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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JANUARY 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 1 1 6 Legacy of Indonesian Spices for World Cuisines By Helianti Hilman, Javara Indigenous In- donesia The extensive selection of Indonesian spices reflects the country's rich biodiversity, in- digenous knowledge on edible plants and culinary tradition. During the era of great- ness of the archipelago kingdoms, over 188 different spices were traded, and some are even reaching the northern hemisphere. From the Roman Empire era to 20th century trading, the archipelago of Indonesia has been the source of the world's greatest spices. Spices have brought a lucrative trade to the Indonesians that lasted over 2,000 years, but they have also changed the course of history, as nations battled for control of these precious commodities for uses such as flavorings, preservatives, medicines and per- fumes. Having a unique geographical location that stretches along the equator line and the ring of volcanic mountains that offer fertility to the soil, Indonesia has a combination of richness and quality in its spice biodiversity and products. The fame of Indonesian spices is still present today, bringing an exotic touch to the world cuisines. There are over 100 dif- ferent spices and herbs that are still actively used in the Indonesian kitchen, ready to be explored by spice lovers. With the trend of world cuisines searching for exotic flavors to enrich the culinary experience, Indonesia Trade Promotion Center Los Angeles (ITPC LA) continuously introduces a vast selection of Indonesian spices as well as Indonesian spice blends to the U.S. market through various trade fair and culinary events. About Indonesia Trade Promotion Center Los Angeles (ITPC LA) ITPC LA is an Indonesian government trade development agency with a passion and mission to educate American businesses on Indonesian products, promote Indonesia's re- markable products and boost Indonesia's export to America. ITPC LA is not only the marketing arm of Indonesia, but most importantly, is a bridge to American buyers and consumers to Indonesian products and Indonesian ex- porters. It is its sincere hope and expectation that you will discover and fall in love with the taste and the diversity of the remarkable Indonesian food and beverages. For more information on Indonesian food and beverage products, email itpcla@ sbcglobal.net, call 219.387.7041, visit www. itpcla.com or stop by booth #3146. Cosmos Creations Offers Line of Premium Puffed Corn Snacks When it comes to snack foods, just about anyone can pump out unhealthy products at a rapid clip. Oregon-based Cosmos Cre- ations is slowing things down, making the commitment and investment to use natural ingredients to create a line of premium puffed corn snacks with an indulgent, artisan taste. Every bag begins with pure, non-GMO corn meal baked in the oven for a taste that's out of this world. It's easy to brag about what's inside every bag, but what's excluded — gluten, trans-fats, hulls, kernels, preserv- atives and additives — is even more impor- tant. Cosmos Creations uses only ingredients you can pronounce with a taste that's almost heavenly. Cosmos Creations offers a variety of sweet and savory flavors, including Salted Caramel, Caramel, Coconut Crunch, Sea Salt & Butter, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Aged Cheddar & Cracked Pepper and its newest fan fa- vorite, Spicy Sriracha. Keeping up with what's popular in the snack food industry is no challenge for Cos- mos Creations, as it continues to add new and exciting flavors to its already existing line of products. As an addition to its fa- vorites, Cosmos Creations introduced Spicy Sriracha in the fall of 2014. Made up of pep- pers, garlic and a hearty blend of spices, its allure is undeniable. Sriracha provides just the right amount of flavor to keep your tongue sizzling after each bite. Every bite is an ex- plosion of flavor and a mouth- ful of happiness. The bold, healthier-for-you products is what Cosmos Creations is now known for, but it hasn't always been what it is today. In 2004, Cosmos Creations began as Cosmos Caramel Corn in the kitchen of a culinary artist. After quickly becoming a local sensation, it expanded from the kitchen to a 5,000 square foot facility. After attending many home shows, consumer events and providing samples to attendees, the unique puffed treat quickly developed a loyal fol- lowing. In July 2011, Cosmos Caramel Corn was purchased by the Strasheim and Tiller fam- ily, under the corporate name of 4 Him Food Group. In September 2012, the company moved to a new production fa- cility and transitioned to the brand Cosmos Creations as they set up to expand to a national level. Cosmos Creations premium puffed corn is now sold through club, gro- cery and foodservice channels nationwide. Cosmos even began exporting to Asia and Latin America in late 2014. In order to meet the growing product demands of customers today, Cosmos Creations continued to ex- pand its production footprint last summer when it began constructing its new 107,000 square foot factory in Junction City, Ore. For more information, visit www.cosmoscre- ations.com or call 541-998-8883. The Cos- mos Creations booth for the 2015 Winter Fancy Food Show is #1359 and booth #6505 at Natural Products Expo West. The Ambriola Company Offers Several Imported Cheeses Here are just two of the cheese products imported from Italy by The Ambriola Company: Auricchio Gorgonzola and Au- ricchio Mascarpone. Gorgonzola The cheese-producing experts at Auric- chio have expanded their operations to in- clude Gorgonzola. They produce both Gorgonzola Dolce, or sweet Gorgonzola, and Gorgonzola Piccante, or natural Gor- gonzola. Each wedge is beautifully pack- aged and individually wrapped to ensure freshness. Mascarpone Auricchio's world-class mascarpone uses only the freshest cream to produce a soft, creamy and spreadable mascarpone. Your customers will appreciate its delicate, mild flavor and how easily it blends with other ingre- dients. The Auricchio brand is a respected name in the cheese industry, and is known for quality, premium imported cheeses from Italy. These two new items are sure to be top sellers in your cheese depart- ment. For more information, stop by booths #3828 or #3830, visit www.ambriola.com or call 973.228.3600. Paesana Premium Organic Sauces and Condiments According to the United States Department of Agriculture, sales of organic foods in the U.S. increased from $11 billion in 2004 to $27 billion in 2012. The USDA also reported that the 7.4 percent growth rate in organic food sales during 2012 was more than dou- ble the annual growth rate for all food sales that year. Furthermore, the Organic Trade Association states that the trend is expanding as Americans are continuing to widen their demand for organic foods – with sales of or- ganic products in the U.S. increasing to $35.1 billion in 2013. The consumer appetite for healthier choices is growing considerably and rapidly. However that doesn't mean today's shoppers are willing to give up taste. A simple "or- ganic" label is no longer enough to convert or retain the loyalty of food buyers and chefs who demand noticeably fresher taste, as well. L&S Packing Company, a family owned business, has introduced its line of premium quality Paesana Organic Pasta Sauces and New Premium Organic Condi- ments to meet that doubled-up demand. "Our premium organic pasta sauces are rich in nutrients and are made with the fresh- est ingredients without additives," said Jacqueline Scaramelli-Massaro, L&S Vice President. "They're also sautéed to perfec- tion just like all our other sauces to capture the finest and fullest flavor." The line is being touted as just as flavorful as the delicious sauces the family's great- grandmother proudly and lovingly made in her kitchen way back in 1902. "Seeking organic brands on store shelves has become a top priority for millions and millions of consumers, particularly moms who are reading nutrition labels more care- fully than ever to assure that their families are eating foods that are good for them," said Scaramelli-Massaro, a mother who knows first-hand that nutritional choices are impor- tant but also that those choices need to pro- vide superior taste. Paesana Premium Organic Pasta Sauces are available in five flavors, including Tomato & Basil, Tuscan Pepper, Marinara, Vodka Sauce and Roasted Garlic. All flavors are made with 100 percent imported Italian tomatoes selected at their height of freshness. Paesana Premium Organic Condiments cur- rently feature Marinated Mushrooms, Porto- bello Mushrooms and Non Pareil Capers. The new lines of sauces and condiments are also organically certified by QAI and are gluten-free. As is the case with all products from L&S Packing Company, Paesana Premium Or- ganic Pasta Sauces and Condiments have un- dergone highly rigor- ous quality control processes and have also been taste-tested through every phase of product development. "The depth and breadth of our commitment to quality and our dedication to unmatched flavor have de- fined our family and our company for gen- erations," said L&S President Louis Scaramelli, IV. "We're excited to say that our organic pasta sauces have exceeded our own highly stringent criteria and demanding ex- pectations for healthier ingredients combined with incredible taste, and we're certain these top quality sauces will be extremely popular with today's continuously growing numbers of health-conscious consumers." For more information, call 631.845.1717.

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