was previously missing in the gluten-free snack world. "We looked around and realized that there were gluten-free brownies and gluten- free crackers available, but there was noth- ing in the gluten-free world that combined the flavor of a brownie with the crunch of a cracker," said Marian Harris, Founder and creative spirit of PARTNERS. "We are pleased to add Brownie Thins to the gluten- free snack category. Anyone who loves the crispy edges around a pan of brownies will love these crackers." Unlike most gluten-free products, Free for All Kitchen products contain no corn, soy or rice, and are instead made with cas- sava flour and a nutrient and fiber-rich blend of five ancient grains: amaranth, quinoa, millet, sorghum and teff. In addi- tion, Brownie Thins contain flavorful Dutch cocoa, butter, buttermilk and sea salt for a robust, rich chocolate flavor. All Free for All Kitchen products are also non-GMO. "Brownie Thins are an important addi- tion to our ever-expanding gluten-free line," said Cara Figgins, Vice President of PART- NERS and daughter of Marian. "This prod- uct has been a labor of love, and we are proud to have developed a delicious, gluten-free sweet snack that everyone can enjoy." Free for All Kitchen Brownie Thins are available in one-ounce and four-ounce packages with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of 99 cents for one-ounce and $5.29 for four-ounce packages. For more information on ordering and where to buy Brownie Thins, contact PARTNERS via email (service@partnerscrackers.com), via phone at 800.632.7477 or visit booth #3508 to learn more. About PARTNERS Since 1992, PARTNERS, A Tasteful Choice Company, has created delicious gourmet products using high quality ingre- dients while supporting the sustainability of the environment and fostering an atmos- phere of family, integrity, trust and compas- sion in the community. All PARTNERS products are non-GMO, certified kosher and contain no hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors or preservatives. PARTNERS is also certified as a women-owned business enter- prise by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). For more information about Partners, A Tasteful Choice Company, and Free for All Kitchen gluten-free products, visit booth #3508, www.partnerscrackers.com, www. facebook.com/partnerscrackers or contact Cara Figgins at caraf@partnerscrackers. com or 800.632.7477. PARTNERS (Cont'd. from p. 1) made with wholesome ingredients, delicately seasoned and oven baked for a one-of-a-kind taste and crispy texture, according to Wasa Sen- ior Brand Manager Jennifer Mehlman. "It's a satisfying snack on all levels — from great taste, to whole grains helping fill you up, to the crunch many of us crave in a snack," she said. "Wasa Thins are another example of our commitment to offering satisfying snacks that can easily be enjoyed throughout the day." Wasa Thins are available in two flavors, in- cluding Rosemary & Sea Salt and Sesame & Sea Salt. The Rosemary & Sea Salt variety has a touch of rosemary baked in, and the crackers are topped with sea salt. The Sesame & Sea Salt variety has toasted sesame seeds kneaded in the dough, and again, each cracker is topped with sea salt. Wasa Thins are made with whole grains and contain only recognizable ingredients — whole wheat flour, wheat flower, palm oil, salt, barley malt extract and yeast. Wasa Thins Rosemary & Sea Salt also contains rosemary. "Wasa Thins are a smart snack choice you can really feel good about," Mehlman commented. Created to be deliciously flavorful on their own, Wasa Thins are also delicately seasoned to complement light toppings. Wasa products' key ingredient, whole grain flour, makes Wasa Thins a great source of grains with little fat and plenty of natural fiber. Wasa Thins carry the Whole Grain Council Seal showing eight grams or more of whole grains per serving. There are no preservatives and no cholesterol. Wasa Thins are designed to work for you ei- ther in your cracker aisle or in the deli, where they can be merchandised alongside hummus, yogurt and other dips or together with your ar- tisan cheeses and deli meats. Package weight is 6.7 ounces, with each package containing ap- proximately 20 Thins, divided into two sepa- rate stay-fresh packs, so they'll also work well as a gift basket inclusion. Shelf life is 10 months. The new Wasa Thins line hits store shelves nationwide in February 2016. See and taste them in booth #3010 at the Winter Fancy Foods Show. After the show, visit wasa- usa.com for more information. Wasa (Cont'd. from p. 1) Predazzo, in the heart of the magnificent Fiemme Valley in Italy's Trentino region, this is an area energized by the surrounding peaks. Its distinctive geographic position allows the Felicetti company to create pasta using clean stream water dried in pure unpolluted mountain air. Besides its traditional award-winning artisan pasta line, Felicetti has recently introduced Monograno Felicetti, a line of pasta featuring specific terroir with flours from exclusive, 100 percent organic ancient grains. Monograno Fe- licetti is the world's only pasta made with mono-origin grains: Farro, Khorasan-Kamut ® and Matt, a specialty durum wheat. Each box of this unique terroir pasta can be traced back to a specific organic field, creating pasta that is exceptionally aromatic, deliciously nutty with fabulously firm texture that carries a superior mouth-feel. This innovative product is bronze die-cut, certified USDA Organic and non-GMO, has superior nutritional value and three times the fiber of conventional pasta, is 30 percent higher in protein content and is kosher certified. For the Felicetti family and staff, it is a priv- ilege to live and work in one of Europe's most beautiful high-altitude landscapes. They are proud to be part of a community that trans- forms the harshness and challenges of its mountain home into valuable resources. The environment is a gift, acknowledged with the commitment always to act with respect for its magnificence. Felicetti (Cont'd. from p. 1)

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