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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JANUARY 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 1 3 2 green bell peppers, red bell peppers, vine ripe tomatoes and just the right blend of spices. Simmered with a choice of vegetables, seafood or meat, a tradi- tional Cuban meal can be ready in less than 20 minutes. Latino cooks have clearly made sig- nificant contributions to the rise of foods from Latin America and Mexico, with sales forecasted to grow to $10.7 billion by 2017 according to Packaged Facts. Latin America's mestizo cuisines offer unique combinations of foods from around the world, featuring not only the elaborate ingredients and tech- niques of French haute cuisine, but also the hearty flavored dishes of the campesinos. Sofrito is a staple in Cuban cuisine and the basis of dishes such as simmered meats and seafood, soups, stews or classic rice dishes such as arroz con pollo. This Latin American "mother" sauce can be eaten like a salsa or used to perk up dishes with rice, beans, meats or vegetable dishes. "With growth of 31 percent for Latin Foods from $8.2 billion in 2012 and the opening of doors for Americans to Cuba, we are already seeing a sizable interest in our range of Latin American foods and wanted to ensure that the fla- vors of Cuba were represented in that line," stated Passage Foods' Camden Bucsko. About Passage Foods USA All Passage Foods cooking sauces are timesaving meal solutions that satisfy the needs of today's young, time-con- scious consumer. The company's jour- ney has taken a strong lead from consumer demands for emerging inter- est in world cuisines. Currently, the Pas- sage Foods range includes 20 different cooking sauces from India, Thailand, Mexico, Korea, Morocco, China, Viet- nam, Indonesia, Japan, Europe and the Caribbean Islands. Each simmer sauce is made with fresh, all natural ingredi- ents and added to meat, seafood or veg- etables to create authentic international dishes. All Passage Foods products are certified gluten-free by GFCO and are non-GMO. Passage Foods is an affiliate of Flavour Makers Pty. Ltd., the second largest seasonings manufacturer in Aus- tralia. For more information, visit www.passage- foods.com, call 800.860.1045, email info@ passageusa.com or stop by booth #884 at the Winter Fancy Food Show. Passage Foods (Cont'd. from p. 1) dients, and is happy to pass this verifica- tion on to its customers. Honey is notoriously difficult to verify non-GMO as it is considered a 'high risk' ingredient. In order to ensure honey bees have not been exposed to GMOs, an addi- tional four mile boundary must be estab- lished outside the area of honey collection. Honey is likely to contain GMOs when outlying crops such as sugar beets, corn or soy have pollen collected and consumed by honey bees. GloryBee tests its honey regularly to guarantee its organic varieties are devoid of GMOs. "We have been testing our organic honey for GMOs for more than five years, but being Non-GMO Project Verified sep- arates GloryBee organic honeys from any others. This verification allows us to meet our customers' needs, help them add this verification to their products and continue to develop more products using Non- GMO honey. We truly believe honey is na- ture's best sweetener," says GloryBee President Alan Turanski. "This 28-month journey to receive the verification is a huge success. We worked diligently with our long-term suppliers to provide our customers an extensive supply of organic Non-GMO honey. All of our or- ganic honey suppliers are now approved," adds Turanski. The newly Non-GMO Project Verified honeys, available in 12-ounce bears up to 3,000 pound totes, include: Organic Clover Blossom Honey; Organic Tropical Blossom Honey; Raw Organic Fair Trade Honey; Raw Organic Clover Blossom Honey; and Raw Organic Tropical Blos- som Honey. GloryBee ensures all its honey products are 100 percent pure. While being mini- mally processed and packed in its Eugene, Oregon facility, these honeys retain their unique flavor, quality and nutritional pro- file. GloryBee carries more than 15 re- gional, organic and blended honey varieties. "We pride ourselves on having some of the highest quality standards in the indus- try. From testing to how we handle and process our honey," adds Turanski. About GloryBee GloryBee started in the family garage of Dick and Pat "Aunt Patty" Turanski in 1975 with a focus on selling beekeeping supplies and locally sourced honey, with much of the honey coming from their own hives. Over the past 40 years, Glo- ryBee has grown into a local company with a global reach specializing in natu- ral and organic ingredients for con- sumers. GloryBee continues to be a family-owned business in Eugene, Ore- gon. To learn more about GloryBee, visit www.glorybee.com, and to find out how you can partner with the Save the Bee Program, visit www.glorybee.com/ savethebee or call 800.456.7923. Visit booth #335 at the Winter Fancy Foods Show. GloryBee (Cont'd. from p. 1) Salt Company is at last staking its claim in the retail division of the salt market. When the company launched in 2002, specialty salt was a very small niche market. In the early years, the majority of our salt sales were bulk purchases of salt for bath and spa use for our customers in the cos- metic industry, spas and other small busi- nesses. At the time, there wasn't a lot of attention to the gourmet salt category. However, the demand for gourmet food- grade salts steadily increased, and over the years, we grew with it. We expanded our salt selection, adding many new chef salts from around the globe, and have become a major supplier of specialty salts to small, medium and large businesses. Even with the tremendous growth and in- terest of the sea salt market over the years, we had yet to see a retail brand in stores that stood out as being a true specialty salt leader. Our own retail presence has always been limited to online offerings, with simple value packaging. After all the success with our online store and bulk supplying, we've decided to shake things up and are adding our own new retail line of gourme t chef salts. We hired an award-winning creative director in late 2015, whose sole task is to help the San Francisco Salt Company become a house- hold name and the trusted go-to specialty salt. Our commitment to outstanding cus- tomer satisfaction and quality products are reflected in our new "purveyors of premium sea salts" branding. Look for our new retail packaging, which will hit shelves in early 2016. For more information, visit www.sfsalt.com, call 800.480.4540, email customerservice@ sfsalt.com or stop by booth #1681. San Francisco (Cont'd. from p. 1) tract Works with Vanilla Extract. In its Gold Star Vanilla Extract, it uses 100 percent Grade One Madagascan vanilla beans, the finest of the Bourbon Island, allowing for a full, rich and creamy fla- vor. Its Gold Star Pure Madagascan Vanilla Extract is two-fold (twice the concentration) and aged to enhance fla- vor and aroma. No sugar or artificial fla- vors are added. Gold Star Pure Vanilla Extract is the richest, most flavorful and best-valued name in the marketplace today. Often imitated, never duplicated! For over a century, Star Kay White has been known for Pure Chocolate Extract No. 18. Most cacao beans are processed using heat and mechanical equipment and made into chocolate. Star Kay White captures the floral and fruity bouquet of freshly roasted cacao beans through its extraction process, preserving the deli- cate aromas that can be lost in the choco- late making process. Passionate chefs recognize that aroma, as well as flavor, play a highly sensual role in fine cook- ing. It is not sweetened but imparts a rich chocolate aroma plus palate-pleas- ing flavor to a variety of recipes. From baking and ice cream to brewing and fine distilled liquor, Star Kay White's Pure Chocolate Extract No. 18 has been used for it all. Chocolate and vanilla extracts are similar and are a perfect complement to each other. Both vanilla orchids and cacao trees grow in tropical rainforests, where the same soil and climate suit them equally. The exotic yields of these plants are dried under the tropical sun. The world's two greatest flavors, chocolate and vanilla extracts can be used in the same way, to create the boun- tiful bouquet of exotic rainforests right in your kitchen. Used separately or in combination, their addition to desserts, ice creams, confections and beverages will bring harmony to all of your cre- ations and compliments to the chef. Star Kay White offers a variety of fla- vors encompassing both traditional and savory. All of its extracts are Non-GMO Project Verified, kosher, gluten-free and all natural. Explore the possibilities with Star Kay White, the extract spe- cialists. For more information, visit booth #462 at the Winter Fancy Food Show. After the show, go online to www.starkay- white.com, call 845.268.2600 or email customerorders@starkaywhite.com. Star Kay White (Cont'd. from p. 1) WL: It's always been interesting to me how life has its twists and turns and how much fate plays a role in where you end up in life. In the winter of 1979, as a small general contractor, I was building a dessert café in Manhattan and was part owner. Just before it was set to open, at a singles weekend in the Hamptons, I met the woman who would change my life forever. Fate stepped in big time. I was smitten and we got married shortly thereafter. Sarabeth had a secret fam- ily recipe for Orange Apricot Marmalade that we began serving at the café. People clamored to buy it and the Sarabeth's brand was born. After making it in our apartment for about six months, and selling to local stores, I built her a tiny store just blocks from where we lived. It became a whole- sale/retail jam factory and bakery. That was my entry into the specialty food business, 35 years ago! GN: How did you grow the business from that small start-up to what it is today? WL: Sarabeth and I could not have done it without the help of the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (now the SFA). We were fortunate to learn about the organ- ization, joined it and exhibited at our first show at the New York Coliseum in 1983. We had the good fortune to be featured for that show on the front page of the New York Times Food Section with a great photo and article. We have exhibited at all of the shows every year since then and built up our wholesale business and the brand. We rein- vested all of our profits in moving the jam making from the original small store to a jam factory which I built in East Harlem. From there, we moved in 2000 to our pres- ent factory and headquarters in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx. My contracting experience has come in quite handy! GN: What plans do you have for the future? WL: Charlie Apt, our President and Chief Operating Officer, said it very well in a recent article: "The brand will continue to penetrate new markets and expand into club and other venues. New products and package revisions will help Sarabeth's gain additional traction in grocery on a regional level. During this time, Sara- beth's is investing in more efficient equipment and increased marketing and promotion to support brand awareness and create better value for our cus- tomers." For more information, visit www. sarabeth.com or stop by booth #422. Sarabeth's (Cont'd. from p. 1)

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