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W i r e l e s s W o r l d 9 F r i d a y, S e p t e m b e r 1 1 , 2 0 1 5 IRIDIUM GO! A GROWING ECOSYSTEM By Joel Thompson, Vice President and General Manager, Terrestrial Business Unit, Iridium Launched just over a year ago, the Iridium GO! ® has proven itself to be a valuable device for sailors, pilots, trekkers and businesses in general. A small, rugged device designed to fit in one's pocket, the Iridium GO! connects to your smartphone or tablet, enabling connectivity when out of the range of ter- restrial networks. By providing connec- tivity globally through the Iridium ®v net- work, the Iridium GO! lets one use his or her smartphone to make calls and send text messages from anywhere and, via specialized apps, enables a host of addi- tional functions, such as receiving weath- er updates. Through the Iridium GO! developers program, Iridium provides an Application Programming Interface (API) to enable developers to build and optimize apps to be used with the Iridium GO! The pro- gram has been well received in the indus- try, and today the Iridium GO! ecosystem includes more than 50 developers who have developed and marketed suc- cessful apps in a wide range of mar- kets, including aviation, maritime, outdoor recreation and lone-worker safety, to name but a few. The PredictWind Offshore app, for example, allows users to download historical and forecast weather data files, weather routing, departure planning, GMDSS text fore- casts and satellite imagery for safer and more efficient voyages. Addressing the needs of workers stationed alone in remote areas, the GeoPro app provides a comprehensive lone-worker safety, mon- itoring and communication service that enables companies to track workers and meet rigorous legal requirements designed to keep these workers safe. To learn more about the Iridium GO! applications currently avail- able, and the growing ecosystem of application developers developing for the platform, visit our website at www.iridium.com/IridiumApps.aspx or stop by Iridium's booth #5541 in the M2M Zone at CTIA Super Mobility 2015 for more information. Additional information on the Iridium GO! can be found at www.iridiumgo.com. For more information, stop by booth #5541 or go to www.iridium.com. KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT TO ENHANCE YOUR BRAND With InfiniteKM, you can ensure that your call center staff providing customer support has the right answers for your customers' questions and concerns. You can provide your service technicians with current specifications for the device in front of them. You can ensure that your channel partners have the pric- ing and promotion data applicable to them and only to them. And more importantly, you can provide all that information to your customers at the speed of their demands. "The InfiniteKM platform is afford- able, functionally robust and well-tested through deployments with large cus- tomers. Everything's proven, it works and it's very adaptable to different envi- ronments. It's all about getting the infor- mation to either be happy or to service the customer better," says Brad Sellors, InfiniteKM Managing Director. "People will pay for good service, and we're in a time when we see well-run brands pro- viding great customer service, and that increases the brand value and the share price. Today's customers want service on all channels right away, and that's where we fit in." Whether it's a consumer looking for product information or a sales associate who's offering a special promotion, they're able to find information they need much more quickly through the InfiniteKM platform. In the wireless space, that's extremely helpful, particu- larly when the end user is a Millennial consumer because Millennials want service across all channels. They want to be able to interact with a brand through any of their devices, and they want their experience to be consistent and engaging. They don't want to be asked the same questions multiple times, and they want an immediate response if they have a problem. Failing to deliver on those expecta- tions can result in damage to a brand that far outweighs the cost of preventing it by ensuring that customers are happy with their experience with your website, chat room or call center, Sellors says. "For us, it's about knowledge management in that ultimately our tools help our cus- tomers better serve their cus- tomers," he says. "InfiniteKM makes it really easy for our customers to publish information and make sure that the right people see the right information. For instance, in the case of a rapidly changing price plan, people are able to get the current pricing right away. That makes all the difference in the end user's experience of the brand." Learn more by visiting booth #3132 dur- ing CTIA Super Mobility. After the show, email bsellors@InfiniteKM.com. ONE-STOP SHOP FOR MOBILE DEVICE REPAIR TRAINING, TOOLS, PARTS During the expansion of the wireless industry, Mengtor has grown to become one of the top distributors for repair parts worldwide, bringing you a selec- tion of quality repair parts and acces- sories alongside superb customer serv- ice. The establishment of each Mengtor institution throughout the globe has made parts with the lowest pricing and top quality available to all. Having sites based in United States, Canada, China and Australia with fully stocked warehouses, it equips repair/ retail, whole sales or even DYI customers. As a reliable source for every repair demand, it gives the convenience of flat rate shipping to all continental U.S. and economical fares to outside coun- tries. Created with the idea of becom- ing your utmost reliable source, this same concept has continued to be its number one goal since the start in 2009, which has lead into different projects such as new facilities for mobile repair training. Mengtor Mobile Device Training offers state-of-the-art training in mobile device repair that can prepare you for a new career or tune up your skills on the latest devices. With just five days of training in Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Atlanta, you can be ready to troubleshoot and repair cell phones, tablets, navigation systems and even smart watches. If you already have experi- ence in mobile device repair and just need a course that will advance your skills on the latest devices, Mengtor Mobile Device Training has a three-day course that commences with liquid dam- age restoration, Level III micro-solder- ing, advanced glass separation, business strategies – point-of-sale systems, mar- keting and where to buy your tools. With well over 200 items available at a touch of a button, Cell Repair Tools brings convenience and efficiency to all your repair requisites. Have the job? It has the tools. Bringing equipment with the highest quality through Bakku Professional Tools, you can be well on your way to bring it back to life! It has available a range of individual screw- driver sets to fully equipped starter kits. Each kit has a range of different tools featur- ing items such as microscopes and sol- dering fans to equip and accommodate each technician and their detailed repairs. Through its affiliation with Cell Repair Tools and Mengtor Mobile Device Training, its aim is to bring your business forward founded by top quality parts from Mengtor. Customer satisfac- tion, in all aspects of Mengtor, has been built through years of reputable service by customers from every corner of the world. For more information, visit Mengtor Mobile Device Training in booth #1168 at CTIA Super Mobility. After the show, call 702.338.1588 (Central West) or 404.444.5245 (East Coast). ADDING VALUE TO THE SUPPLY CHAIN WITH PTMI AND BLUELINK By Mark Pitts, Vice President of Business Development Power & Tel provides added value and savings to carriers, OEMS and integra- tors when our Power & Tel Managed Inventory (PTMI ® ) program is imple- mented. PTMI is a customized man- aged inventory program and is based on each customer's specific needs and requirements. PTMI co-locates cus- tomer owned material at our 15 strate- gic distribution centers, utilizing multi- ple fulfillment strategies including the popular Hybrid model. The Hybrid model encompasses the real-time ful- fillment of field requisitions on a single order, shipment and invoice while pulling stock transparently from both customer owned and Power & Tel owned stock. When given the opportunity to implement PTMI strategies and fully manage our customers' inventory and serve their supply chain needs, we have proven to provide a significant reduction in total inventory carrying costs. Additional financial impacts of PTMI have a direct correlation with the solu- tions we implement and our customers' specific variables, e.g. headcount involved, inventory levels and the ratio of owned material. Power & Tel's approach extends supply chain management beyond the typical buy-stock-ship-consume model and places more value on both total cost of ownership (TCO) and resource stewardship demanded by the modern business environment. Benefits of utilizing Power & Tel as part of your supply chain include: faster speed to market, minimized inventory investment, reduced carrying costs of inventory, a reduction in material obso- lescence and the elimination of duplicate stock. BlueLink, an element of our PTMI solution suite, is a fully integrated Web portal (including mobile device applica- tion) to our distribution vertical ERP and has important stand- alone benefits. BlueLink pro- vides real-time visibility to inventory, just-in time provision- ing, supports the hybrid fulfill- ment model, tracks field returns of non-consumed product, pro- vides suggested transfer of customer owned stock, and creates normalization of procurement, approval and reporting processes. Together, PTMI and BlueLink are a powerful combination and provide sig- nificant benefits to our customers. For more information, visit www .ptsupply.com, call 800.238.7514, email marketing@ptsupply.com or stop by booth #2840 at the CTIA Super Mobility Show.

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