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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JANUARY 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 1 3 4 That's particularly good news given the fact that although Eckhouse and his wife, Kathy, have been making pro- sciutto for a decade now, it's been four years since the company has been able to offer it to new customers due to high de- mand. The company expanded its capac- ity last fall, and now La Quercia can again take orders from new customers. That being the case, Eckhouse and his team are eager to talk about the product. 'We recently celebrated the 10th birthday of our prosciutto, and our customers tell us that it continues to get better every year,' Eckhouse says. "And that's our goal." La Quercia's Americano prosciutto line includes: Prosciutto Americano, its signa- ture item; Speck, applewood-smoked pro- sciutto; and Prosciutto Picante, which is spiced with red chili and fennel. Prosciutto Americano has fans in both foodservice and retail channels, and is available by the whole piece or pre-sliced in a three-ounce retail package or one-pound foodservice package. La Quercia trims its prosciutto to pro- duce about a 96 percent sliceable yield by trimming out the shank and removing vir- tually all of the skin. The result is a uni- form slice size through the whole length of the prosciutto, and because it has a somewhat smaller profile and lower water content than other prosciutto on the mar- ket, the weight per slice is lower, so if you're portioning by the slice, you can get more slices per pound with La Quercia. "We're working to develop greater unifor- mity through each piece of prosciutto as well as through the other cured meats we offer: the Lomo, the Pancetta, the Coppa," Eckhouse says. If you're looking for something even more special to offer your guests, consider the La Quercia Acorn Edition, which is also expanding this year. La Quercia Acorn Prosciutto is made with meat from heritage breed Tamworth pigs that have lived in an oak forest for four months. 'We favor the Tamworth pork because it's very full-flavored and very sweet,' Eckhouse says. "The meat is rich in umami and has a long, sweet finish. The acorns give it a texture that's very soft and delicate." These hams are aged for a minimum of 27 months to more than three years. La Quer- cia offers the Acorn Edition hams either boneless or bone-in with hoof on for a dra- matic display. For more information, visit La Quercia in booth #4836 during the Winter Fancy Food Show or contact West Coast sales rep Aaron Eckhouse at Aaron@laquercia.us or East Coast sales rep Kyle McCormick at Kyle@laquercia.us. La Quercia (Cont'd. from p. 1) on a strong commitment to bring quality products to consumers," said Cappel. "We've maintained this commitment throughout our 50-year history. It is that vision as well as our integrity with re- spect to our customers, sales associates and our manufacturer partners which has allowed us to not only endure, but also continue to grow as an organization.' While the importing business can be challenging and competitive, Cappel stresses that they are very selective when it comes to choosing with whom they do business. "It never made sense to us to just partner with any manufacturer look- ing to get their foot in the door in the U.S." marketplace," she said. "We only establish relationships with those compa- nies that we believe are reputable and offer only the highest quality products. We're very proud of the relationships that we've formed and we look forward to many more productive and profitable years to come." Dorval has its own line of products under the Sour Power ® brand, which cel- ebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015, as well as its specialty brand Dorval Pre- mium Collection ® Chocolates and Cocoa, plus Top Pops ® and Choice Con- fections ® . Other brands represented under the Dorval umbrella include Rade- maker ® Hopjes, Rendez Vous ® and King ® . About Dorval Trading Co., Ltd. Since 1966, the Dorval name has been synonymous with quality confections. For 50 years, Droval has been an im- porter of an extensive range of high- quality confectionery products from major manufacturers around the world. Dorval has grown into a significant pres- ence in the confectionery and specialty distribution arena. For more information, contact Dorval Trading Co., Ltd. at 800.367.8252 or at info@dorvaltrading.com, visit www.dor- valtrading.com or stop by booth #3105. Dorval Trading (Cont'd. from p. 1) will include: Sun Dried Tomato Risotto, Sun Dried Tomato and Wild Mushroom Risotto and a sweet and savory Cran- berry Almond Risotto. This new risotto line brings the bounty of Northern California to the consumer's table with many locally sourced ingredi- ents from the region, including Arborio rice and Butte County almonds, among others. Mooney Farms created the deli- cious blends of sweet and savory to ap- peal to all types of consumers. "Great Italian kitchens always stock the key ingredients to create delicious and authentic meals," says Mary Mooney, President of Mooney Farms. "The Italian Kitchen by Bella Sun Luci offers all the essential flavors you will need to enjoy a great meal with family and friends." Bella Sun Luci Cucina Italiano Risotto is easily prepared in just 20 min- utes. This creamy Italian rice dish is a kitchen staple enjoyed as a side dish, or for a main course, add your favorite lean protein. It is a perfect addition to a hol- iday meal or for your everyday dinner. Bella Sun Luci Cucina Italiano Risotto stands out against other brands because of its great price (SRP: $4.99) and value added ingredients that make it a sure hit. Stop by Mooney Farms' booth to taste the new risotto at the Win- ter Fancy Food Show, booth #4521. About Bella Sun Luci Bella Sun Luci is a line of premium Mediterranean-inspired products cre- ated from authentic family recipes. The line includes a variety of deliciously sweet sun dried tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes in olive oil, pasta sauces, br- uschetta spreads, bottled olive oil, risotto and marinades. Bella Sun Luci is produced by Mooney Farms, a third generation, family-owned company that is based in Chico, California, and rooted in quality, integrity and family values. Mooney Farms is a premier producer of sun dried tomatoes in the United States. To learn more about Bella Sun Luci, visit www.mooneyfarms.com or stop by booth #4521. Mooney Farms (Cont'd. from p. 1) meet this increasing demand. "Today's consumer wants to indulge in moderation with premium products," said Scott Livengood, President and Chief Exec- utive Officer of Salem Baking Company. "They're learning that food is more satisfy- ing when it's made with simple, quality in- gredients." A thin profile also means that a consumer can enjoy more cookies for fewer calories. For example, Meyer Lemon Moravian Cookies contain just 130 calories in a nine- cookie serving. Moravian Cookies date back to the eigh- teenth century, when settlers from the Euro- pean kingdom of Moravia founded the town of Salem, North Carolina in 1766. The town eventually became the vibrant community of Winston-Salem, where Salem Baking Company began its baking heritage in 1930. The Moravians created the cookies as a way to preserve and enjoy rare ingredients like molasses, allspice and ginger. They learned that by rolling the dough until it was whisper-thin and baking it slowly, they could create a cookie with a light, crisp tex- ture and capture the intense flavors of the exotic spices they loved. Today, Salem Bak- ing Company bakes the original Ginger Spice flavor as well as many others, includ- ing Meyer Lemon, Chocolate Dipped Mint and Chocolate Dipped Caramel with Sea Salt. In 2012, Salem Baking Company intro- duced Delightfully Thin & Crispy Cookies, a line of homemade-style cookies that still kept the thin profile the company is known for. Flavors include Butter Pecan Praline, Caramel Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Cran- berry Almond. Every single bite of each cookie is filled with delicious inclusions, such as rich chocolate chips, tangy cranber- ries and sweet praline pecans. "Our bakers use only the most essential ingredients to create naturally vivid flavors," Livengood said. "They wanted to create a taste and quality reminiscent of your fa- vorite homemade cookies, featuring incred- ible new flavors unlike any you've ever tasted." As the thin cookies continue to grow as a category, Salem Baking Company will con- tinue its innovative approach to baking treats with incredible flavor. About Salem Baking Company Salem Baking Company has been culti- vating the art of Moravian baking since it began its baking heritage in 1930 in Win- ston-Salem, North Carolina and became beloved for crafting every product with care using classic recipes and coveted ingredi- ents. Over the years, the company's devoted bakers have perfected a traditional baking style that celebrates the use of only the finest, most essential ingredients to convey the rich natural flavors in each and every product. Visit Salem Baking Company at booth #530 at the Winter Fancy Food Show. For more information, call 800.274.2994, email or- ders@salembaking.com or visit www. salembaking.com. Salem Baking Company (Cont'd. from p. 1) of genetically modified ingredients by The Non-GMO Project. All of its products are lower in salt than similar products, as well. Green Mountain Gringo also offers the perfect complement to salsa – its consis- tently high-quality tortilla strips. Pairing Green Mountain Gringo Tortilla Strips with Green Mountain Gringo Salsa on the shelf is a great way to increase brand recognition, which can lead to more sales. Green Mountain Gringo salsas are available in five varieties: Hot, Medium, Mild, Roasted Chile and Roasted Garlic. Its tortilla strips come in Original, Blue Corn and White Corn varieties. Green Mountain Gringo salsas and tortilla strips are sold in natural, health and specialty food stores, as well as in grocery stores and on the company website at www.greenmountaingringo.com. Green Mountain Gringo is part of the TW Garner Food Company, a family- owned business in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, that has been committed to pro- ducing quality products since 1929. Learn more at www.twgarner.com and www.greenmountaingringo.com or stop by booth #4747. Green Mountain Gringo (Cont'd. from p. 4)

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